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Redefine training and learning experience with custom LMS development that scales fast, ignite innovation, and empowers trainees to unlock their full potential. As a custom LMS development company we build solutions that suits all training needs.

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Custom LMS Software Development to Adapt
Modern Training

Future ready workforce is an existing requirement and custom learning management system works as perfect solution for it. Custom LMS software helps in meeting all types of training needs from basic education to corporate training.

Our expertise in custom eLearning solutions development allows us to develop a cutting-edge and performing learning management system (LMS) software. If your need is to shape the future of learning we’ve got you covered. We can ensure you a solution that comes with multiple tools such as course building tools to a dashboard for custom reporting & analysis.

Embrace modern eLearning with a customized LMS and thrive in the modern eLearning landscape.

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UAE's owned leading e-learning platform

Covers multiple courses for adults and kids for upskilling

  • Course categorization
  • Seamless CMS
  • Flexible scheduling
  • Interactive UI/UX

Streamlined e-learning platform that offers more than expectations and focuses on language learning courses for students across different countries.

Interactive Learning Management System for Women Training across Middle East

  • Concluded courses with digital badges and certificates of completion.
  • Live interactive sessions, group meetings, events.
  • Online self-learning modules and educational videos.

Focused on motivating women of Kuwait region for their free online learning courses.

Dynamic Education ERP System for Online Courses across USA

  • Choose from thousands of online video courses with new additions published every month.
  • Join Online Quizzes of Programming Languages for better learning.
  • With online ERP Elearning Platform users can access course materials and lectures.

Focusing on online courses, certifications, and degrees by top-tier universities and companies worldwide.

Create Engaging Learning Experiences with
LMS Development Services

We have the capabilities to develop Learning Management System Solution based on your niche.
Here are the LMS development services that you can rely on us.

LMS Consultation

Have LMS consultation services from the experts and get assistance for all aspects of your LMS like need assessment, tailored LMS implementation, and more.

Enterprise LMS Development

Hire LMS developers for enterprise LMS development and make your workforce future ready via personalized learning, training, and progress tracking.

Web & Mobile LMS Development

Make learning convenient for all your trainees via web and mobile LMS development services. We can provide you with the right resources to develop web or mobile LMS.

LMS Integration

Expand the functionality of existing LMS and boost its efficiency to meet your mission-based goals. Get assistance for all types of integrations from Payments to APIs.

LMS Modernization

Modernize your LMS, follow the trends, and exceed your training & learning expectations via LMS modernization services. We’ll assist you end to end.

Full-scale LMS Customization

Get the best experience of complete LMS customization for your domain and business specific needs. Here you will have a full-scale customization from experts.

Cloud-based LMS Development

Remove the roadblocks to learning, such as hardware and software dependencies, with a SaaS- based LMS and help your users achieve the ultimate learning experience.

LMS From Scratch

Leverage custom LMS development services and develop own customized LMS from scratch. Have complete control over customization, licensing costs, and more.

Content Management Customizations

Content management plays a crucial role in LMS so here we can help you with connecting AI based course recommendation engines, content creation and others.

Empower the learners with personalized experiences leveraging custom LMS development services.

Take a step forward to make learning better and more fun.

Tap for Learning Transformation!

Features That We Provide Within a Custom LMS

Whether it is an off-the-shelf LMS or a custom learning management system (LMS), development features play a crucial role, and we take care of it.

AI Content Authoring

Leverage AI/ML to create personalized content to connect the audience with the concept and make them learn they never had before.

Learning Content Management

Seamlessly manage your learning content and make it easily accessible to all your trainees. A custom CMS will help you with it.

Course Creation

Leverage the custom LMS for course designing and creation as per curriculum needs. Make your course structure for better results.


Gamification makes learning fun, and here, we can assist you in implementing this feature at our best level. Engage the audience with AR-VR Tech.

Progress Tracking

Track the progress of your trainees in real-time and make specific mission–critical decisions based on it to make learning and training a success.

Reporting & Analytics

Reporting and analytics are necessary when learning goals are set, and you must create a perfect strategy. Our LMS solutions provide it with the best.


Get in-built communication in your customized LMS, such as instant messaging, VOIP calls, live streaming, and more you need.

Quizzes and Assessment

Quizzes and assessments are an integral part of learning. Using our LMS software solutions, you can do it with less effort and in the way you need.

Mobile Compatibility

Get your LMS to your users' mobile screens without any hassle. We can help you with native, cross-platform, and web-based custom LMS apps.

FAQs Related to Custom LMS Development

Both have their advantages and disadvantages. The pre-built LMS is ready to use, and you can include them in your practices anytime, but custom LMS development requires a certain amount of time. On the other hand, with Custom LMS, you can implement the features as per your exact needs and can also save the cost of a license fee.

The major deciding factor in developing a custom LMS is requirements; with these, it is easier to predict the exact cost. However, the average cost to develop a custom learning management system varies between $30,000-$40,000. If you need an advanced LMS, then the cost may be higher than this.

Its answer is clear: the more features, the more development time. Other factors, such as complexity and advanced features, also work. The ideal time to develop an LMS is :

  • Basic: 3-5 months
  • With Medium Complexity: 6-8 months
  • Highly Complex: More than eight months

There are multiple steps involved in it; the zero step is to be prepared with your requirements, and the other steps are:

  • Search on the internet
  • Get some references from your sources
  • Go through the profiles and portfolios
  • Interview developers
  • Enquire about hiring model
  • Hire LMS developers

Including custom LMS development, we also provide post-development support, so in case you need any assistance, our custom software development experts will assist you the best.

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