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We at Arka Softwares help our clients in developing a world-class end to end laundry mobile application for all platforms (Android, iOS, etc.) that ensure an enhanced and exceptional experience for the users and help the companies generate a handsome amount of revenue.

Our Exclusive Laundry App Development Solution

Our team is equipped with the latest technology to develop a fully functional on-demand laundry app, that is high in quality, light in usage, and quick in loading. An array of features can be selected from the list of features available for the clients, and we offer several designs to choose from for an app being developed on any platform.

Now you can also take over the world by a storm and make your laundry app reach every nook and corner with the help of our experts, who believe in working efficiently and provide you an app that is worth all the time, effort, and money spent on it. With some of the most unique features for the laundry apps, we ensure a smooth and best experience for our clients. At Arka Softwares, we put a team of experts to work who have the required experience for developing a laundry mobile app and have worked on similar apps earlier. However, each application comes with something new to help it stand out from the crowd and make it appear on the top in the App Store or Play Store.

Our mobile applications have always ensured long term benefits to our clients and that has been on top of our agenda. We have a team that puts in all efforts in researching the target audience and their expectations from the laundry app. We have a plethora of attractive designs for our clients to choose from, and our experts are always a call away to assist you to make important decisions. Similarly, there is a scope for the users to choose from the number of themes and to personalize them according to their requirements. We ensure in building a user friendly app, which goes into production from the very first day.

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Advanced Features for Dry Cleaning Mobile App

GPS Tracking

Although this feature might look monotonous in all mobile applications, it offers a maximum advantage to the laundry service providers. They can easily access the live location of their customers so that the delivery person can easily locate them and reach their address in time hassle free to pick and drop the laundry clothes.

Loyalty programs

How about making your loyal customers feel special by offering some special advantages and offers? A customer who has been continuously availing of your services will stick on for years if he is valued and offers some sort of points, special discounts, and offers by the service providers. Any laundry service needs to win over their customers, which can only be done by offering some sort of loyalty program and indulging the customers in the same.

In-app calling and chatting

It might become a task for the users to dial a number each time to call the service people and give instructions or for any other purpose. Therefore, we integrate this feature into the applications, so as to promote a seamless experience where the customers can get in touch with the laundry service with a single tap on the screen.

Reviews and feedback

For any organization to grow and to know what their customers think about them, it is important to gather feedback and reviews. Our experts have always advised the clients to get this feature installed in their applications, to get a better understanding of what is good in their app and the elements that are missing, yet can be of great help in their growth.


One can rationalize their app by integrating the customer relationship management feature in their app. This does not only help you assist the users when they need help, but also provides you important information regarding what are the kind of services that the users look for the most, among others.

View total earnings

This one is for the service providers, who are at the advantage of looking at the total amount earned by them through the mobile app platform. They can at any time log in through any device and check the total amount earned by them in a day, week, month, or annually.

Dynamic Panel for Laundry Appplication

  • Customer Panel
  • Laundry Panel
  • Delivery Boy
  • Admin Panel
  • Social Sign Up/Login
  • Find nearby Laundry
  • Select laundry type
  • Cost Calculation
  • Schedule Pickup and Delivery Time
  • View order status
  • Track Delivery Boy
  • Give Review & Feedback
  • Receive push notification
  • Refer your friend and Earn rewards
  • View Offers and Discounts
  • Pay through COD or In-app (Card, Net banking)
  • Manage laundry charges
  • Accept /decline Order Request
  • View Order history
  • Manage Referrals
  • View status users
  • View earnings and commission paid
  • View and Manage Profile
  • Manage Orders and their status
  • Manage Offers and discount
  • View Reviews and Ratings
  • Login through username and Password
  • Communicate with emails, push notification & messages
  • View Pick Up Orders
  • View Delivery Request
  • View Delivery & Pick-up History
  • In-App Navigation Route
  • View Commission, Earnings
  • Collect COD
  • Effective Management of Laundry Man
  • Laundry Category Manager
  • Payment Management
  • Content Management
  • Customer Management
  • User Management
  • Manage Commission
  • View orders & payments
  • View Analytics (App usage, total users)
  • Run Marketing Campaigns

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Essential Features in Laundry App



We highly recommend an easy and secured registration process that requires a minimal time of the users as it just might get tedious and monotony might hit the user before he actually makes an account with an app. Therefore, we integrate social media with the sign up process, which invariably picks up a user’s information from social media platforms such as Facebook and Gmail for registering a user. A sign up process requires four steps mentioned below:

Push notifications

Push notifications

This feature adds prominence to an on-demand laundry service application as it notifies the users about the latest marketing trends set by the service providers. If the laundry service providers launch any new offers and discounts, the customers are intimated about the same with the help of push notifications. Here are some elements for which push notifications is a must:

Cost Calculator

Cost Calculator

All services that are booked via the laundry app are chargeable. It is, therefore, important for the customers to check the prices for each service and then only those services that are required. After adding all the services to their cart, the app helps them identify the cost for each service and provide them with a total figure payable to the service providers. This helps the users decide about the services they want to avail of.

Payment gateways

Payment gateways

Transparency needs to be maintained as the customers demand a fair deal and all transactions online. Giving cash in exchange for services is not an ultimate resolution to all problems in the times when digitalization has seeped in all spheres. Therefore, we make sure to include a number of payment gateways into the laundry apps we develop to make it suitable for the users. These payment gateways can include the likes of:

Pick-up and delivery time

Pick-up and delivery time

The customer is the king in any trade and it is therefore always a good idea to add this feature to your laundry app. Through this feature, the users can decide the time slot for the pick up of their laundry from their residence location and a time for the same to be dropped at that address. Since the customers might not be available at their addresses at all times, it is important to save time and money by letting them inform the service providers about the time of their availability.

Order history

Order history

We aim to satisfy the customers in all ways by developing an application that caters to all their needs skillfully. It is advised by our expert developers to include the order history feature in the laundry apps so that the users can take a look at the services taken by them in the past and check the prices as well. An application can be boosted by providing this service that allows users to get access to all the services they have availed in the past.

Tracking the progress

Tracking the progress

Which user would not like to know the update on the clothes they sent out for laundry? Since every person is keen to know what is happening to their clothes, they should be allowed to access this feature which enables them to get detailed information about the progress of their laundry with the service providers. This allows them to know if their products are safe and in the right hands.



We believe that the service providers deserve to know the total number of users on their application and using their services. It helps the admin know the number of users and the kinds of services used by them, this helps in sending out notifications of only those services that are of use and interest to the customers, rather than bombarding their mobile devices with unwanted notifications.

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