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A company that designs divine choreography between software and hardware with the help of IoT innovations for a connected & automated business ecosystem.

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Internet of Possibilities

Don’t worry, IoT still stands for Internet of Things. But as a world-leading IoT company like Arka Softwares, we just love to reimagine things to tilt our perspective a bit for the new app development inspirations.

These inspirations allow our IoT developers to design, develop, & launch IoT mobile applications that give the word ‘connected’ a new meaning. By designing robust IoT architectures we enable any hardware like phones, vehicles, modern appliances, sensors, detectors, and monitors to work in perfect harmony so that you can sit back and relax.

Did we mention that we love Automation?

Our IoT developers provide you with complete business automation solutions ranging from information gathering, AI-powered data management, intelligent data insights, etc.

In other words, if you take our IoT app development services, you are in for an all-inclusive world-class experience.

One App Fits All

Being able to be used for every possible hardware platform is what makes cross-platform apps the coolest. Thanks to technologies like React Native, Flutter, Xamarin, and Ionic, we make world-class apps that support every platform that you can imagine, not only for common users but also for enterprises, SMBs, and Startups.

Smart Home
Smart Workplace
Automobile & Transportation
Retail & eCommerce
Construction & Manufacturing

Right Support to Turn Your Startup Into Profitable Venture

Unlocking Future by Embracing the Internet of Things

We asked ourselves, how can we integrate IoT into your businesses? The answer is our simplified and hand-curated IoT services right from the world-leading experts.

Unlocking Future by Embracing the Internet of Things

Here we audit project scope, business environment, potential problems, and your vision to offer you practical and prosaic consultancy that can help you get maximum out of our IoT business implementation services for assured results.

IoT Architecture Designing

Our amazing IoT virtuosos help you design a robust, efficient, and flexible IoT architecture for your business for seamless connectivity between devices with seamless software integration for perfect business operations that minimize operating costs.

IoT Mobile App Development

No matter how smart physical devices are, connecting them all together and managing them all at once can be a really hard nut to crack. Therefore, we develop feature-rich simplified IoT mobile apps so that interacting with IoT devices becomes smooth like butter.

IoT Integration & Support

For any business or commercial environment, we provide our professional IoT integration services for a perfect configuration of software into the connected device ecosystem with the support that ensures everything runs like a charm without any hiccups.

IoT Solutions for Wearables

The experience with modern wearables like smartwatches and AR.VR devices are surreal. To make this experience on a whole new level, we design and develop intuitive mobile apps that are packed with modern features yet have clean and engaging UX/UI.

IoT Monitoring & Data Analytics

For comprehensive report generation and efficient data management, we develop potent software interfaces that simply automate the entire process while helping users to fetch reliable data and insights that help in taking radical business decisions.

IoT is Cool, but Why Arka Softwares?

Innovation and Business ethics are still the two most important aspects of our services, at Arka Softwares.

100% Transparency

If you work with our Team of IoT, you will never miss a thing about your project. Our conversations, contacts, and reports will always be 100% transparent, we promise.

Breaking Own Records

With more than a decade long of experience and hundreds of successful apps, launches have made ourselves our own competitors, hence, we love to break our own records.

Team of World Leaders

Only adroit craftsmen can build masterpieces. Therefore, we have built a team of only world-class IoT developers and designers who create digital masterpieces for you.

Superfast App Delivery

Working with Arka Software means we will always stay true to our commitments. Therefore, you will receive your app right on time and faster than any other company.

Flexible Engagement Models

Tell us how you want to do the business with us and we will do it for you. Our list of flexible engagement models contains comprehensive models that you’d love.

Support & Maintenance

Arka Softwares is famous for its quality of products & services and uncompromised support and IoT maintenance services to ensure lasting and stable performance of the system.

Got an Idea For Your Next App?

You Can Hire Our IoT Developers As Well

Yes! You heard it right. The IoT developers who have helped us to deliver powerful and result-oriented IoT solutions to the world, now, you can hire them for your dedicated IoT projects.
And we’ve taken it a step further as well, by making this process as easy as possible with the help of our easy hiring models.

Fixed Price Model

Once the project is discussed, you are given a quote of fixed cost and time of the project.

Dedicated Hiring Model

Hire our developers for a fixed period and they work for your project at your office.

Hourly Basis Model

You hire our developers for fixed hours and pay according to our hourly costs.

Our clients happiness lies in the Journey

Discover how Arka Software's team delivers personalised development experiences and creates unforgettable journey to ensure maximum satisfaction for all of our clients.

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