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Unmatched Handyman App Development Solutions

When it comes to app development quality, process, and standards, Arka Softwares is second to none; we set a very high bar for ourselves.

Welcome to Arka Softwares, an on-demand handyman mobile app development company that is revolutionizing the app development industry with relentless innovative endeavors. Our experienced and well-decorated team of handyman mobile app developers help you craft a bespoke handyman app that can take your business to every household and professional environment.

With our powerful custom features, attractive modern design, and faster time-to-market, we are dedicated to providing you with 100% bang for your buck. Beyond features, we work on offering your customers a phenomenal experience that helps you earn their precious loyalty. Therefore, we are probably the only app development company that can actually deliver you and your customers a well-tailored experience in the form of a next-gen handyman mobile app.

Handyman Apps for Every Platform

Everything about Arka Softwares is limitless; if you want an app, we will build the best one for you regardless of platform or any limitations.

Handyman Mobile App Development for Android

Handyman Mobile App Development for iOS

Handyman Web App Development

Handyman App Development for Wearables like Smartwatches

"According to Verified Market Research, the United States Home Services Market is going to reach USD 1219.07 billion by 2026."

A Sneak Peek of Your Next Handyman Mobile App

A visualization of your own potential on-demand handyman mobile app.

We know a magic trick. If you tell us your new mobile app idea, in return, we’ll tell you how we can make it come true. Deal?

Top Fundamental Features of a Handyman Mobile App

Here are some of the most essential features that we must have in your upcoming handyman or home services mobile app.

Customer App

Step up your handyman or house services app customer experience with these essential features.

Social Media Login

User Profiles

Book A Service

Push Notifications

Ratings & Reviews

Live Handyman Tracking

In-App Chat & Call

Multiple Payment Gateways

Multi-lingual Support

Handyman Professional App

Help your handyman service providers to deliver quality services with the help of these crucial features in their dedicated mobile app.

Dedicated Profile

Accept or Reject Request

Manage Accepted Services

Finance Management

In-App Navigation Support

Select Active Hours

In-App Media Capture Support

Manage Ratings & Reviews

Set and Modify Targets

Admin Panel

Never miss out on anything when it comes to business monitoring and analytics; to offer you unmatched business management tools, here are some admin features.

Dedicated Role-based Dashboards

Customer Management

Handyman Professionals Management

Customer Relationship Management

Content Management System

Marketing and Advertisement Management

Advance Business Analytics

AI-Powered Business Insights

Discount & Promo Code Management

Bespoke Solutions for Every Handyman Mobile App Business Model

Whatever your business model is, we assure you to offer you the most overpowered solutions that possess the potential to outperform your competition.

Niche Service Aggregator

A handyman app marketplace for a particular niche of service, e.g., car wash, AC service, pet sitting, etc.

Multi-Service Aggregator

A handyman app marketplace that provides all kinds of services ranging from home to commercial.

Handyman Contractor Business

A handyman mobile app for contractors that employ handyman service providers to serve their customers

"The CAGR for the United States Home Services Market is around 35.81%. If you want to sail the big tides of this growing market, then we can help you build the app of your dream."

Advanced Features for On-Demand Handyman Mobile Apps

In the success of a commercial or home service mobile app development, introducing some advanced features plays a vital role; let’s have a look at these rockstar features.

Quick Service Booking

During an on-demand home services mobile app development, we suggest our clients offer a quick service booking feature so that regular service booking can become as easy as a few taps on a screen.

Schedule Service Booking

Allowing customers to book their services like laundry, appliance repair, or haircut, in advance can take a lot of weight off their shoulders and take your user experience to a whole new level.

Service Subscriptions

For commercial environments, some handyman services are needed regularly, like cleaning. For these services, weekly or monthly subscription-based service booking is one of the most efficient options.

Built-In SEO

For home service marketplace mobile apps, offering professionals a feature of in-built SEO can help them to optimize their profiles in the best way possible to attract more service requests from users.

