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Improve your productivity and customer experience with legacy modernization services. As an application modernization company, we’ll assist you to be resilient, responsive, and relevant with legacy app modernization aligning with your needs.

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Legacy Modernization Services to Keep Pace with Trends

Enhanced customer experience and sustainable growth are now mission-critical tasks for every business. Here, the legacy modernization services can give you a cutting edge in the competition. Achieve maximum agility and scalability by leveraging cloud-native technologies. Our legacy modernization experts will help and support you for complete app modernization that will result in positive business outcomes. We are here to provide you with full-cycle legacy software modernization services, and we’ll handle it all from planning to launch.

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Achieve agility in your business

Enhanced app performance

Best-in-class app modernization

Robust IT Infra at less cost

Faster growth & scalability

Simplify your app modernization journey by leveraging modern tech such as Cloud, AI, and others.

Let’s modernize your business app to unleash business potential.

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Legacy Application Modernization Services That We offer

Boost your business potential and redefine customer experience via legacy app modernization services by a leading application modernization company – Arka Softwares. Our app and software modernization expertise allows us to deliver feasible and affordable solutions.

App Modernization Consulting

Our app modernization consulting starts with a thorough assessment of legacy apps to suggest the best solution regarding your legacy system modernization requirements.

Legacy to Cloud Migration

Leverage our app modernization expertise for legacy to cloud migration with minimized infra costs. We can also help you with the best cloud application modernization services.

Custom App Modernization

We provide custom app modernization services for specific needs. We can help you with re-architecting, re-hosting, and re-platforming your business software or app as you wish.

Desktop to Web or Mobile

Upgrade from the legacy desktop app to a web or mobile app with app modernization services. We can provide you with the right resources for migrating desktop to app or web.

UI/UX Modernization

UI/UX is most important to create ultimate user satisfaction. Here, we offer you UI/UX modernization services, including UI/UX re-designing, GUI modernization, and more.

Application Re-engineering

Get access to our legacy application development expertise for the best experience in application re-engineering. We can re-engineer apps, software, architecture, and databases.

Application Re-Architecting

App architecture plays a crucial role, so re-architect it to get the most out of it. We can re-architect an app’s architecture into scalable, flexible, seamless and secure ones.

Data Modernization

For large enterprises, data management is crucial, and at a certain point, it needs an upgrade where we can help you with our data modernization services and solutions.

API Integrations

API Integration works as a bridge between legacy systems and modernization. It offers a less time-consuming way to modernize your app or software.

Application Modernization Benefits You’ll Have With Us

Re-engineer your legacy application architecture and make it upgraded following the trends. So, here are the benefits of our legacy application modernization services.

Business Agility

Reduce the technical debt and dependency on legacy apps via application modernization services and achieve business agility.

Improved Performance

Improve the performance of your legacy system via upgradation and get the best results. It will also help to boost productivity.

Best User Experience

UI/UX design modernization offers benefits like high customer satisfaction, and another is improved app performance.


Our app modernization services can help you to save on maintenance costs. With us, you’ll have an affordable solution.

Goal-Oriented Solution

We can provide you with a team of experienced legacy software modernization experts to help you achieve your goals.

Latest Technology

Our legacy modernization team has extensive expertise in using the latest technology, such as Cloud, AI & ML, and others.

You only need to identify- Does your business need an IT Legacy modernization.

We’ll take care of the rest of the things. So, let’s start with- Requirements!

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The Extra Perks of Our Legacy App Modernization Services

From start to finish, we take care of legacy app modernization. With our enterprise application modernization services, there is no limitation as we can also assist you in the following areas.

Legacy Application Maintenance

Regular maintenance of legacy applications can save you from lots of risks, so get legacy application maintenance services from experts.

Legacy Application Integration

Eliminate the roadblocks to ultimate growth and connect your obsolete legacy application to newer cloud-based technologies.

Legacy Application Management

Manage your legacy applications and re-engineer them to modern ones to enhance business profits, productivity, and customer satisfaction.

FAQs Related to Legacy Modernization Services

App modernization services offer multiple benefits, such as:

  • Agility & flexibility
  • Streamlined business workflows
  • Satisfied Customers
  • Scalability with cloud-based solutions
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Unlock business potential

There are several influential factors to the cost to modernize a legacy app and it is hard to predict the exact cost. So, the factors are:

  • App complexity
  • App size
  • Integration
  • Data Migration
  • Cloud services provider and others.

The major technologies being used for legacy application modernization are:

  • Cloud
  • DevOps
  • Agile
  • Low Code

Yes, we can do it without any operational downtime. During the process, we consistently monitor upgraded app segments and modules to ensure their seamless execution and any kind of disruption.