Industry Specific Solutions

At Arka Softwares, we have been delivering the world’s finest web and mobile applications to our clients from numerous industries domains for more than a decade. Therefore, we can proudly claim that we offer you unmatched next-gen business solutions for 15+ industries.

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Industry Specific Solutions

Divided by Industries, United by Innovation

We understand that below the surface every business suffers from its own indigenous intricacies that costs a huge amount of operation cost. Lower efficiency and the constant tug of war with productivity and perennial challenges are some of the signs that every business is familiar with. These prevalent problems are shared by every business for every industry. The difference lies in the solutions. It requires subtle observation and first-hand experience with a particular industry to find the right solutions that foster productivity and efficiency.

In our decade long experience, we focused on this section quite personally. As a result, for the following (given below) industries we incorporate our proprietary and conventional research to bespoke business solutions that minimize those indigenous challenges and drive efficiency and productivity to keep your business always one step ahead from the rest. We understand better, that is why we deliver better.

Healthcare Software Development

We believe everything starts with a question, an unsettling question that takes a shape of an inspiration. If left still for a while, the inspiration ferments into a fine idea, an idea is capable of changing your world and bringing catalytic change all around it.

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Education & E-Learning

Making education available for everyone with powerful and interactive Educational Apps, eLearning applications, and management tools that make learning easier than ever.

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Banking & Finance

Arka Softwares is a prominent banking & financial software development company that offers industry-leading software, mobile applications, portals, and solutions that are secure, fast, efficient, and easily scalable.

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Events & Ticketing

At Arka Softwares, we provide custom event and e-ticketing development solutions such as ticket booking portals, mobile apps, kiosks, etc. while leveraging modern technologies to keep your business always one step ahead.

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Real Estate & Housing

Our versatile real estate developers offer businesses the most invincible real estate software and applications for web and smartphones while making real estate business more connected and easily reachable for maximum engagement.

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Sports & Gaming

Sports is a multibillion-dollar market and we know how to help you to develop platforms like sports web and mobile applications that can channelize revenue to your side.

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Entertainment & Media

At Arka Softwares, we offer end-to-end advanced development solutions for the diverse industry of media and entertainment to streamline the user experience and increase user engagement for faster business growth.

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