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Looking for a reliable and experienced medicine delivery app development company? Look no further! We specialize in creating user-friendly and secure apps that enable users to order medicines and healthcare products online and have them delivered to their doorstep. Our end-to-end services include design, development, testing, and deployment.

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Medicine Delivery App Development Company

Tailored On-Demand Medicine Delivery Apps For Pharmacy Businesses

Instead of waiting outside the store in a queue, people prefer online medicine delivery apps to order the medicines as per prescription. Especially after the Pandemic, it became the new normal. So, investing in online pharmacy app development can add worth to your pharmacy business.

Arka Softwares- the medicine delivery app development company leads in providing white label app solutions to the business models like - Single Medical Stores, Aggregators & marketplaces, Pharmacy Startups, Wholesalers, Hospital Stockists, and more.

Our solutions make ordering new medicines or refilling regular prescriptions very easy. It also facilitates the pharmacies to expand with rapid growth and the best healthcare industry practices.

"Global online pharmacy segment is projected to grow USD 52.33 billion by 2027 with a CAGR (2023-2027) of 13.40%. Now, it’s time to make a valuable investment in online medicine delivery app development."

I Am Excited To See My Medicine Delivery App

We know it! That's why we have arranged some glimpses of your next online medicine delivery app here. Our experts can customize it more to take your experience high.

Extended Range Of Pharmaceutical Software Development Services & Bespoke Solutions

Stay ahead of the curve via customized Pharmaceutical software services and solutions. From integration to customization and from migration to re-platforming, whatever you need, we will provide it with personalization.

Pharmacovigilance Software Development

Pharmacovigilance Software Development

Eliminate all drug safety issues, save more time on time-consuming routine pharmacovigilance tasks and have a streamlined reporting process via automated software.

Clinical Trial Management Software Development

Clinical Trial Management Software Development

Get a customized CTMS, aka Clinical Trial Management Software, for seamless operations and monitor all clinical trial projects or activities with an automated workflow.

Pharmacy Management Software

Pharmacy Management Software

Streamline the workflow for drug dispensing, manage medical claims, optimize process efficiency, and reduce compliance risks and cost with Pharmacy management software.

Inventory & Supply Chain Management

Inventory & Supply Chain Management

Identify potential disruptions, track shipments, automate inventories, and keep your supply chain seamless. Do it with a robust pharma supply chain management system.

Pharma Software Replatforming & Migration

Pharma Software Replatforming & Migration

By understanding your current business needs, we can help you migrate your existing system into the customized one, or you can also initiate re-platforming with our help.

Off-The-Shelf Pharma Software Customization

Off-The-Shelf Pharma Software Customization

Based on all business needs, have smooth customization of your off-the-shelf pharma software, add-on features, and level up its functionality.

Pharma Enterprise App Integration

Pharma Enterprise App Integration

Our enterprise app integration expertise can help you to have smooth operational efficiency, smooth data sharing, and connect all apps for a uniform solution.

Healthcare Data Analytics

Healthcare Data Analytics

Onboard Power BI, turn your unorganized data into a structured form and have actionable insights to make intelligent decisions with a flawless healthcare data analytics system.

Now it's time to go online with your medicine delivery services. Do you want to know how?

Here Is The Remedy!

Best-in-Class Features That Add Worth To A Medicine Delivery App

Here are the glimpses of core features that make the medicine delivery experience super fine.

User App

The user panel helps end-users to easily access drug details, order, refill, and take medicine delivery smoothly at their doorstep anytime.

Easy Registration

Single click order

Upload Prescriptions

Drug Search & Filters

Smooth Checkout

Multi-Payment Options

Order Tracking

Transaction History

Offers & Discounts

Pharmacist App

The pharmacist app makes it easier for a pharmacy store manager or an admin to manage tasks and orders to align the business growth.

Profile Management

Dedicated Dashboard

Real-time Order Management

Inventory Management

Payment Tracking System

Invoice Management

Advanced Analytics

Push Notifications

Offers & Coupon Generation

Delivery Person

The delivery person works as a bridge between a pharmacy and customers. So, here are the features that make their work easy.

