Rewarding Cloud Computing Solutions

Arka Softwares offers an entire spectrum of Cloud Development Services, that helps our clients to develop strategy and migrate their resources and applications to a virtualized environment

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Rewarding Cloud Computing Solutions

Switch to the Next Level with our Unparalleled Cloud Development Services

We leverage our Cloud Software Development competencies and assist our clients to initiate their transformation journey to avail the benefits of high-performing cloud environments. We offer custom cloud software development services that helps Enterprises and Startups to not only future proof their infrastructure investments but streamline their PaaS, IaaS, and SaaS business models.

We can build highly optimized and flexible cloud solutions for you by standardizing your outmoded environments, consolidating the existing infrastructure, and individual resources.

Are you ready to transform your Software Development services via the Cloud?

Cloud Development Services

Let’s start your Cloud Development journey with us, we can certainly help you to attain higher availability, efficiency, and better infrastructure management with our innovative solution engineering competencies.

Cloud Development Services

Let’s start your Cloud Development journey with us, we can certainly help you to attain higher availability, efficiency, and better infrastructure management with our innovative solution engineering competencies.

Cloud Architecture Consulting

Our experts utilize their industry experience of enterprise cloud services, architectures to suggest native and hybrid cloud solutions to our clients, that can help them streamline data flows, publish their applications, and improve overall productivity.

Cloud App Containerization

We offer Cloud app containerization services, that helps us abstracting the operating system kernels, so that multiple cloud apps can functions consistently, effortlessly with unlimited scaling capabilities.

"Saas Service" Development

We have an unprecedented capability to develop SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS solutions using Azure, Oracle, and SAP. Our solutions are highly reliable and flexible in nature, which will give you much needed push to outclass your competition.

Cloud Migration Services

Our Cloud consultants work with managed service providers to offer a seamless and smooth Cloud migration of your applications, workflows, and entire enterprise infrastructure with almost negligible system downtime with utmost data integrity.

Cloud Backup Solutions

We understand the importance of Data, that’s why to prevent Data loss from any disastrous system outages or natural disaster, we have developed highly customized community-based, inter-cloud, multi-cloud, and distributed solutions.

Cloud Security

We offer highly encrypted Cloud-based data storage to ensure end-to-end security for your resources. We utilize Cloud Access Security Broker to offer highly secured Cloud solutions and APIs for your business.

Cloud Document Management

We offer innovative and cost-effective Cloud based record management solutions, that could be integrated with hybrid, public and private cloud services. This can enable any organization to go completely paperless.

Cloud Development Life cycle

The CDLC is somewhat like the conventional SDLC in nature. It helps organizations to develop and maintain high quality Cloud based applications that are scalable but highly cost effective.


This phase is all about exploring the cloud development environment. This gives a comprehensive view of the project's vision and requirements, which acts as foundation of entire CDLC process.

Alternatives and the Decision Making

This phase helps us define the development alternatives, understanding them and make wise development decisions. These decisions form the baseline for further phases.

Planning Phase

This phase includes estimating the required resources, skills, and size of the software development team. It involves other activities such as development schedule, review plan, quality assurance plan, and configuration management plan.


Here we specify and analyze both the functional and non-functional requirements. These requirements are then transformed into architecture components. We also define the roles and responsibilities of development team members.


In this phase, the software development team converts the requirements and specifications to detailed architectural components, which represent the functional behaviors of the proposed software solution.


In this phase, software developers start coding the designed artifacts with the help of a supported programming language, and then these artifacts are tested on the line of requirement specifications of the software solution.


This phase includes the activities to deploy the developed artifacts on the computing platform, from where the end users can use the app in real time environment. Users send their feedback, which is used to make enhancements in the software.


The development team observe and handle the arising issues, and then issues are cycled-back to the analysis phase. If issues are at Cloud service provider’s end, then recycling process initiates from the Alternatives and Decision-Making stage.

Retirement phase

The demand of business environment changes frequently, and many a times some software features and components are no longer needed. The development team retires the undesirable software components by reducing the provisioned resources.

Transform your Business with Industry leading Cloud Development Services

Benefits of Cloud Software Development Services for your Business

Cloud Development Services can help your organization to avail the numerous benefits of emerging technologies. Arka Softwares can help you reap the advantages of Cloud Development services by integrating high quality software development services, enhanced infrastructure management, and accelerated solution delivery and deployment practices.

  • Flexibility and Cost effectiveness
  • Unprecedented resource Efficiency
  • Ease of Application Deployment
  • Effective Monitoring and DevOps
  • Multiple service models and offerings
  • Resource Scalability and provisioning
  • Quick provisioning of computing resources
  • Highly Stable and Secure Infrastructure

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