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An innovative custom taxi app development company that has proven its worth by delivering hundreds of successful white-label taxi booking mobile apps for clients from around the world.

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Get Your On-Demand Taxi Booking App Development like Uber & Lyft

Our world-class taxi booking app development services help you to launch your own ride sharing app in the market that can compete with big leagues like Uber and Lyft.

We are a leading on-demand taxi booking app development company. With more than a decade-long experience and hundreds of record-breaking white label taxi apps in the App Store and Play Store, we are here to help you build your own carpool app like Careem. From 5000 to millions of rides a day, we offer your travel and transportation business unlimited opportunities to scale up.

Our on-demand taxi app developers and designers have proven their worth by developing countless online taxi apps and booking platforms for our clients around the globe. You can hire our best taxi app developers to work as an extension of your own app development team. We offer taxi booking software development services for Android & iOS in the USA, UAE, Canada, UK, Australia, Turkey and many more countries around the world.

"The global taxi market is going to reach around $285 billion by 2027. Now is the perfect time to launch your own on-demand taxi app like Uber & RTA."

Here Is How Your Taxi Booking App Will Look Like!

The following are only the glimpses don't get surprised if we say that we can customize it more covering your all needs.

Want to launch your own taxi booking app in the multi-billion-dollar pool?

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Must-Have Features of On-Demand Taxi Booking Apps

Whoever offers the best and the most useful features in their ride hailing mobile app, has the maximum chance of winning the market.

For Passenger’s App

For a flawless customers experience, here are some top features for passengers.

Social Media Sign-Up/In

Passenger Profile

Live Location Tracking

In-App Chat & Call with Driver

Ratings & Reviews

Push Notifications


Discount Coupons & Referral Rewards

Multiple Payment Options

For Driver’s App

For the separate app for drivers, here are some special features to offer a seamless taxi service.

Driver’s Profile

Availability On/Off

Accept or Reject Ride Request

Ride Details

Detailed Dashboard

Fare Calculation

In-App Chat & Call

GPS Integration

Push Notifications

For Admin’s/Dispatcher’s App

To ensure real-time and precise monitoring and analytics, we offer dedicated special features for admins.

Role-Based Dashboards

Live Vehicle Tracking

Driver Management

Passenger Management

Fleet Management

Detailed Ride Information

Fare Management

Pay & Commission Management

Custom-made CRM & CMS

Our clients happiness lies in the Journey

Discover how Arka Software's team delivers personalised development experiences and creates unforgettable journey to ensure maximum satisfaction for all of our clients.

City Cab

City Cab

Taxi Booking iOS / Android

Bespoke Development Solutions for Taxi Business Model

To meet your unique business goals, every aspect of your on-demand taxi booking mobile app is developed & designed right from the scratch.

Taxi Aggregator Model

To offer a cohesive medium between passengers and private taxi owners, we offer custom taxi aggregator app development. Uber & Ola are great examples of taxi aggregator models.

Private Taxi Company

If you run a private shuttle taxi, private bus, or luxury car rental like Limo services, then we can help you develop a car rental software & mobile app that can help your business to grow exponentially.

Carpooling Company

Our customized taxi booking app is a must-have tool for a transportation business that wants to offer seamless carpooling or ridesharing services to their customers. Develop your own carpooling mobile app today!

"Arka Softwares offers the fastest time-to-market logistics mobile app development services so that your logistic app reaches the market earlier than your competition."

Advanced Features of Ride Sharing Mobile App

Apart from essential features, advanced features in car rental software can help you compete with big players like Uber & Lyft.

Save Favorite Locations

It is one of the most important features of passengers who rely on your cab booking app for their daily commute. Saving favorite locations makes ride booking as easy as one tap on the mobile screen.

Schedule a Ride

Scheduling a ride feature takes the taxi booking experience to a whole new level. It allows passengers to plan their ride before the date and time of the journey to save time and effort.

Carpooling or Ride Share

If your business offers ride sharing services then it is a viable option to offer to carpool or ride-sharing option as well. It helps passengers to save money and your business to make some extra.

