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Arka Softwares welcomes you to experience the next-gen of 100% customized Home Services Mobile App development that can compete with TaskRabbit, ThumbStack, and HouseJoy.

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Home Services Mobile App Development Company

Custom Home Service Business Apps for Growth Above & Beyond

Let’s build an on-demand home services business mobile app that can take your business from just an idea to an ever-growing reality.

The home services industry is growing in multitudes. People are getting busy and it’s hard for them to keep up with the needs of their homes. As a result, the market has become a proliferating atmosphere for Home Service Businesses that can help people to maintain their homes with professional-grade quality services. Although, it is just the beginning, if you put your strong foot in the market right now, you may mark a huge success in the rewarding market of Home Services Business. And we can help you achieve your goals. Trust us! We’ve been doing it for more than a decade.

You can count on our experience and expertise to deliver unmatched custom home services mobile applications that can compete with market giants like TaskRabbit. Our seasoned mobile app developers can show you how an idea travels from a piece of paper to world domination. With us, you can get, world-class quality of work, innovative features, and uncompromised support that you can always trust.

"Arka Softwares offers high-quality and customizable ready-to-deploy white-label home service mobile apps like TaskRabbit, Urban Company, ThumbStack, etc."

Want to See What Your Custom Home Service App Could Look Like?

Here is a demo design of a home service app, it could be yours, or we can build something out of scratch for you.

By 2030, the home services market is going to reach the $2 trillion mark, it’s the right time to build your own home services app, shall we?

Bring it on!

Some Essential Features of Home Services Mobile App

A meal without flavors and an app without features is tasteless, so we offer you a symphony of the finest features for the ultimate experience.

Customer App

A customer app is basically the best representation of your business. So, let’s put on the best show for them and give them a reason to visit again and again.

Social Media Login

User Profile

Search for House Services

Essential Sorting Options

Order/Cancel A House Service

Location Live Tracking

Push Notifications

Multiple Payment Options

Customer Support

Service Provider App

Let’s develop a custom service provider app for your home service business so that these professionals can work as an integral part of your business.

Professional Profile

Online/Offline Status

Add or Remove Service Listings

Accept/Reject Service Request

Set Service Price (Fixed/Hourly)

In-App Navigation Support

Automatic Bill Generation

Push Notifications

Finance History and Management

Admin Panel

Growth, management, analytics, and many more controls are under the supervision of admins, let’s build a custom panel that is accurate and right on time.

Role-Based Dashboards



User Management

Service Provider Management

Finance Management

Marketing Advertisement Management

Coupon and Discount Management

Business Analytics and Insights

Our Clients Happiness
lies in the Journey

Discover how Arka Software's team delivers personalised development experiences and creates unforgettable journey to ensure maximum satisfaction for all of our clients.

On-Demand Household Service Apps for All Business Models

We, at Arka Softwares, offer truly custom house service app development solutions, which means, we develop apps that fit right into your business model.

Custom Home Services

You could be the one who disrupts the market with a whole new business model, and we are all set with our repertoire to develop a mighty mobile app for you.

Aggregator Model

We develop fast, efficient, and feature-rich home service mobile applications for aggregator business models so that you can offer the best experience to the world.

House Service Marketplace

If you wish to work as a marketplace for all the home service providers and customers, then we can develop a personalized app that can help your business to take off.

"As per a business forecast, the market size of home services is going to reach the $2 trillion mark by 2030, which makes it the perfect time to invest in your own app."

Advanced Features for Custom Home Service Mobile Apps

Advanced features provide you an edge over your competitors like TaskRabbit, so why not offer your customers the most innovative and useful features?

Advanced Searching & Sorting Options

We cannot just develop a customized home services mobile app like TaskRabbit and ThumbStack without offering a phenomenal service searching and sorting option for a user experience that sticks with users.

Rate & Review Home Service

Any home services mobile app is incomplete without a reliable rating and review features. It allows users to share their experience with a service provider and even helps users to choose better service providers.

Check Task Status of Home Service

With this feature, users can book a home service for their parents or relatives on the go and check the live status of the task within their home service app. It’s a great feature that can simply enhance the user experience.