Profile Promotion

Sometimes SEO is not just enough, service professionals can benefit from the paid promotion of their profiles to get more user attention in search results. Plus, it helps the app to make more revenue.

Advanced Sorting Options

Advanced sorting options allow users to sort service professionals on on-demand home services apps. This feature helps users to find the perfect professional for the job out of thousands of profiles.

Advanced-Data Analytics

A phenomenal feature for the admins. Advanced data analytics offers admins finer details of app activities by customers and service professionals for better management and useful data collection.

In-App Currency

You should consider this feature during your on-demand handyman mobile app development. It can be useful in various use cases like app gamification, loyalty programs, customer rewards, etc.

Automated Tax Invoices

After every household or commercial service, if the app automatically provides a detailed tax invoice to the user, then it can help the app to earn some extra points in the customer experience segment.

We make launching your own handyman mobile app as easy as texting. Shall we?

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Complete On-Demand Handyman Mobile App Solutions

Arka Softwares is a world-leading mobile app development company that provides you with various innovative handyman mobile app development in one place.

Home Services App Development Solutions

Home Services App Development Solutions

Let’s develop an on-demand home services app that offers all services like house cleaning, appliance maintenance, painting, pest control, etc.

Commercial Services App Development Solutions

Commercial Services App Development Solutions

For offices and factories, we provide bespoke commercial service apps that offer all commercial services like IT maintenance, moving & packing, etc.

App Development like TaskRabbit or Urban Company

App Development like TaskRabbit or Urban Company

If you want an on-demand handyman mobile app like TaskRabbit or Urban Company, we can help you to provide an app that can overpower these big names.

On-Demand Handyman Marketplace Development

On-Demand Handyman Marketplace Development

If you want your own on-demand demand handyman marketplace app that can offer all types of services in one app then we have got your back.

Pet Grooming & Sitting App Development

Pet Grooming & Sitting App Development

We help you build a simple, yet powerful pet grooming & sitting app that can enhance the experience of pet owners by a couple of notches up.

On-Demand Car Wash App Development

On-Demand Car Wash App Development

Our handyman mobile app developers offer you a modern car wash app that can instantly become a favorite app of all car owners around the country.

We Can Help You with Other On-Demand Mobile App Development Too

Not just handyman mobile app development, our more than a decade-long experience has covered everything you could ever ask for.

Our Clients Happiness
lies in the Journey

Discover how Arka Software's team delivers personalised development experiences and creates unforgettable journey to ensure maximum satisfaction for all of our clients.


You might have some questions by now; we have tried to answer some of them here.

Developing an on-demand handyman mobile app for one platform (Android, iOS, Web, Wearables) with basic features, may take around 4-6 months. The timeframe may vary according to the complexity of the projects, the number of features and functionalities, and many other reasons.

For an MVP with basic features and one platform compatibility, it may cost roughly USD 30,000 to USD 55,000 to develop an on-demand handyman mobile app. However, the app development cost depends on various factors. These factors could be - the number of features, the complexity of the project, 3rd party APIs or modules included, and many more.

Powerful features can help your app to win the market while overpowering your competition. Therefore, the selection of the best features is a crucial task in mobile app development. Some of the top features of the on-demand handyman mobile app are:

  • User Profiles
  • Quick Service Booking
  • Service Scheduling
  • Advanced Search and Sorting Options
  • In-App Live Tracking
  • Ratings & Reviews
  • Discounts & Coupons
  • Push Notifications
  • Automatic Tax Invoice Generation
  • Multiple Payment Modes Support
  • Multi-lingual Support
  • In-App Chat & Call
  • Customer Support

Yes! At Arka Softwares, we care about your data privacy and confidentiality. Therefore, we sign a comprehensive NDA with our clients before starting a mobile app development project.

At Arka Softwares, we help you to develop on-demand handyman mobile apps like Urban Company or TaskRabbit. But better than what is already available in the market. With superior quality and innovative features that can help you beat the market competition and earn customer loyalty. For more information, please feel free to contact our experts. It’s free!

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