Share Ride Details

Sharing ride details with friends or family members is a crucial safety feature for your passengers. It allows family members or friends to see the ride details and they can track the ride too.

Driver Authorization

To ensure only the certified driver appears in front of the passenger for their booked ride, drive authorization is important. It can be done by a security code (OTP) or by QR code scanning.

Choose Vehicle

Offering passengers an option to choose their vehicle gives them a satisfactory sense of control. With this feature, passengers can select the type or vehicle model suitable for their journey.

Book Ride for a Friend

Booking a ride for someone else gives the passenger details to the driver so that they can easily contact and spot the passengers. Indeed, a handy feature while booking a cab for parents or friends.

Bill Splitting

For those who are riding with friends, bill splitting is an essential feature. It smartly calculates the entire distance and splits the bill amount according to each friend’s pickup to a drop-off location.

Multilingual Support

Multilingual support may seem like a basic feature but it is a very crucial feature to have. It allows travelers, citizens who speak different languages, to book a taxi cab with convenience.

Your idea of starting an online taxi booking platform can turn into reality with just one right step.

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Complete On-Demand Logistics and Transportation Solutions

Not just taxis, we develop custom fleet management software for every transportation and logistics service available on the planet.

On-Demand Chauffeurs

On-Demand Chauffeurs

Build your own fleet of professional chauffeurs for large organizations like corporate companies, hotels, restaurants, resorts, and even events like weddings.

Trucks and Logistics

Trucks and Logistics

Get your own last mile delivery software for your logistics or moving & packing business to offer your customers modern logistics automation services.

Public Bus Services

Public Bus Services

A dedicated mobile app for public bus services for private and government organizations for seamless and efficient transportation for citizens.

Car Rental Services

Car Rental Services

A custom taxi app that allows customers to get a car on rent. It automates customer documentation verification, car selection, payment, etc.

On-Demand Auto Rickshaws

On-Demand Auto Rickshaws

Get a branded on-demand mobile app for auto rickshaws to make quick and cost-effective rides more accessible and convenient than ever before.

On-Demand Motorbikes

On-Demand Motorbikes

Motorbikes are a great mode of transportation for the quickest and cheapest rides in the city. Let’s create a bike rental app that saves riders & passengers some money.

On-Demand Limo Booking

On-Demand Limo Booking

For all those corporate events, weddings, prom nights, and date nights get your business a branded mobile app that helps people book luxury limo rides.

Ships & Cruises Booking

Ships & Cruises Booking

Let’s develop an amazing mobile app that allows classy customers to book classy ships and cruise rides for international or local parties & travels.

Other Amazing On-Demand App Development Solutions by Arka Softwares

In more than a decade long experience, we have served hundreds of clients from different business categories with out-of-this-world solutions.

FAQ's for Build a Taxi Dispatch App

Answering all those itching questions. If you don’t find your questions here, simply book a 45 mins consultation with our experts. It’s FREE!

If you want to develop a ride sharing app like Uber, contact our experts and describe your vision to them. Our experts will design a bespoke project proposal for you consisting of every minute detail about the taxi app like Uber and its development journey.

A taxi dispatch mobile app may have some essential to most advanced features. Some of the best and most frequently used features of a taxi booking software are:

  • Passenger Profile
  • Driver Authorization
  • Live Tracking
  • Fare Estimation
  • In-App Chat & Call
  • Share Ride Details
  • Carpooling or Ride Sharing
  • Split Bills
  • Book Taxi for a Friend
  • Save Locations
  • Schedule Rides
  • Ride Ratings & Reviews
  • Multilingual Support
  • Multicurrency Support
  • SOS
  • Push Notifications
  • Support & Assistance

Although the development cost of an taxi app varies depending on factors like number of features, platforms (Android, iOS, Web, Wearables), 3rd party API and module integrations paid services, the complexity of development, etc.

However, to give you a ballpark, developing an MVP of a taxi app, it may cost around $30,000 to $80,000. For more detailed cost estimation, please contact our experts.

Yes, our company Arka Softwares provide uncompromised customer support and maintenance services after the app development and post app launch strategy.

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