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Get your hands on the best app development services by our experts who will develop a comprehensive doctor appointment app for all platforms such as Android, iOS and be available round the clock to help you generate a lucrative return on investment.

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Time to develop an online doctor appointment app for scaling your healthcare business!

We espouse latest tech possibilities to build real-life solutions for people and their urging technology needs.

Our agency has a team of highly skilled professionals who have a passion for adding a difference in people's lives through innovation. Thus, we have been constantly thinking and building solutions that can add immersive value to the medical industry. In this attempt, we aim to minimize the gap between healthcare professionals and patients. A well-deployed consultation app can be helpful in fulfilling medical assistance even in unlikely healthcare situations and can work seamlessly in the trickiest of geographic zones.

Arka Softwares is a reputed brand in the domain of doctor appointment app development that lets you stay ahead of the competition curve. Our team applies advanced technologies and methodologies for creating smart solutions with a personalized touch. As a well-known doctor appointment app development company, we believe in providing customers with customized and end-to-end solutions at cost-effective rates. Our developers carefully understand the project perspective for transforming ideas into reality. We use a perfect mixture of cutting-edge technologies and healthcare domain expertise to ensure a tremendous experience through a custom doctor appointment application.

"Online doctor consultation is expected to become a market of over US$ 35 billion by 2027. It proves how important it is to have a doctor on-demand app."

How Does My On-Demand Doctor App Will Look Post Development?

It is only the showcasing of your doctor on-demand app. We would be happy to customize it based on your idea.

Achieve Greater ROI from your Medical Business with our Doctor App Development Services!

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What should be the important features of a Doctor on-demand App?

A doctor appointment mobile app development can't be completed without adding the essential features we have explained below:

Patient App

Patients should be your platform's priority, and adding the latest technological features will keep them engaged and receive better services.

User Profiles

Booking Appointments

View Doctors Profile

Booking Details

Making Payments

Electronic Medical Records  

In-app Chat  

Reviewing Profiles

Doctor App

A doctor app's panel should be equally supportive and beneficial enough to ensure quality consultation services to the patients.

Live Video Call

Scheduling Appointments

Managing Bookings


White Boards

EMR Integration

Multi Way Video Solution

Medical Webinars



Admin Panel

The admin panel should be created by focusing on patients' and doctors' content, functionality, and other important data.

Patient Management

Doctor Management

Report Management

Appointment Statistics

Site Statistics

Database Management

Our clients happiness lies in the Journey

Discover how Arka Software's team delivers personalised development experiences and creates unforgettable journey to ensure maximum satisfaction for all of our clients.

Doctor on-demand app development services to match the needs of all medical professionals!

There is a huge number of medical e-products popping up in the market, and we are here to digitize each one with our expertise.

Online Video Consultation

If you are looking to hire on-demand doctor app developers for connecting patients with doctors through video consultation, we can make this vision a reality. Such multi-platform apps are trending these days, making them a perfect choice.

Doctor Appointment App

In addition to providing online consultation, many platforms allow patients to book offline appointments with doctors nearby. Practo is one example that allows patients to book physical consultations in their nearby area.

Specialist Practitioner App

Wishing to build an app like HelloMD that connects patients with specialists like neurologists and chiropractors? Our expert team can offer highly impressive doctor app development solutions that can deliver tremendous results.

"The Telemedicine market is projected to explode at a rate of 21% in the next few years. It means the chances of making huge with a great idea are pretty high."

What Advanced Features Should be added to Doctor on Demand App?

The doctor app development work must be done smartly to ensure patients get the desired services. It should have features that only take telemedicine consultation to a new level.


An online doctor appointment app should have a scheduling feature allowing patients to book physicians at their convenience. It should be only a couple of taps to reserve an appointment with the doctor or clinic of their choice.

Patient Profile

The patient profiles should have adequate personal information to help doctors prepare conveniently for every situation. Think about adding scanning and document uploading features to make things handy.


The appointment scheduling system should have a review system to let patients comment and make useful suggestions on the doctor's profile. Also, adding reliability and legitimacy parameters will be useful for them to select a suitable option.

Reminders & Notifications

This feature should be a critical part of doctor appointment mobile app development to ensure none of the sessions get missed. A fully functional email or push notification can turn handy in these situations.

Live Chat for Customer Support

Make sure in-app chat stays an important feature to keep the patient's convenience in mind. In addition to physicians, customer executives should stay available with 24X7 support and live chat.

Payment Integrations

There should be multiple payment options for making the relationship systematic between the platform and patients. We recommend using e-wallets, debit cards, credit cards, and other similar options for boosting booking management.


Doctor on-demand app development should always focus on e-prescriptions to instantly give information about required medicines and receipts on the app.


Telemedicine is important due to its ability to reach patients in rural areas. Add the ability to schedule online consultations using video calling and integrated chatting systems.

Medical Tips

The patients are likely to trust apps that give medical tips for free to them. Access to this information can be very useful for patients during their treatment.

How can Arka Softwares help with Doctor Appointment Mobile App Development?

As a leading doctor appointment app development company, we have employed a team of skilful and talented developers to make your brand look unique.

  • Utmost Convenience
    Utmost Convenience
  • Greater ROI
    Greater ROI
  • Personalized Healthcare
    Personalized Healthcare
  • Ease of Use
    Ease of Use
  • 100% Confidentiality
    100% Confidentiality
  • 100% Discreetness Professional Consultation
    100% Discreetness Professional Consultation


The average cost to build an on-demand doctor app can range anywhere between US$ 30,000 & US$ 100,000, depending on the number of features.

The major features of the doctor appointment app should be scheduling online consultations, 24X7 customer access, multiple payment gateways, medical blogs, online document upload, and online follow-ups.

An online doctor appointment app is the need of the hour that only does not bring business but also minimizes errors and miscommunication.

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