Easy Registration

Profile Management

Order Notifications

Order Accept/Reject

Delivery Information

Availability Toggle

Route Optimization

In-App Chat

Earning Tracker

Admin Panel

The admin panel contains all features and functionalities that give an upper hand to the app admin for overall app management.

Powerful Web Dashboard

Customer Management

Pharmacy Management

Delivery Management

App Maintenance

Analytics & Reporting

Coupon Code Control

Content Management

Brand Promotion

Our clients happiness lies in the Journey

Discover how Arka Software's team delivers personalised development experiences and creates unforgettable journey to ensure maximum satisfaction for all of our clients.



Medicine Delivery iOS / Android

Result-Driven Medicine Delivery App Development For All Pharmacy Businesses

The idea will be yours, and we will transform it into a fine-tuned medicine delivery app. Our experienced pharmacy app developers will develop and deliver solutions to meet your business expectations at the best level.

Individual Pharmacy Brand

Expand your reach, offer seamless medicine delivery services via an app, and build strong relationships with all your customers. Deliver desired medicine at the right time.

Pharmacy Chain Business

Managing multiple pharmacy stores is a daunting task but not with our solutions. Our on-demand pharmacy app solutions will facilitate you to manage all stores in a single click.

Aggregator Medicine Delivery

Get it to deliver the medicines anytime- anywhere at customers' doorstep with automated inventories. Tie up and manage multiple vendors with a single app interface.

"The United States is one of the world's largest online pharmacy markets($3.7 billion), and Walgreens is recognized as a leading online pharmacy store and app. We can join hands to implement a similar idea. "

Online Medicine Order App: Add-On Features To Enhance User Experience

Here is the list of advanced features that enhance the end-user experience of on-demand drug delivery services.

Advanced Monitoring

It works like a god’s eye view where all activities will be under the surveillance of an app admin. They can look over these anytime.

Consult Experts

Based on requirements, end users can consult pharmacy experts or doctors. Users can acquire all information related to the medicines.

Automatic Dispatch

At emergency events, an end user can generate SOS requests for the medicines, and the app will generate automatic dispatch from the nearest drug store.

Loyalty & Referral Schemes

With the help of online pharmacy ordering apps, a business owner can initiate loyalty and referral schemes for better customer engagement.


The AI-Chatbot is one of the superfine unique features that help customers in finding medicine alternatives, drug store locations, and more.

Online Documentation

It is paperless and can be accessed via all app panels. There is no need to maintain documents by users, delivery personnel, store owners, and an app admin.

Now it's time to scale your pharmacy business with a medicine delivery app similar to Doximity. Decide What You Need In Your App.

Craft Own Solution!

Privileges of Having An App Like Goodrx Kroger or NetMeds

Strong Customer Relationship

Strong Customer Relationship

With a perfect medicine delivery app, you can maintain a long-term customer relationship by providing on-the-go medicine delivery.

Business Network Expansion

Business Network Expansion

With the help of an aggregator app, you can expand your business network by connecting medical suppliers, healthcare product manufacturers, and more.

Easy Brand Promotion

Easy Brand Promotion

Mobile apps are much better for promoting the business via offers, coupons, and specialized deals; you connect yourself with more customers.

Competitive Benefits

Competitive Benefits

An end customer always wants quality services with the best user experience. Providing it via a medicine delivery app automatically increases brand value.

Easy Earning

Easy Earning

There is no need to wait for the customers. If your app is fine and a wide range of medicine delivery services are available, they will contact you automatically.

Time Saving

Time Saving

The online pharmacy app is a time saver for all stakeholders. From end customers to the medical supplier, all can instantly leverage it for their purpose.


Yes, of course, we will help you transform your existing pharmacy business into an online pharmacy via our delivery app development services.

By 2023, the online pharmacy segment revenue will be $31.64 billion, projected to reach $52.33 billion by 2027. So, it is the perfect moment to invest in it.

The budget estimation revolves around factors such as features, UI/UX components, the app’s size, complexity, and others. The average budget to develop an online medicine or drug delivery app is $15,000-$30,000.

We have in-depth expertise in implementing multiple payment methods, including ewallet development. You only need to discuss your pharmacy app requirements with our representatives.

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