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At Arka Software, we transform educational app ideas into real apps. As a trusted eLearning app development company, we develop futuristic edtech apps and solutions.

Take the lead in the education industry and disrupt the trend via an innovative e-learning app.

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With digitalization happening in every nook and corner of the world, the e-Learning industry is no different and needs a route to channel learning and reach the masses. The next-gen elearning application development can help you upgrade your education and training level with a better service experience.

We at Arka Softwares have a team of experienced elearning app developers with strong roots in developing cutting-edge e-learning apps and platforms. Our pre-vetted mobile app developers can help you to go strong in the long run.

Our expertise in elearning development allows us to provide state-of-the-art solutions. It helps education brands, corporate trainers, and educators to grow and create the best learning experience.

"By 2026, the global e-learning market will be worth over USD 400 billion. If you are an education brand, grow with an elearning app by the suitable investment at the right time."

Unrivaled E-learning Apps For Variety Of Educational Needs

As an educational software development company, we strive to produce unrivaled elearning apps for various educational and training purposes.

EdTech and Elearning Companies

Our e-learning application development expertise is well-rooted and comprehensive. You can leverage it to meet your edtech business needs via an app or software.

Corporations And Nonprofits

Create a greater impact of professional training on the employees and save the training cost. Our elearning solutions are best suited for corporations and nonprofit organizations.

Educational Institutes

Innovatively impart education with streamlined elearning solutions as an extended arm of your educational practices and engage students with focused teaching.

EdTech Startups

Grow your EdTech startup with a result-driven app and transform it into a profitable elearning business. We can provide you with a perfect app for your business niche.

Replace the conventional education system with new generation e-learning solutions and be a part of the change.

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Smart E-learning Solutions For Personalized Learning Experience

Our elearning mobile app development services and solutions are helping education, learning, and training businesses to excel at their service experience. Here are some out-of-the-curve solutions that you can opt for on-demand.

SaaS LMS Solutions

SaaS LMS Solutions

SaaS LMS( Learning Management Systems) allows educators to train students without resource dependency and bring agility to elearning services.

Corporate LMS

Corporate LMS

The effective training of employees can turn them into an extensive skilled workforce. Train your employees for skill boosting and microlearning at their own pace.

Student Information System (SIS) Development

Student Information System (SIS) Development

Streamline student management at your institution via a unique solution for needs such as student information systems, onboarding, progress tracking, and more.

Learning Experience Platform (LXP)

Learning Experience Platform (LXP)

The LXPs are known for providing users with a personalized experience, helping trainers with online course management, and sharing valuable content seamlessly.

Web-Based Training Software

Web-Based Training Software

Have a WBT software that can assist you with a cost-effective and flexible approach for effective training. You can also use it as a certification and testing portal with analytics.

Interactive Learning & Gamification Solutions

Interactive Learning & Gamification Solutions

Revolutionize the current training and education process via gamification. Offer the best learning experience via interactive, engaging, and gamified educational content.

Learning Content Aggregator Platform

Learning Content Aggregator Platform

Make a unified space where students can meet their desired online course providers. The learning aggregator platforms provide multiple choices for all stakeholders.

M-Learning Solutions

M-Learning Solutions

Custom elearning mobile solutions make available all types of training instantly. You can opt for solutions like language learning apps, Kids learning apps, and M-corporate training apps.

Online Proctoring Solutions

Online Proctoring Solutions

Disrupt the conventional online examination process via an online proctoring system and maintain the trust and integrity of exams via AI-based proctoring software.

Virtual Classroom Apps

Virtual Classroom Apps

Offer a fresh experience of distance learning via interactive sessions where teachers and students or trainers and trainees can connect remotely in a streamlined way.

LMS Integration & Migration

LMS Integration & Migration

We have expertise in LMS integration and migration. Based on your need, we can help you with LMS data migrations, or we can integrate LMS into your existing software if needed.

Analytics & Dashboarding

Analytics & Dashboarding

Get all your data onto a single dashboard, have rich insights and a powerful analytics mechanism to gain high-quality business intelligence to make informed decisions.

Indispensable Features For Elearning Mobile App Like Coursera

Arka Software provides end-to-end educational app development services and empowers the app with all notable features for making the elearning experience the best. The features you will have are as follows.

Student App

A specially designed student app helps students to have a quality learning experience and complete engagement with the app.

Advance Login Panel

Profile Creation

Advance Search and Filters

Courses Overview

My Courses

Add to Cart

Take a quiz

Quick Support

In-App Chat

Teacher App

Take your teaching expertise to the next level with a seamless online teacher app and improve your students' learning experience.

