A Guide to Corporate Training Mobile App Development: Cost and Features

Updated 29 Nov 2023
Published 25 May 2023
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Corporate Training Mobile App

The ongoing market competition forced businesses to have a more skilled workforce.

There are two ways to do it, one is extensively recruiting professionals, but what about recruitment cost and time? Enhancing the skills of your existing workforce is another way.

The second option is better as at less cost, you can upgrade the skills of your workforce. If your question is how? Then its answer is with a customized corporate training mobile app.

Corporate training mobile apps are the best for employees, managers, organizations, and corporate trainers. Employees can leverage these apps for online learning new skills, managers & organizations can use these apps to track their employees’ learning graphs, and corporate trainers can ensure the delivery of the right content to train and track their trainees.

Its advantages are increased employee engagement, improved employee retention, reduced training costs, and increased productivity.

If you are also interested in a corporate training app to train your employees, this guide will take you through all the points. My motive in creating this guide is to share complete information on costs and features with you so you can act accordingly.

Let me take you to the upcoming section about crucial market stats of corporate training & learning.

Key Market Stats of Corporate Training & Learning

As the corporate training and learning market continues to grow, there is still a need for more solutions for businesses. Considering all your needs to understand the market, here are some key market stats. These will help you to have clear insights and understand the market completely.

Key Market Stats of Corporate Training

  • As per the Association for Talent Development (ATD), $1280 USD is the average spending on workplace training per employee.
  • By 2028, the global corporate training market valuation will be $493.32 billion at a CAGR of 8.0%(2021-2028).
  • The annual workplace training expenditure in the US is $101.6 billion.
  • 56% of US companies have compliance training online.
  • 89% of US companies use LMS (Learning Management System).
  • The corporate e-learning market is expected to grow to $117.57 billion by 2030, at a CAGR (2022-2030) of 15.61%.
  • Gamification in corporate training is the hottest trend; it is expected to grow at a CAGR of  3% from 2021 to 2028.
  • 87%of millennials agreed that learning and development are necessary at the workplace.

Corporate training and learning are much closer to e-learning. So, I have also added some key stats of eLearning app development.

  • By 2026, the online e-learning market will be near around $400 billion.
  • The global e-learning market is projected to grow with a CAGR(2022-2027) of 22%.

All these statistics represent a broad picture of corporate training and learning. It does not matter whether you own a business or are a learning & training development professional; corporate training app development is the best solution to achieve training goals either in-house or to train others.

Now let’s move to the next section.

Why must Businesses have Corporate Training Apps?

For every task in this world, a skill set is required that comes from the training. It is necessary for a business to have a skilled workforce to cater to the demands of its customers.

So, when there are skilled human resources then it increases the chances of growth. It makes it crucial for all types of businesses to have corporate training apps that provide long-lasting benefits.

These apps are beneficial not only for learning but also for tracking the progress of your employees. The corporate Educational app ideas come with a variety of options where you can assess each employee after training or after each training session.

This helps a business to prepare the right resource for the right work. An additional benefit is for the employees, as they can improve their careers by acquiring new skills to work better.


Future of Corporate Learning

There is no doubt that the future of corporate learning is bright and there are multiple possibilities yet to be uncovered. Most organizations started cultivating learning with a working environment to upskill their employees.

Employers came to understand that it is necessary for the future growth of employees and organizations. Corporate training solutions for businesses,

The concept is simple, the future of a corporate is directly proportional to the future of work. Soon the repetitive tasks will be automated, but the tasks required a humanistic approach, are influenced by the latest technology, and can be handled only with the skills.

Future of Corporate Learning

On-demand eLearning app development is helping organizations impart effective training with reduced costs. Digital learning has transformed the way of training employees. Related to the future of corporate learning the following changes will be observed.

  • The e-learning market will be 1 trillion by 2028, with a CAGR of 20% (2022-2028), and for corporate training, there will be more use of eLearning platforms. It also includes the best app experiences where eLearning app development companies will be more responsible to take care of it.
  • The technologies such as AR-VR, AI, and Machine Learning will contribute more to corporate learning.
  • Knowledge-sharing software will also be included to provide a common platform for employees, managers, and organizations to share knowledge with a click.
  • There will be more focus on data collection and analytics to have a clear insight into the progress of training campaigns and efforts put in by the companies to train their employees.

