With the advent of smartphones, the life of the people has become quite easy in almost every niche. With just a single tap, people can book for any service that they desire to seek. Well, the straight gesture of thanks goes to the On-demand economy.

So, when you are thinking about the car wash, there is not much to think. If we talk from the user perspective, then obviously standing in the long queue for accomplishing the car wash is undeniably a toil task. In such a scenario, the ideation of Car wash app development is instrumental, as the user, in this case, is just require to click for the required service.


car wash app development


The detailer will approach them and will conduct the washing within some hours. Well, interesting isn’t? Thus, investing in the car wash app development is indeed a good deed and yes, who doesn’t love to receive the services right at the doorstep.

Below are some of the stats related to the massive popularity of car wash app usage its evolving economy that will help the businesses to make the right decision in the niche.


Market Size & Stats

The Car wash industry inclined to around 800 million dollars in the US in the year 2017 and the figures are continually increasing. It is being evaluated that, around 60% of the people use the car wash apps frequently.


Revenue of car washes (NAICS 811192) in the United States from 2008 to 2020 (in million U.S. dollars)

Car wash app stats


An On-demand car wash app, Washe generated around 3.3 million dollars since its launch, and now is one of the most powerful more apps in the niche. With over 1,000 licensed professionals, the company has witnessed a growth of 25% with every passing year.


car wash development Statistics


As per the study published by the Business of apps, the UAE and the middle east are the most dominant regions for the car wash app development business. It is approximated that by the year 2022, the revenue in the automotive industry will rise to around more than 10,000 million US Dollars.


car wash development cost estimation


Top Carwash Mobile Apps Across the World

Top Carwash Mobile Apps Across the World

Types of Car Wash Mobile App

The aggregator app:

An aggregator app is a standalone business model. The application provides a well-versed online infrastructure to the detailers and customers where detailers can enlist and advertise their services and customers can choose the one that suits them the best. Hence the only capital invested by the app owner is the app development cost.


car wash development cost


Dedicated Apps: Such type of car wash app is very appropriate for the business that runs their car wash services. The business can think of getting their service personalized via the dedicated app. This is the best digital option, you can go with. The dedicated car wash app proffers plentiful of benefits, such as

  • Helps in increasing the user engagement ratio
  • Delivers the services at the time user, requires clock support by delivering updated news
  • The users can select the desired category of car wash services they are interested in.
  • Augments the overall ROI.

car wash application development

Revenue Model

Majorly there are plenty of revenue models via which the car wash mobile applications make money, let’s talk about the most conventional models:

1. Sponsoring

Sponsoring and promoting different car wash service providers and monetizing this service adds a handsome amount of weight in the revenue chest.

2. Advertisement

Car Wash apps business can advertise 3rd party businesses in their apps to raise a significant amount of revenue.



Benefits of On-Demand Car Wash

It increases the efficiency of business

Serving via an On-demand car was the mobile app is undeniably great since it delivers the service right at the user location plus also helps in increasing the efficiency of businesses (Both for the service providers and the car wash workshops). It helps in augmenting the revenue standards and conserve user base to a large extent.


Eliminate the user inconvenience

The On-demand solution simply eradicates the requirement of standing in the queue. It adds a lot of convenience to the people as they can avail the car wash services when required. They can book the services in minimal time, thus there is no void in saying that, why people will not stick with your On-demand car wash application.


Features Of Car Wash Mobile App

User Panel Detailer Panel Admin Panel
  • Signup and Login Social Accounts
  • Select car location – Via GPS
  • Real-Time Tracking of Detailer
  • Opt for the car wash package
  • Choose the location
  • Check availability at prefered location
  • Book the service
  • Pay online
  • Track the service
  • Schedule your Cash Wash
  • Monthly Subscriptions
  • Multiple Payment Option
  • Receive Alert Notifications
  • Estimate Detailing Cost
  • Signup and Login Social Accounts
  • Add service location
  • Notification regarding user’s request
  • Accept/Reject the service
  • Update the service status
  • Complete user profile
  • Upload car picture
  • View history
  • Request for the payment from Admin
  • Registration of the technician
  • Manage technicians- User Profile
  • Manage services
  • Time zone manageable
  • User payment history
  • Transactions history details


Advanced Features Of Car Wash Mobile App

Service packages (Monthly, Quarterly, Annually)

Under this feature; the users can validate and book the advanced services and can opt for premium memberships (Monthly, Quarterly, Annually) that suits them the best. Thus, every time while booking for the services, they are not required to go through the deals every time.

