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At Arka Softwares, we craft modern on-demand Grocery Delivery Mobile applications that harness the power of next-gen technologies to drive growth and user-engagement.

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Online Grocery Delivery App that is Better than Instacart, Walmart, etc.

We develop on-demand grocery shopping mobile apps that are a powerful package of the ultimate online shopping experience.

Imagine an online grocery delivery mobile app that makes eggs, milk, and bread shopping an exciting job. An app that can help customers make smarter choices, create monthly grocery budgets, suggest healthier alternatives, and whatever you can possibly imagine. At Arka Softwares, with our innovative on-demand grocery delivery mobile app development, it is absolutely possible.

We offer bespoke grocery delivery app development services that can help you build a sustainable business around it. An app that can go beyond utility and tap into a unique experience. Or it could be as simple as e-commerce grocery delivery app like Instacart, Shipt, Walmart, BigBasket, etc. Whatever you can imagine, we can make it happen. And hopefully, we can make it bigger and better. With a touch of modern tech, and a little bit of artificially intelligent as well.

"The global grocery delivery revenue is projected to cross the 1 trillion USD mark. If you are looking for a sign to develop your own online grocery delivery app then it is one."

Glimpses of What Your Grocery App Could Look Like

Following screens represents an idea. We can provide you a customized grocery app as per your business needs.

Ever thought of an online grocery mobile app that can scan your handwritten grocery list and order the items for you automatically? Well, we can make it happen.

Alrighty then!

Essential Features of On-Demand Grocery Delivery Apps

Let’s have a look at the features that you must include in your upcoming online grocery shopping mobile app.

Customer App

A customer app must shine in front of your customers so that your business can outshine every other app in the market.

Social Media Sign-Up/In

Search for Grocery

Basic Item Sorting Options

Place An Order

Track Order Status

Online Payment Options

Track Delivery Agent

Push Notifications

Multi-Lingual Support

Vendor/Merchant App

While thinking of essential features for a merchant, we must think about better ways to advertise, sell, and manage online inventory.

Vendor Profile

Manage Online Listings

Optimize Vendor Profile

Advertise Listings

Discount Offers

Accept/Reject Orders

Assign Delivery Agent

Track Order Delivery

Finance Management

Delivery Agent App

By making a delivery agent app packed with navigation and schedule management, you can enhance customer experience by multiple folds.

Driver Profile

Online/Offline Status

Accept/Reject Assignment

Check Order Details

In-App Navigation

Push Notifications

Weekly Target Tracker

Finance Management

Generate Online Invoices

Admin Panel

We help admins to manage, monitor, customize, and grow their online business in the most modern and efficient ways.

Role-based Dashboards



User Management

Vendor Management

Delivery Agent Management

Marketing Management

Business Analytics

Finance Management

Custom App Development Services for All Types of Online Grocery Shopping Business Models

At Arka Softwares, imagination is the true inspiration, therefore, for your unique business model, we offer 100% personalized Grocery mobile app development services.

Grocery Chain Business Model

If your business has an already established grocery chain then an online grocery delivery app can increase your business revenue to a whole new level. Get your custom-branded grocery delivery mobile app now!

Inventory-Based Business Model

Or you could buy groceries straight from the farmers, and manufacturers, and store them in your warehouse. And with your own grocery mobile app, you can accept and deliver orders straight from the warehouse.

Grocery Shopping Market Place

Maybe you don’t want that either. You just want to connect independent grocery business owners to their customers. You and your online grocery app work just as an online grocery ordering & delivery marketplace for groceries and other supplies.

"Let’s develop an artificially intelligent grocery shopping mobile app that orders grocery items required for your upcoming dinner recipe. Shall we?"

Advanced Features of Online Grocery Delivery Mobile App

Now some features of an online grocery shopping app can help you win customers as well as the market.

In-App Chat/Call/Video Call

This important feature can help customers to talk to their delivery agents during order delivery. They can talk about the ETA, navigation instructions, etc. It is quite a helpful feature from a user experience perspective.

Special Delivery Instructions

If a customer is ordering groceries for an elderly, sick, or pregnant family member, then with this feature, they can leave some essential delivery instructions so that the online grocery can be delivered without any fuss.

Check Vendor Profiles

In e-commerce marketplaces, customers like to check vendor profiles to evaluate their trustworthiness. It is a great feature that also ensures that vendors strive to offer a fantastic service for a better online appearance.