The era of the latest corporate training and learning development solutions has started and very soon it will be on the verge to create a better corporate world where employees will be able to acquire new skills with ease and organizations will effortlessly get a suitable & trained workforce.

Now, suppose you want to have a customized app for your organization then what would you do? Or looking for- how to develop a corporate training app?

The first thing you need to do is develop a better understanding of the points that you need to consider for developing a corporate learning and training solution.  The upcoming section of this blog will take you through all this.

Let’s move!

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The Points you need to consider for Building a Corporate Training App

The success of your corporate training program depends on what type of app or corporate training software you are using. There are some points that exist, if you consider them, it will help you to develop the app in the right way.

The Points You Need to Consider for Corporate Training Mobile App Development

  • Requirement Analysis

A common solution can’t work for all so first you need to work on your requirements which also include for what purpose you are going to develop a mobile-first employee training platform. It is obvious that you need to train the employees but also keep subgoals in mind for developing a corporate training mobile app.

  • Content

Every training in this world is incomplete without content. So, it would be better to decide how your corporate learning software will facilitate the trainers to author and update the content to train the employees in an effective way.

  • Administration

Administrators remain responsible for conducting and managing training programs so think about what kind of features will facilitate them to ease their task.

Here you can also decide the roles such as who will write the content, who will upload it, who will handle degradation, and more. So, the admin panel of the corporate training app will be accordingly.

  • Evaluation & Reporting

Assessment is the best tool to find out whether the training program is going fine, and reporting helps in monitoring the overall data. It will also lead you to identify the weak points to be removed.

Evaluation & Reporting

  • Users

Users are the main stakeholder of the training app so it would be best to decide about your audience. It can be like deciding whether you want to put all employees in a common training program or want to split them into groups as per department wise. It will help you to decide about the features and functionalities of the user panel.

  • Learning Models

Learning models are one of the key influential factors in any learning management system (LMS) whether it is for academics or corporate training. The most common learning models are eLearning, blended learning, and ILT aka Instructor-led Training.

Whatever model you want to include for corporate training mobile app development choose it in accordance with your audience.

  • The Technology Partner

For developing corporate training apps in the right way, it is necessary to partner with a reputed eLearning application development company. The company you are going to hire must have experience in delivering an out-of-the-box corporate training app solution.

The reason is user experience is everything for an app and here you are going to develop an app for your organization so the task is more crucial.

The above-mentioned points can give you the right direction if you consider them. Now, there is another crucial thing waiting for us and that is what are the key features to consider for corporate training app development. So, the upcoming section is dedicated to it.

Let’s continue!

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Key Features of Corporate Training App Development

There are multiple eLearning software available in the market that have common features such as sign-up, login, profile creation, etc. Still, if you need a corporate training app or software on which you can have complete control then it would be best to develop its own with the help of experts.

There are some key features that you can include in your customized app to meet your training objectives.

Key Features of Corporate Training App Development

Have a quick look at must-have features for corporate training app development.

  • Handy Interface

It would be best to have an easy app interface with strong aesthetics so the users must find it interesting to use. The design must be eye-catching and offer smooth navigation.

  • Multimedia Tools

Reading text is okay but if there is multimedia content then it connects the users with training more.  The multimedia tools support the best visualization of training content.

  • Live Session

On one hand, live session connects trainers and trainees in real-time, on the other side it eliminates location dependency. The trainees can attend the sessions remotely and that saves a cost.

Live Session

  • Personal Account

It sounds common but one of the most crucial features of corporate or employee training apps. It facilitates the users to have complete control over their accounts.

  • Content Management

Content management feature allows organizations to have control and management over their training content. It helps in delivering the content at the right time, right place, and to the right person.

  • Multilingual Support

Most of the modern apps come with multilingual support that allows their users to interact with the app in their mother tongue. People from different language backgrounds will find it easy to use the app.

Multilingual Support

  • Offline Accessing

The offline mode helps users to access the app even with low bandwidth or with no internet. They can download the training content for offline use to save time.

  • Personalization

Personalization is one of the required elements for the best learning experience. A user can personalize the app as desired. They can set the theme, customize the dashboard, set the reminders for courses, etc.

  • Gamification

Gamification makes training interesting and interactive. It engages all trainees in the best way by offering knowledge via games. The users can compete with each other in a healthy environment.