In-App Chat with Service Provider

If the home service task is a little complicated or you may want to add some extra details, in-app chat with the professional is a live-saver feature that your users will appreciate if you add it to your app.

In-App Call/Video Call with Service Provider

A video call within the app allows you to talk to the home service provider as well as show him/her the scope of work to get a better quotation for your task. Small features like this can really help your users.

Schedule A Home Service

Let’s take the user experience to the next level by allowing users to schedule a home service in advance. This features not only saves time but also helps users to declutter their mind by checking off a task for them.

Home Service Subscription

There are home services like haircuts, cleaning, laundry, etc. that your users may need frequently, for these scenarios, a home service subscription is a great feature that can save the time and effort of booking a service again and again.

Capture A Photo of the Completed Task

To ensure completion and optimum quality of home service, this feature requires the service provider to capture and submit a photo of their completed task within the app. It also helps in cases of conflict resolution.

AI-Chat Bot

Save time and effort and offer your customers quick and easy customer support by offering the next-gen of AI-Chat Bot. These bots can help your users to resolve their issues and answer their queries with a few taps.

Home Services that You Can Offer in Your Mobile App

What services do you want to offer in your custom home services app? Here are some ideas to choose from, or we can build a marketplace that offers ALL home services.

Home Appliance Service App

Home Appliance Service App

We help you build a custom home appliance service app that helps users to book home appliance services on the go.

Home Cleaning Service App

Home Cleaning Service App

Home cleaning services have never been this easy with our home cleaning services app with modern UX/UI.

Beauty Service App

Beauty Service App

Let’s build a beauty service app that helps users to get a haircut, makeup, mani-pedi, skincare, etc. at home.

Home Nursing Service App

Home Nursing Service App

Or let’s build an app that helps the elderly or those in need to book professional nursing services right at their home.

Baby or Pet Sitting Service App

Baby or Pet Sitting Service App

How about a dedicated app for Baby or Pet Sitting services? Let’s help baby parents and pet parents around the world.

Massage Service App

Massage Service App

What do you think of an app that can help users to get a professional massage right in the comfort of their bedroom?

A home services app that offers all services or a niche home services app? What to choose?

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Why Arka Softwares for Custom On-Demand Home Services Mobile App Development?

Simply speaking, we are a home of passionate developers, designers, and QA professionals, who wouldn’t mind going an extra mile for you.

Modern Features

Modern Features

Well-Decorated Teams

Well-Decorated Teams

More Than a Decade-Long Experience

More Than a Decade-Long Experience

100% Quality Assurance

100% Quality Assurance

Minimum Time-to-Market

Minimum Time-to-Market

Limitless Scalability Opportunities

Limitless Scalability Opportunities

Other On-Demand Mobile App Solutions Offered by Arka Softwares

We promise you nothing but higher quality products packed with innovation delivered right on time.

"With more than a decade-long experience comes a great understanding of the market, customers, and creativity, what you can get from Arka Softwares is essential for your business growth."


Answers to some itching questions. If you don’t find your question here, simply contact our experts.

To develop an MVP for one platform (Android, iOS, Web) it may take somewhere between 4-6 months to build a custom home services mobile app like TaskRabbit. The duration may vary due to the number of features and the complexity of the development.

To develop an MVP for one platform (Android, iOS, Web) it may cost somewhere between 60,000 USD to 75,000 USD to develop a custom home services mobile app like TaskRabbit.

Here is the list of top features of a home services mobile app like TaskRabbit:

  • Social Media Login
  • Search/Book Home Service
  • Live Track Location
  • Rate & Review Service
  • In-App Chat
  • In-App Call/Video Call
  • Push Notifications
  • Schedule A Home Service
  • Home Service Subscription
  • Multiple Payment Options
  • Multi-Lingual Support
  • Customer Support

Yes! We offer some of the most advanced and highly customizable white-label readymade TaskRabbit clone app solutions.

There are several ways a home services mobile app can make money. The most used methods are Ad Revenues, Paid-Affiliation Programs, Commission-based services, etc.

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