Custom eLearning Software Development

Custom eLearning Solutions to  Empower Learning Experiences

We design and develop eLearning software to address all learning, training, and upskilling challenges. Our motive is to create vision based online learning solutions which matches specific organizational needs.

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eLearning Development
to Unlock the Full Potential

A tailored eLearning software development is worthwhile, especially when multiple goals need to be addressed with a skilled workforce. It is an investment in the future of an organization, so here we are, ready to assist you with innovative solutions via our eLearning software development services. We can provide you with solutions that can turn your employees into worthy human assets for your company, organization, or business.

Looking for a competitive edge in the world of eLearning?

We build eLearning solutions that scale seamlessly.

Custom eLearning Development Success Stories

Kenya's First Content as a Service Platform

Promoting Personalized eLearning in Kenya with 2.5K+ schools and 60K+ homes

  • Provides access to the vast library of learning content
  • Seamless UI/UX
  • Real-time reporting & analytics
  • Assessment Customization

To provide offline education to students of Kenya with slow or no internet region via offline Android and window application for different grades.

Interactive E-learning Web & Mobile Platform in USA

Answers all learning needs in a single place

  • Live class streaming
  • Online course catalog
  • Robust backend
  • User centric frontend

E-learning Solution benefiting students in individual and Group classes across the Globe.

Makes Reading a Fun for Kids

Covers multiple categories, such as–education, fantasy, adventure, animals

  • Online library
  • Gamification
  • Immersive reading experience
  • Curated UI/UX

Focused on kids learning through animated stories for different languages (English, Spanish, French)

UAE's owned leading e-learning platform

Covers multiple courses for adults and kids for upskilling

  • Course categorization
  • Seamless CMS
  • Flexible scheduling
  • Interactive UI/UX

Streamlined e-learning platform that offers more than expectations and focuses on language learning courses for students across different countries.

Interactive Learning Management System for Women Training across Middle East

  • Concluded courses with digital badges and certificates of completion.
  • Live interactive sessions, group meetings, events.
  • Online self-learning modules and educational videos.

Focused on motivating women of Kuwait region for their free online learning courses.

Dynamic Education ERP System for Online Courses across USA

  • Choose from thousands of online video courses with new additions published every month.
  • Join Online Quizzes of Programming Languages for better learning.
  • With online ERP Elearning Platform users can access course materials and lectures.

Focusing on online courses, certifications, and degrees by top-tier universities and companies worldwide.

Our Wide Range of Custom eLearning Software Solutions

Personalized eLearning software can lead you to high workforce productivity and desired business benefits.
Our wide range of custom eLearning solutions can help you choose what suits you the best.

eLearning Development Services

As a leading provider of custom eLearning software development services, we offer the best solutions covering all your learning needs, from upskilling to domain-based learning.

eLearning Businesses Software

A major shift has occurred in the education ecosystem, and modern solutions are in demand. So, get innovative educational software to cater to the demands of the existing education system.

Customizable eLearning Software

Save your time and money by customizing your existing eLearning software instead of developing from scratch. You can rely on us for customizable eLearning software to meet your objectives.

Learning Management System

We, as an LMS development company, are ready to provide you with a fully customized LMS platform irrespective of its complexity and type, such as SaaS LMS, Open Source, LMS for businesses, or more.

Learning Experience Platform

Get an advanced and AI-driven learning experience platform (LXP) and equip your training department to create a future-ready workforce, including professional and personal skills development.

Ready-to-use eLearning Solution

You can count on us for off-the-shelf eLearning solutions that will provide flexibility, cost-savings, blended learning, and more for educational institutes or corporate training.

Mobile eLearning Solution

Custom mobile eLearning solutions facilitate instant access to courses and content. With us, you can opt for eLearning app development, M-corporate training apps, Kids learning apps, and others.

Skills Management Software

Skill development is a continuous process and requires constant effort. Skill management software development can help you digitize the skills management process to drive the best results.

Corporate Training Solutions

The future of an organization depends on what or how many skills your employees have. Customized corporate training software are the best way for it to offer enhanced workplace learning experience.

Unleash eLearning Potential with Innovative features of a custom eLearning software.

Tailor-made custom e-learning solutions for skills empowerment in human resources.

Customize eLearning At Your Pace!

eLearning Platform Development with Advanced Features

Custom eLearning software development allows trainers or educators to make their trainees learn in an adaptive learning environment. Here are some advanced features we can provide you with to elevate the learning experience.

AI in eLearning

AI-based algorithms support adaptive eLearning. It works like a learning path that adjusts itself based on the strengths and weaknesses of the trainees.

Automated Assessment

AI-Based automated assessment saves time for trainers to analyze learners' performance. It also provides detailed analytics to identify performance.


Based on the student's preferences, it recommends the courses and training content. It makes it easier for learners to get personalized recommendations.

Content Creation

eLearning content development is an exhaustive task, but here we can help you with the integration of AI-based content tools to create the content on-need basis.


Gamification is one of the best features of custom eLearning software that makes eLearning easy via interactive games and makes it fun.

Intelligent Tutoring

Intelligent tutoring system imitates human tutoring and makes trainees learn via personalized feedback and assessments. It makes learning interactive.

FAQs Related to eLearning Software Development

We are a custom eLearning software development company having equal expertise in developing cloud-based e-learning platforms, mobile apps, and websites. Our eLearning development experts will help you from end-to-end, i.e., finding gaps, creating user-centric design, robust backend development, integrations, and more.

If you aim to harness eLearning prowess for your organization, investing in custom eLearning development is really worth it. It offers a variety of ways to train your human resources and improve their skills. The trainers and trainees both have the flexibility to reach common goals. Its features, like automated assessment, content library, gamification, and others, make online learning easy.

Whether it is off-the-shelf eLearning software or custom eLearning platform development, the cost varies on the project’s need. Although we assure you of the best market price as we believe in cost-effectiveness.

Custom eLearning development stands for the customization of eLearning software, mobile apps, or websites based on future goals and needs. It includes from creating the brand logo to adding custom features. Even the backend can also be customized to make eLearning software impactable.

Most of the trending eLearning platforms have one thing in common, and that is using advanced technology. So, to make advanced eLearning software, you can use technologies like AI–based content authoring tools, course recommendations, AR-VR technology, live video streaming, and more.

Artificial Intelligence has many capabilities, even more than we think. In terms of custom eLearning solution development, it is best to offer an ultimate personalized eLearning environment, task automation, adaptive learning, and more.

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