As it seems these days the CMS platforms are highly considered for ecommerce development so most of the platforms are offering customary ecommerce services. Magento remains the best CMS platform for developing an online business site. It offers more advanced features than others and leaving a maximum impact in the industry.  The platform has everything a Magneto web development company required when it comes to building an online store site. 

With significant market research, there are many reasons for the success of Magneto. So, we are discussing topmost 10 reasons why Magento is a great platform over other CMS-

1. Complete Ecommerce Solution

 Wordpress is the top CMS platform but it is not for ecommerce only. But other side Magento is complete solution for ecommerce development. The CMS platform integrates all content-related features that always convince people to visit on site. There are thousands of online retailers who are utilizing Magento to get benefits.

2. Open-Source

Magento is an open-source platform as it has a completely free community edition. It allows you to utilize any version of Magento free. Using a free version of Magneto edition–

  • You will be able to enhance the functionality and performance of the ecommerce site.
  • Including new features, modules, and functionalities you can promote your business site to the global audience.
  • Magento market includes a big store of module libraries that can be utilized in the development process.

3. Mobile-Friendly

Magento facilitates customers to shop using mobile site. The combined structure with HTML5 allows using web application on mobile devices so the customer easily can purchase anywhere, anytime. Besides, it comes with many mobile features like easy drag and drops, adjusts the size of images and videos etc. Customization is very easy that provides a better user experience.

4. Performance

Magento comes with modern technologies like FPC, Varnish, Memcached etc that all can meet the needs of online business and customers. Magento is a powerful platform for dynamic and static operations and query processing time. Faster page load with high efficiency can improve the performance parameter of the website.

5. Search Engine Optimization

As other platforms serve SEO services Magento Development Company also offers complete SEO features. This comes with built-in tools and modules to improve the website rank on search engine page. The imperative features are sitemaps, URL creation, Meta title, Meta description etc.

6. Multi-Store

Magento has the capability to manage multi-store at the same time from a single control panel. It allows retailers to create single admin panel for managing multiple online stores from one administration. It is open-source and time-saving as you can manage all processes like inventory management, customer information, payment system etc.

7. Expert’s Community

Magento has a large open-source community which includes experts like designers, web developers, and bloggers, SEO experts, project manager etc. If you are working on any Magento project you can take help of them. They provide a real-time solution in term of customization, installation, and management. The community ensures you about Magento security features and latest updates integration.

8. User-Experience

A better user interface is one of the most important things for an online store site. The platform comes with great flexibility to support multiple devices. It allows web developers to build an attractive user interface from the frontend. You can customize backend and control all functionalities, requirements, and interfaces.

9. Easy Integration

Magento has the capability to integrate with different third-party services. The platform includes many built-in Google features such are Google base, Google Analytics, webmaster Google map etc. The third-party integration includes various services like Payment Gateway, order tracking, Navigation, Database applications etc. Thus Magento offers lots of extensions to support different features.

10. Scalability

You can use Magento for any size of online store development. Magento is the best choice for what size of eCommerce business you have. You can start a small, middle, and large online store using Magento services. Whatever business scale you want to make Magento can emerge out for everything. You will get the same performance, functionality, tools, and modules for your startups.

You can see that the above-discussed features are imperative and necessary to create an eCommerce site. Magento contains all of those and makes users more authentic and powerful. 


Magento is awesome as it has much more to provide out of the box. The platform has huge attention from the audience because of better performance and functionality. The above –discussed features can be the right reason to prove its best platform for e-commerce development. Other platforms also have the capability but Magento is the great performer across the world.

ARKA Softwares is an ecommerce development company which offers inclusive open source ecommerce development solutions as per the requirements of client-side. We make sure your website is being developed using latest technologies and modules.

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