Smooth Registration

Secure Login

Profile Management

Content Authorization

Request Approval

Class Scheduling

Quiz & Test Creation

Payment Tracker

Availability Toggle

Admin Panel

The admin panel works as a complete control center for the app admins to monitor & control overall activities related to the app and business.

Student Management

Teacher Management

Communication Management

Course Categorization

Request Management

Database Administration

Subscription Creation

Class Scheduling

Live Session Management

"The worldwide corporate elearning market is set to reach $44.6 billion by 2027, and the ultimate goal is to bridge the skill gap for driving organizational growth. We can help you to do it perfectly with corporate training app solutions. "

Advance Features For Enhancing Teaching And Learning Experience

It is always beneficial to include advanced features while developing an e-learning app. These features extend the user experience and help all stakeholders to have streamlined teaching and learning experiences.

AI Chatbot Assistance

AI and machine Learning based chatbots will assist the students in finding their desired course with all their key queries and can assist in gaining valuable information.


It is an innovative way to break the course content into small chunks for effective and quick learning. Microlearning helps maintain the user's focus throughout learning.


Analytics features help app administrators to understand the business needs better and to take the right actions for enhancing the user experiences via making the right decisions.

Online Course Catalog

The online catalog will help the students effortlessly find all courses in a single place. They can find quick details of all courses on a single page.

Assessment Engine

A customized assessment engine helps trainers create online assessments or quizzes to assess trainees' performance. The students/trainees can also view the results.

Offline Mode

The offline mode helps students access the courses without an internet connection or with less internet speed. The students can download course content for offline access.

What We Can Do?

We will not hesitate to go the extra mile to transform your futuristic app idea into a worthy elearning app. Here we promise-

Comprehensive business analysis

Comprehensive business analysis

Engaging UI/UX and robust backend

Engaging UI/UX and robust backend

Flexible hiring model

Flexible hiring model

Assistance in choosing the latest tech stack

Assistance in choosing the latest tech stack

Timely delivery of the app

Timely delivery of the app

Seamless integration of third-party APIs

Seamless integration of third-party APIs

Bespoke elearning solutions and flexible engagement models by Arka Softwares. Discuss your elearning app idea and shape it as an app by experts.

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Why An E-learning App?

Online education is disrupting the traditional ways of learning and teaching. There is considerable demand for cutting-edge elearning solutions in the market. Here a flawless app can help you meet all edu business expectations.

Seamless Learning Process

Seamless Learning Process

E-learning apps help the students to participate anytime, anywhere in the course and learn it easily. In advanced apps, they can download the learning content offline.

Time Saving

Time Saving

The corporate elearning app can help you train your employees, including in-house and remote employees, in less time; it also helps you to save additional costs.



The traditional teaching and learning methods need to be more flexible; on the other side, elearning app development offers full flexibility. The learning can be done independently.

Cost Effectiveness

Cost Effectiveness

Setting a physical classroom environment is an expensive affair, but with the virtual classroom feature of an elearning app, you can train hundreds of trainees in a single time.

Assessment & Tracking

Assessment & Tracking

One of the best qualities of education app development is it makes performance assessment and tracking very easy. A trainer can assess students at their own pace.



The elearning apps can be easily scalable. You can extend the app functionality without any doubt or issues based on the number of courses and trainees.

App Like Solutions For Startups

Here are some of the top elearning app-like solutions you can demand from us with customization.

Develop App like Coursera

App Like Coursera

Develop App like Udemy

App Like Udemy

Develop App Like Khan Academy

App Like Khan Academy

Develop App Kahoot

App Kahoot

Develop App Like Masterclass

App Like Masterclass

Develop App Like Skillshare

App Like Skillshare

Develop App Like Udacity

App Like Udacity

Develop App Like ThingLink

App Like ThingLink

What Will My Elearning App Look Like?

Here are the glimpses you want to see of your elearning app's appearance. If you need some changes or want to customize it, we will gladly implement it without any delay.




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By 2027, the online education revenue is expected to be USD 238.40 billion, with a CAGR (2023-2027) of 9.37%. One of the top segments in online education is marked as - Online University Education, and in the current year, it is predicted to reach $103.80 billion. These examples are enough to prove investment in an elearning app worth.

It is hard to predict the exact cost of an elearning app. Multiple factors are associated with it, for example- the app's complexity, the team size of developers involved, the hiring model, and the tech stack. However, the approximate cost to develop an elearning app can cost you between $15,000 and $40,000. The rest of the things depend on requirements.

There are multiple ways that you can follow to monetize your app, such as-

  • Third-Party Ads
  • Freemium Model
  • Subscriptions
  • Certifications
  • In-app Purchase
  • Featured listing

Yes, our expertise allows us to provide you with integration services for the elearning app. We can help you with the integration of CRM, Dashboarding and analytics, third-party integrations, and more.

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