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Arka Softwares is an accomplished Agile Software Development company with an exceptional track record of delivering sprint driven Agile software solutions. We understand the modern requirements of our Clients and build an exquisite solution which can help them offer the best value to their customers.

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Agile software development has completely changed the software development paradigm, it helps building high quality software solutions that can address the modern needs of users and industries. Arka Softwares possesses the team of Agile leaders, who incorporate Agile framework, Scrum methodology, and Lean principles with Domain driven, Test Driven and Behavior driven practices to bring the best out of project development process.

Start your Agile Development journey with us for better software quality and greater ROI.

Agile Development Services

Agile Consulting

Our Agile experts are well equipped with skills to offer top notch Agile consulting services. We asses client requirements, and develop a customized solution, while providing testing and maintenance support.

Agile Delivery and DevOps

Our certified Scrum experts can implement Agile at any stage of the SDLC to provide continuous integration, product delivery, and testing services to transform an MVP into a full-fledged product.

Agile UI/UX design

Our highly experienced UX/UI enthusiasts understand the modern design architecture and user requirements, and well equipped to design delightful UI/UX, that can improve your customer experience and satisfaction.

Continuous Integration & Delivery

We implement Agile and Scrum methodologies in true spirit while using CI and CD to accelerate the product development and early bugs resolution within the SDLC to minimize time to market.

Agile Development Framework

Our Agile developers follow a strict iterative approach based on Scrum, with well-defined Project management and Quality Assurance processes to deliver top notch quality software products.

Agile Transformation Services

Our Experts have extensive experience in Agile transformation. We help our clients to become truly Agile to attain high-quality deliverables, enhanced productivity, and accelerating time-to-market.

Agile Development Lifecycle

Agile Software Development Life Cycle is an assimilation of both incremental and iterative software development process models. It puts more focus on customer satisfaction and process adaptability accelerated delivery of fully functional software solution. Agile software development life cycle could be divided in 6 phases:


This is an extremely important phase, which starts with the documentation of requirements of proposed solution. The Requirement analysis document acts as an input for the Design phase.


In this stage the developers assess the requirements and propose the tools needed to achieve the best outcomes. They also work on visual design and architectural structure of the proposed software.

Software Development and Coding

This phase is all about writing the code and transforming the Design documentation into the actual software. It is the backbone of the SDLC and generally takes the longest time.

Integration and Testing

This stage ensures that software is error-free and fits the quality parameters. The QA team performs different tests to make code clean and ensure that business objectives of the solution are met.

Implementation and Deployment

The software application is deployed and handed over to the clients. Further iterations performed to update, introduce new features, remove bugs from the already installed software.


In this stage the Product owner meet with development team to review the progress made towards completing the requirements. This stage allows introduction of quality improvement and features in future iterations.

Accelerate your Business outcomes with Agile Development

Agile Development Tools we are working with

Arka Softwares has etched its name due to its Agile Development competency and experience of using various kind of Tools to develop class leading software Solutions. Our best-in-class Agile competencies are centered around:
  • Cloud
  • Automation
  • Web & Mobile
  • Database
  • Project Management
  • Team Management

Benefits of Agile Development Services for your Business

Agile Software development can open the world of opportunities for your business. Arka Softwares will be elated to help you avail the following advantages of Agile development services by implementing the best Agile practices and tool set.

  • Superior quality product
  • Enhanced Customer satisfaction
  • Better Process and flexibility
  • Early and Predictable Delivery
  • Better Change Control and Reduced risks
  • Continuous improvement
  • Improved Stakeholder Engagement
  • Predictable Costs and Schedule

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