  • Progress Tracking

An organization and employees can track the progress of training. It displays the milestones achieved with training and the overall progress report with the rich dashboard.

  • Assessment

Assessment features allow users to take quick assessments to check their knowledge. Additionally, instructors can assess their students whenever they can.

If you need a look at the complete features that corporate training apps have, then it looks as follows

Trainee Panel Trainer Panel Admin Panel
Login/Signup Login Dashboard
Learning Dashboard Account Settings User Management
Course Details Profile Management Information Management
In-App Chat Session Scheduling Content Management
Search & Navigation Live Session Course Management
Course Recommendation Quiz Creation Push Notification
Knowledge Center Video Conferencing Analytics & Reporting
Quiz & Assessments Content Authoring
In-App Communication Progress Tracking
Notifications & Reminders Push Notifications
Feedback In-App Communication

A Step by Step Guide to Develop Corporate Training Apps

After reading about the key features some readers will be interested to know about the development process. So, here is the step-by-step process that can guide you to develop the app. Although the best idea is to hire an Education app development company.

A Step by Step Develop to Corporate Training Apps

  • Define Your Goals

Start with the question to yourself, what do you want to achieve with a corporate training app? Although the prime goal of any corporate training app is improving the skills of the workforce for their and their company’s future. Once you have decided about the goal then it’s time to move to the second step.

  • Know Your Audience

It is already clear that you want to develop an app for grooming the skills of your employees or trainees. But you need to decide who will be your audience. What kind of training does your audience need?  You also need to know – what are the interests of your trainees? Once done with all the questions, congratulations you have won half the battle.

  • Make Own Team

Although you are going to develop a corporate learning app for business, it doesn’t mean that you have to code. It is work for experts to do for you. So, hire dedicated mobile app developers to form their own team. The best idea to hire them would be the research, go through profiles & portfolios, read ratings & feedback, talk to the previous clients, and interview the developers.

  • Shortlist Features

 Features shortlisting is one of the crucial steps to developing a fine corporate training app. Make a list of all essential features that you would like to include in your app. Regarding features you can also consult with education software development experts you have hired.

  • UI/UX Designing

UI directly refers to the visual components of any mobile app (i.e., layout, colors, fonts) and UX stands for how the user interacts with the app or how it is easy to use the app. For use satisfaction keep creativity and innovation in mind. Another thing you need to take care of is that the app’s UI/UX must support the central theme of the app.

UI UX Designing

  • Develop Your App

It is the step where actual coding will take place. Here your eLearning mobile app development team will write code for the app that includes front-end coding, back-end coding, implementation of features, and functionalities.

  • Test & Launch

Once the app is developed then another crucial step is to test the app to ensure a bug-free experience. In this step, the QA team will test your app based on real scenarios. Once the last bug is removed. Now your app is ready to launch.

How Corporate Training Apps are beneficial for a Business?

In this fast-paced world where businesses are moving forward with eLearning trends and technology there is a requirement for a highly skilled workforce. Instead of spending money on the new resources the business can cut the cost by training existing employees. So, here comes the corporate training and learning apps which are advantageous in all terms.

How Corporate Training Apps Are Beneficial for a Business

Here are the benefits that a business can have using corporate training apps:

  • Reduced Training Cost

Manual training is more expensive than you thought. First, it requires a venue and a trainer then you need to arrange other things such as accommodation for trainees and trainers, food arrangement, and other resources.

The best app idea is to make training happen with the help of corporate training and learning mobile apps, as it does not require additional resources. With an app, you can train your employees as much as you can.

  • Location Independence

Now businesses are not limited to a certain geo-location they have global offices and work with a global workforce. So, suppose if you want to train your employees located at different locations then you can train them at a single time.

Location Independence

There is no need to make travel arrangements for the employees. Corporate training apps offer easy accessibility irrespective of location.

  • Improved Employee Engagement

Compared to traditional training methods, apps engage trainees more as they can learn and train themselves using multimedia tools, videos, audio, text, and more. Most of the corporate training apps are focusing on gamification that takes the learning experience high.

  • Meeting Compliances in Easy Way

For some industries like healthcare, financial services, and manufacturing compliance training is a must. So, with the help of corporate training solutions for businesses, it is very easy to conduct such sessions. It helps employees to stay updated with the latest regulations so that they can learn at their own pace.