Ratings and Reviews

Online shopping is synonymous with comparing ratings and reviews of items and vendors. Without this feature, online shopping would be like the game of Russian Roulette. So, don’t forget this shiny feature.

Schedule An Order

Customers are suffering from a lack of time. Therefore, they love to plan things as they pop up in their heads. Scheduling an order for a later delivery can save some much-needed space in customers’ heads.

Grocery Order Subscriptions

Let’s take convenience to a whole new level. Grocery items like milk, eggs, bread, etc. are needed almost every day. This feature simply helps customers order once and get essential groceries delivered every day.

Multiple Payment Options

We as human beings, love having options. It makes us feel in control. Therefore, it’s wise to offer multiple payment options to your customers. So that they can pay for groceries via their preferred payment method.

Discount & Coupons

Who doesn’t love discounts and coupons? These offers are a wonderful way to attract customers’ attention. And during these offers, they tend to hoard more groceries. After all who wants to miss that?

AI Chat Bot

You can never underestimate the value of intuitive customer support. However, not all queries require human interventions. And for that, an AI-powered customer support chatbot is a phenomenal feature.

Why Arka for On-Demand Grocery Delivery Mobile App Development?

A company with more than a decade-long experience and hundreds of apps soaring in app stores.

Build A Grocery Delivery App Like

Pure Innovation

Next-gen UX/UI

Next-gen UX/UI

The Dream Team

The Dream Team

Remarkable Product Quality

Remarkable Product Quality

Custom Solutions

Custom Solutions

Limitless Scalability Options

Limitless Scalability Options

Not just an ordinary grocery delivery app, we’ll help you develop an Artificially Intelligent mobile app.

Sounds like a plan to me!

Simplifying Grocery Delivery Like Never Before

Every product we have built so far is the answer to the question, “How can we make it easier & better?”

Barcode Code Scanner

Barcode Code Scanner

If you want to order a product, just scan the barcode of the product and the app will automatically order it for you.

Upload Shopping List

Upload Shopping List

The app scans a hand-written grocery list and uploads it to the app to order the items based on past activities.

High-Quality Delivery

High-Quality Delivery

Enhance the grocery delivery experience by offering services like contactless delivery and sustainable packaging.

Inventory Management

Inventory Management

Offering customized inventory management solutions so that you can streamline your supply chain system.

Other On-Demand App Development Solutions by Arka Softwares

Because we never say never, we have always got your back with any type of on-demand app development services.

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Well, the duration of any mobile app development depends on various factors. These factors could be the number of features, look and feel of the app, technologies used, and the number of platforms (Android, iOS, Web) for which the app is to be developed, etc.

However, developing an MVP of an custom on-demand grocery delivery app with basic features may take around 1-2 months. If you want a feature-rich grocery shopping mobile app for Android, iOS, and Web, it may take 6 to 8 months to finish the entire project.

At the time of the development, the cost of the app development also depends on similar factors.

However, developing an MVP of an on-demand grocery shopping app with basic features may cost around 30,000 USD to 45,000 USD.

Or if you want a feature-rich online grocery delivery app for Android, iOS, and Web it may cost somewhere around 80,000 USD to 120,000 USD.

There is a wide range of essential features of an online grocery delivery mobile app. Some of them are:

  • Social Media Sign-Up/In
  • User Profiles
  • Vendor Profiles
  • Search for Grocery Items
  • Advanced Sorting Options
  • Place an Order
  • Liver Track Order
  • Multiple Payment Option
  • Schedule An Order
  • Grocery Item Subscriptions
  • Push Notifications
  • In-App Chat/Call Support
  • Multi-Lingual Support
  • Barcode Scanner
  • Scan Handwritten Grocery List
  • AI Chat Bot

Of course! By developing a custom online grocery shopping mobile app, you can expand the range of your customer base. You can attract more customers with irresistible discount and reward offers, deliver orders to the doorsteps, and earn the loyalty of customers. You can start within your own city and then gradually you can enter new territories as well.

Arka Softwares promises to offer an unmatched fully-customized online grocery delivery mobile app development. You have never seen anything like it anywhere before. Whatever your vision is, we have got you covered with our dream team and mad development skills.

Yes! We develop an on-demand grocery delivery mobile app for iOS, Android, and Web.

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