Many On-demand food applications like food panda, Swiggy etc are becoming popular immensely among the generations. According to the current statistics of the top 10 app development companies in the United States, about 20% of people are using food delivery apps to render convenience of better speed, efficiency and affordability. While driving through various platforms as Android, iOS or Window; you should choose the one that provides modules/plug-ins and tools for facilitating in-app creating. Some of those aspects are free but somewhere you need to pay in the whole process of development. Let’s dig deeper into what may cost heavier on your project-

Cost Estimation of App Development

Below are some of the basic app development expenses; that are allocated as per the individual services for platforms, Android and iOS. So, take a look at the given cost factors for On-demand food delivery app manufacturing-

  • Development Cost of Customer-Side App: – Customer side of food ordering app includes several features to build like Account editing, real-time tracking and payment services etc. Optimizing together all features you can get a quick valuation of development separately for both Android and iOS.
  • It may charge you around $8500 – $8600 total and consume 286 hours for the complete Android development process.
  • It may charge you around $8500 – $8600 total for iOS and take 285 hours for the process.
  • If you add backend process then you have to pay around $4000 and 134 hours approx entirely.

Thus, the total cost of customer-side food delivery app might reach $ 15000 approximately for Android and backend as well the same cost for iOS and backend.

  • Development Cost of Vendor-Side App: – Vendor-side includes fewer services than customer-side so it may cost you a little less for both Android and iOS.
  • It may charge you $5100 – $5200 for Android app development whereas it will take approx 170 hours.
  • For iOS development, it will charge you $5200 – $5500 and consume approx 175 hours.
  • For the backend, you have to pay around $ 2200 and it takes around 75 hours.

So, the total cost is $ 9200 – $9500 approximately for Android and backend where $ 9800 – $10000 for iOS and backend.

  • Development Cost of Both Side (Customer – Vendor):- There are few common features in food delivery application for both customer and vendor; thus, the cost estimation for developing these common features on Android and iOS-
  • For Android development, it may cost you $ 2000 for 65 hours of development.
  • For iOS, you have to pay $2300 – $2500 and recruit around 80 hours entirely.
  • For backend process, it will charge you $700 – $800 and take approx 25 hours.

Total cost for Android including backend is approx $2800 and for iOS, totals cost is approx $3000 – $3200 adding backend.

  • Development Cost of Restaurant App: – If you are likely to tend towards restaurant app development then it is a cheaper option; since there you do not need to build iOS or Android app but it is a web application. Therefore, the approximate cost of manufacturing is $ 2200 – $2300 and it takes around 75 hours for the entire process.

Cost Estimation in Different Regions

In the well-developed regions such as the United States and Europe, mobile app development firms and developers may start their cost range from a large amount of money. If we compare Eastern Europe with these regions, you could leverage cheaper cost in Eastern region. Look at the specific prices of On-demand food app development in different regions, given below-

  • Development cost In United States of America: $100 – $250/hourly
  • Development cost in Europe: $100 – $250/hourly
  • Development cost in Eastern Europe: $50 – $100/hourly
  • Development cost in India: $10 – $80/hourly

It is complicated relative to estimating the cost of Android and iOS separately. Consequently, if you need to figure out the total cost while planning for the food ordering app development then you can optimize stats shown above. It might charge you large numbers of dollars (approx $17k to $25k) entirely. This range of cost may vary for both iOS and Android.

Time Estimation of different Processes

Cost highly depends on the number of hours you deploy onto your project. It would be helpful to developers in managing the outline according to the time consumption in whole development. Some major time taking manufacturing processes are-

  • Business management takes approx 240 hours
  • UX/UI development takes approx 160 hours
  • Admin dashboard takes approx 160 hours
  • High-level design takes approx 60 hours
  • App quality assurance process takes approx 100 hours

There are various development processes of an on-demand food application. Each one consumes a number of hours to complete. Whether approximating entire time, it will take 7-8 weeks for the development. 

Wrapping Up

The money that goes into developing an On-demand food app mostly depends on the working hours; besides, it may vary as per the needs of services which you want to add to your application or website. Further, going to the iOS or Android experts can help you finalize the pertinent and affordable app development.

At ARKA, we are one of the leading mobile app development companies. We excel at gripping all requirements what customers want; moreover, we deliver custom and enterprises mobile app solutions across various frameworks. If you are planning for getting a food delivery app development, you can leverage our excellent services. To know the best strategies of ARKA, you can contact us by dropping a mail here- 

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