  • Improved Employee Retention

Corporate learning apps can help businesses retain top talent. With the help of these apps, they can train their employees to stay ahead in their profession and take their career graph high.


It will also enhance the loyalty of employees when they find that the organization is spending money for grooming their careers.

  • Bridge The Gap

For most businesses, it is a challenge to bridge the gap between employees and skills. It also affects business growth. If employees are well-trained with new trends and technology, then they can actively participate in their organization’s growth.

Overall, corporate training apps are fantastic to have to empower your employees with a new skill set at less cost, which is in turn also beneficial for a business or company or organization.

How much does it cost to develop a Corporate Training App?

Having a mobile app for business is beneficial because of the trends and users’ interests. But before developing the app most of the owners want to know- how much does it cost to develop a mobile app? So, here are some details that you would like to know.

The Factors

There are some factors that influence the cost of corporate training mobile app development these are

  • Hiring cost of mobile app developers
  • Platforms., iOS, Android
  • Tech stack
  • Employee training mobile app features
  • Third-party Integration
  • Additional features

All these factors decide the overall cost of corporate training mobile app development.  

Cost to Develop a Corporate Training App

The Cost

Usually, a basic version of an employee training app costs around $15,000-$25,000. Suppose if you need an app including advanced features and third-party integration then it may cost you more than $30,000. The cost also depends on what kind of platform you are targeting. You can target Android or iOS or both to launch your next corporate training app.

It will be like this:

  • iOS eLearning App Development – $30,000 onwards
  • Android eLearning App Development – $20,000 onwards
  • Cross-Platform eLearning App Development – $15,000 onwards

Overall, for a seamless corporate training mobile app you need to manage a budget of around $20,000- $40,000 approximately. For more details about the cost to develop a mobile app, it would be best to connect with the sales team of the eLearning app development company you are going to hire.

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How can Arka Softwares assist you with Corporate Training App Development?

Arka Software is one of the names that you can trust for mobile app and software development. The developers have a proven track record in providing their services for diverse industries.

Developing innovative and state-of-the-art eLearning, and corporate training app is one of the expertise. We can assure you the best results and assist you to meet your aim of having a better training mechanism via an app.

Not only for the customization, but we can also develop off-the-shelf eLearning solutions meeting your expectations. Here are some reasons why you should choose Arka Softwares as your tech partner for corporate training mobile app development.

Our experts will be with you throughout the journey to have a corporate training solution for your business. For a detailed discussion about your project, you can contact us anytime.

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The self-paced corporate training mobile apps are something that you need to improve business outcomes. It helps in executing the training program effectively with less cost.

Its other advantages are improved collaboration among employees, enhanced knowledge sharing, bridging the gap between employees and required skills, and more.

In this blog, I have tried to cover all the points including the cost and features to develop a corporate training app. You can refer to it as your personal guide for corporate training app development.  Still, if you want to know more specifics, we are open for discussion. It would be pleasurable to hear from you about your requirements.

FAQs Related to Corporate Training Mobile App

  • Who will be on my team of Corporate Training App Development?

    Developing a robust app for corporate training requires joint efforts so in your team there will be the following members.
    ● Project Manager
    ● UI/UX Designer
    Mobile App Developers
    ● Backend Developers
    ● Quality Analysts

  • How much time will it take to build an Employee Training App?

    The exact timeline to develop an employee training app is hard to depict until and unless you know what you need in your app, what features you want, and of course you know the ultimate objective of developing an app. The complexity and size of the app are one of the biggest influential factors in the development timeline. So, suppose if you need a basic corporate training app then it will take 1-2 months. But if you need an advanced app then it may take 3-6 months approx.

  • What are the Key Challenges or Risks Associated with a Corporate Training App?

    The key challenges associated with corporate training apps are:
    ● Security of the sensitive data of employees
    ● Protecting intellectual property rights
    ● Securing application from all cyber threats
    ● App maintenance to stay updated as per trends
    The better idea to overcome all these challenges is to develop the app in a way that provides high-security tools to prevent any unauthorized use, and information stealing, and to update the app on time. For the same, consultation with experienced mobile app developers is the best.

  • How does Training Impact the Business?

    Regular training helps businesses boost workplace engagement and helps in upscaling the skill of their employees and tracking their progress of learning so later they can contribute to the growth of the business. It also helps employees to learn something exciting that helps them to grow as a professional.

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