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Get an online grocery software solution that aligns your grocery business needs as we are passionate to transform a grocery delivery business into its digital version.

Best Grocery Delivery Software for Both Entrepreneurs & Enterprises

In order to grow your grocery business, you will need modern solutions, such as custom grocery software like Grocyeats. Grocyeats, can unlock multiple business opportunities for you. It suits B2B, B2C, grocery chains, and other grocery business domains. It empowers grocery businesses to manage critical tasks at their own pace. Its limitless flexibility, scalability, and customization make it perfect. You can customize it based on your needs or some of the top references, such as grocery ordering platforms like Instacart, AmazonFresh, Freshdirect, EI Grocer, or others. Whatever business model you follow- from grocery store chains to online ordering systems for small businesses, we will personalize your desired solution following the latest trends and technology.

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Pioneers of Grocery Delivery Industry

These leaders have revolutionized the grocery delivery industry, constantly adding value to it.

We Build Grocery Delivery Platform for Every Business

Grocery delivery platforms are in high demand, and we empower grocery delivery businesses to thrive in the current market scenario.

Single Vendor Business Model

Have seamless delivery operations using online grocery delivery software for your store and serve your customers like never before.

Multi-Vendor Business Model

Offer your customers an online grocery marketplace platform with multiple options and make it easy to reach a larger target audience.

Inventory-Based Business Model

Build a grocery delivery platform like Freshdirect, holding multiple inventories from grocery retailers and generate good revenue.

Hyperlocal Business Model

Launch a hyper-local online grocery delivery platform like Instacart and deliver all grocery items in a prompt way to your local customers.

Shopping Business Model

Collaborate with offline stores and lead the entire delivery process with an online grocery delivery software based on the Shopping business model.

Pick Up In-Store Model

Create the best experience of offline/in-store pickup grocery shopping via an online grocery ordering system and exceed the customers’ expectations.

Instant Delivery Model

Instant delivery is one of the top choices for almost all customers, so here, we can help you develop a grocery ordering system based on it.

Scheduled Delivery Model

Offer multiple choices to your customers for scheduling delivery of ordered groceries. Get the best online grocery software like Cornershop.

Business-to-Business Model

Our grocery delivery software solutions not only simplify B2C business challenges but also for B2B grocery businesses.

We partner with grocery businesses and entrepreneurs
to develop tailored online grocery delivery solutions.

We'd love to hear your ideas!

Business Model for Multivendor Grocery Delivery Software

Grocery Delivery Apps for Best Online Ordering

Set the trend in the grocery delivery industry instead of following. Be the leader with highly customized grocery delivery apps that serve all purposes of the seller, buyer, delivery staff, and end customers.

Grocery Ordering App (Android and iOS)

Grocery ordering app development can ensure the best customer experience and high conversion.

  • Shopping Cart
  • Dashboard
  • Order Management
  • Payments
  • Push Notifications
  • Order History
  • Price Comparison
  • Delivery scheduling

Online Grocery Delivery Apps (Android and iOS)

Leverage Grocyeats with on-demand grocery delivery apps for superfast delivery of grocery items.

  • Shop by Category
  • In-App Store locator
  • Order Tracking
  • Flash Deals Indicator
  • Save for Later
  • In-App Navigation
  • Admin Panel
  • Wallet Management

Business Growth Through Revenue Channels Access

There are multiple ways you can generate revenue using online grocery software solutions. Here are these.

Transaction-Based Commission

One of the best ways to generate revenue is transaction-based commission, especially if you have a marketplace platform.

Delivery Based Commission

If you are bridging the delivery gap between grocery seller and customer, then a commission will be charged from the seller and customers.

Advertisement & Promotion

Grocery sellers or retailers can promote their services and products by paying an amount where they have premium listing features.

Vendor Subscription

Under the Vendor subscription model, you can charge membership fees from the sellers or retailers to list their services and products.

Extended reach to the customer is worth a grocery business, and you can do it with grocery e-commerce software.

Let’s Modernize Your Grocery Business!

Exemplary Features of Grocery Ordering and Delivery System

No matter what solution you need, we ensure the best features to meet all needs, from business management to maximizing business growth.

