Top 8 Benefits of Using UX Research Tools in 2024

Updated 02 Apr 2024
Published 29 Mar 2022
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Have you ever thought about why some products, like Uber, Epic Games, and Airbnb, are unicorns in their respective fields? What secret ingredient made these companies unicorns?

The truth is, there is no magic. Companies that place their users at the center of their design decisions can reap maximum benefits.

Apart from a vision, these companies conducted research to implement their product ideas. They created a user-centered product, which helped them scale their business as per customers’ requirements.

Today, UX research is paramount for developing applications, products, and services. That’s why companies planning to launch new products or services use UX research tools for conducting surveys, usability testing, interviews, tree testing, and card sorting.

Researchers also use these tools to capture remote and in-person sessions, recruit participants and create real-time reports to understand user behavior.

Here are a few reasons why using UX research tools can benefit an organization:.

8 Benefits of using UX research tools

Investment in research always provides positive results, regardless of the industry you’re serving. Here are a few reasons why there is a fundamental shift in the number of companies implementing UX research tools.

UX Research Tools

1- Records experience in the natural environment

The principal advantage of using UX research tools is that these tools allow you to discover how people utilize products and services. A research method can strip away outside factors to create an environment free of variables so that users can focus only on products and services.

While this provides some information about the design, it doesn’t reflect the average user experience.

That’s why companies use UX research tools that help in recording and understanding user experiences in the natural environment. By observing a user perform a task or use an application, researchers can learn what confuses and frustrates them.

Having a clean and smooth UX design will not make the navigation smooth. There is no limit to the breadth of insights you can gain using a UX research tool. You can discover insights you might have never thought of.

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2- Enhances the chances of your success

According to a study, the more a company spends on their UX research, the higher their sales and customer retention.

With these statistics in mind, using a UX research tool makes complete sense.

Tools like Maze and Loop11 can help you turn your prototypes into actionable insights from real users. As you can collect information during the initial design phase, implementing the suggested changes becomes easier and less costly.

UX research

As these tools make user insights accessible to everyone in the team, everyone can extract actionable information and understand how the product or design competes against competitors. 

Also, having an in-depth understanding of users’ expectations helps create a product that users enjoy, and users can effortlessly complete a task. These UX research tools ensure early testing, which reduces the overall development cost.

Failing to conduct UX research can hinder your product’s commercial success.

3- Reduces unnecessary expenses

According to research, half of the time a company spends on development is spent reworking the existing design. That’s precisely why more and more companies are using UX research methods and tools.

With a UX research tool in hand, you are creating visual brand identity which lets you understand how users interact with the application, design, or product.

Interestingly, research tools can help you uncover unfounded assumptions. This helps a company save a plethora of time and money on reworking the design.

4- Helps in planning product development

Thanks to UX research methods and tools, you can agree in advance with functionalities that are key to product development

When a company can prioritize the features customers require, it reduces development costs and the cost of rework.

Conducting UX research can reduce potential business risk because you know how your users behave with a product’s prototype.

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5- Uncovers the customer’s pain points

A business that designs products based on facts can create products that a customer is likely to use.

With dynamically changing customer habits, creating a product merely based on intuition or design will not work. That’s where UX research tools come in.

Customers are good at providing value, but they’re clueless about recommending an ideal solution. By observing real users through interviews and analyzing their behavior, a company can create innovative products.

Interestingly, UX research tools allow a company to test new product app ideas or designs to address customers’ frustration or requirements.

software development company

6- Identifies early adopters

Did you know that 28% of Americans are early adopters of technologies?

But how do UX research and early adopters fit in the same shell?

Early adopters prefer to use products early on and influence their network to do the same. 

early adopters

This is the building blocks of UX research. For a business, identifying the early adopters is essential for the success of a new product or idea.

Research can help uncover people who can offer contextual feedback on your products, services, or designs.

Identifying early adopters is essential for product innovation because they spend considerable time researching and analyzing what’s working and what changes they like to see in the design or product.

7- Ensures lesser time to market

Though investment in a UX research tool is often considered a burden, it can ensure cost savings in the future.

It protects you from corrections and changes that might occur after completing the design phase.

Without an adequate UX research tool, a product might not fulfill the intended purpose and deliver a desired value to the target audience. UX research can save time and reduce the time to market a product.

So, focus on implementing UX research in the early design phase to reap benefits later.

8- Builds a researcher’s design expertise

No one can teach a researcher the art of digital design. It’s an intuition that only increases through experience. Using a UX research tool, a researcher can hone their skills because it helps uncover what users find intuitive and easy to understand.

Hire ux designer

UX research gives detail about how a user views a single page of a website. When the researcher is involved in the design process, they can understand what creates a workable design. 

This type of action learning can build design expertise and make the design and research team competent.

When to use a UX research tool?

A UX research tool comes in handy for various purposes. Some uses of a UX research tool include:

UX research toolsCreate a new product

When creating a new product, precede it with UX research to identify the target audience’s needs. This helps ensure your customers will use the products you create. With UX research, you can understand why your product is better than what’s already available in the market.

Adding new features

When trying to add new functionality to an existing product, UX can help identify your target users’ needs. It’s essential to understand the user, conduct research, and define the problem you solve with the additional functionality. UX research methods can help you add features that resonate with your customers.

Attracting new audience

When planning to expand your product to a new group of users, it’s essential to know your audience’s likes and dislikes in-depth. Also, UX research tools use interviews, usability tests, and surveys to understand users’ behavior.

Redesigning a product

When redesigning an existing product, you can gain valuable insights from your current user base. Knowing their behavior towards design decisions can help in redesigning a product. You can even use A/B testing further to understand users’ preferences, likes, and dislikes.

UX research tools Development

Key takeaways

Even if UX research means bringing customers one step closer to your products and services, it’s worth doing.

For knowing customers in-depth, companies are widely using UX research tools. You can use an array of research tools at different product lifecycle stages. The better you understand and know your customers, the more successful your product will be.

These tools can help you collect data that wholeheartedly supports your design decisions and translates into a product that customers want to use.

Hire Software Developer

While it’s essential to use UX research tools, they will always pay off despite being costly. With a wide range of tools available, you can’t expect to use every UX research tool on the market. But go out of your way, conduct research, and choose one or two tools for creating products that customers appreciate.

Using more than one tool can help you approach a problem differently and provide better user insight.

With these tools, you come one step closer to achieving those goals. Start searching for your ideal UX research tool!

Did we miss out on any benefits of using UX research tools?

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