Social Login & Signups

This is the most imperative feature for a car wash mobile app. The users can sign up by using social media accounts such as Google, Facebook, etc.


Real-time Tracking

Under this feature, the users can track the live location of detailers. They can even suggest them with the appropriate path to minimize the time of advent. It is a great feature for a cars wash app, as it helps to deliver the sense of transparency between the user, detailers and the admin.

In-App Chat & Calling

This is one of the interesting features that keep the users and the detailers in touch. The users can call or drop a message in case of instant emergencies. They can update them about their un-availability, time schedules and the appropriate route as per their convenience.

Build-in Video Calling

The users can chat with the detailers via the video call plus can discuss all the washing basics required for different car parts. Under this feature, users can take the appropriate advice related to their motor management easily.

Heat-Map View

Heat map view is an admin-exclusive feature than shows the most used areas of the application in the form of the thermal imagery. This data further helps in enhancing the overall user experience and interface for the customers.


app development solutions
Marketing & Promotional Tools

Integrating the stated feature helps in augmenting the user retention rate. Via the campaigning, advertisements and other online promotion techniques, the business can promote them on a broader scale to keep the users glued with the app.

CRM Integration

A customer relationship management (CRM) is a quintessential tool for the admin. It not only streamlines customer data management but it also channelizes entire marketing and promotional campaigns while providing precise and reliable analytics.

CMS Integration

A versatile content management system (CMS) allows admins to manipulate, add, remove, design content of the application in the simplest and efficient way possible.

Loyalty Programs

Under this section, the users can check the various details of the various loyalty programs within the app. They can refer the app or can take participate in the different events to earn points that can later be redeemed when desired for service. 

Cost Calculation

It can be defined as the advanced feature for a car wash mobile app. Under this section, the users can calculate the approximate cost as per the services they desire to seek. Thus, they can ask for services as per their budget constraints.

Multiple Payment Options

The users can check and validate both for their paid and unpaid services taken. Various payment gateways can be infused into the app such as Stripe. PayPal, Braintree, etc for making the transactions secured and flawless.

car wash app payment option

Real-time Analytics

Integrating the stated feature into the app helps in validating the progress of the app. The admin can check the number of user visits, the number of downloads, traffic flow, etc for checking the overall status of an app.


Technology Stack for Developing News Mobile App

  • Mobile Platform: Android /iOS
  • Real-time Analytics: IBM, BigData, Flink, Apple, Cisco
  • Database: MongoDB, Mail Chimp Integration, Postgress, Cassandra
  • Payments: Stripe, PayPal, e-Wallets, Braintree
  • Voice, SMS and Phone Verification: Twilio, Nexmo
  • Push Notification: Push.io, Twilio
  • Cloud: Amazon, Google, AWS


What Team Structure is Required for App Development

In order to develop a robust and highly scalable on-demand car wash mobile application your would a proficient mobile app development team. A good team always bestows good results; therefore, we deploy just the right team for developing your car-wash mobile app.  we combine all our technical architects, designers and other professionals right under a single roof.

The basic team that you required for developing a scalable, attractive and secured app is lined below:


Car wash Mobile App Developers


  1. Business Analysis Team
  2. Project Manager
  3. Android and iOS Developers
  4. Front-End Developers (UI/UX Developers, AngularJS Developers)
  5. Backend Developers (PHP Developers, .Net Developers, NodeJs Developer)
  6. QA Professionals


How Much Does it Cost to Develop a Car Wash App?


mobile app development cost

Undeniably, it is quite difficult to figure out the exact cost of the car wash app. However, the cost of development depends on three factors such as complexity, the location of the app development company and the selected platform.

How Geo-location of your development partner affects your development cost.

  • U.S. Based Developers: $50-$250/hour
  • Eastern Europe Based Developers: $30-$150/hour
  • India Based developers: $20-$80/hour
Precisely, if we go through the technical aspects, the cost of:
  • Technical Documentation lies between $1000-$2500
  • UX/UI Design: $1.500-$3.5000
  • Front-end & Back-end Development: $9000-$14000
  • QA & Testing: $4000-$5000

Summing up, the car wash app development charges between $12000-$20000. However, the cost can augment in case, some additional features as infused.

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