  • Admin Panel
  • Vendor Panel
  • User Panel
  • Driver Panel

Delivery Management

It makes delivery management easier in all terms, and the app admin has control over all delivery activities.


The dashboard works as a complete command center and allows the admin to manage the app and multiple tasks.

Category Management

An app admin can define multiple categories to facilitate the users to choose what they need.

Catalog Management

The catalog management helps in managing the catalog, such as modifications, upgrades, and more.

Vendor Management

Vendor management helps in managing vendors, such as adding new vendors, removing idle accounts, etc.

Customer Management

App admin can add customers, reset their accounts, track users' activity, remove accounts, and others.

Ads Management

Ads management feature helps in brand promotion of online grocery delivery and ordering platform.

Transaction Management

It helps the admin to have complete control over all transactions, including approving commissions or discounts.

Content Management

The CMS feature facilitates content management throughout the platform, like content for home and inner pages.

Order Management

Based on the inventory, a vendor can accept or reject the order customers place.

Inventory Management

The vendors can create their inventory and manage it at their convenience.

Vendor Dashboard

The vendor dashboard allows vendors to have complete control over the vendor panel.

Payment Management

Store owners can choose how they want to receive payments like COD, Net Banking, or more.

Status Toggle

The vendors or store owners can toggle status, i.e., available, not available.


Store owners can run their ads on the platform or create ads to offer special discounts.

Order Tracking

Vendors can track the orders to confirm whether they are reaching the customers or not.

Earning Tracker

The earning tracker helps vendors/store owners track their earnings effortlessly.

Refund Management

Our grocery delivery solution comes with a refund management system that helps vendors manage the refunds.

Social Media Login

Our grocery delivery solutions allow users to onboard the app or platform easily with their social media account.

Simplified Checkout

It simplifies grocery shopping for users as there are only a few steps to go through.

Order Tracking

Users can keep an eye on the whole journey of the product from pick up to delivery.


Users can choose their preferred payment methods, such as credit card, debit card, net banking, and others.


Users can keep their desired products in a list that they want to order later.


Favorite list helps customers to order faster as it contains the products that they need frequently.

Delivery Address

Users can add multiple addresses for delivery as they wish, such as office, home, and secondary addresses.

Order Management

Based on the choice, users can cancel orders, request or change the order delivery date with ease, and more.

Search & Filters

Search options and filters help users to find their desired products with ease.

Delivery Dashboard

The delivery dashboard is dedicated to delivery personnel, where they can control their panel.

Accept/Reject Request

Delivery personnel can accept or reject grocery delivery requests based on their work schedule.

Status Toggle

Based on the availability hours, delivery personnel can set their status as to whether they are available.

Push Notification

The delivery person gets the push notification once the order is placed, approved, and assigned.

Commission Tracking

A delivery boy can track their delivery commissions based on a day, week, and month.


In-app map feature allows delivery staff to navigate in real-time to the customers' location.

Here is What your Professional Grocery App will look like!

The following screens showcase the glimpses only, and we can customize the app as per your business needs.

Customized Online Ordering Software for Variety

Get personalized software for your Grocery business domain and create an ecosystem where your customers can have a seamless experience of online grocery ordering.

Fruits & Vegetables

Milk & Dairy Products

Meat Delivery

Sea Food

Farm Products


Liquor & Wine

Pet Food

Vegan Food

Supplements Delivery

Flower Delivery

Bakery Products

Our clients happiness lies in the Journey

Discover how Arka Software's team delivers personalised development experiences and creates unforgettable journey to ensure maximum satisfaction for all of our clients.


Grocery marketplace platform development costs depend on multiple factors. However, developing a basic MVP of a grocery shopping platform may cost between 20,000 USD and 30,000 USD.

Grocyeats is a fantastic solution for grocery businesses, and its qualities, like limitless scalability, customization ability, and robustness, make it different from other ordinary solutions available in the market.

Yes, we have experience in developing functional grocery ordering and delivery software. Leveraging our knowledge and expertise, we have developed Grocyeats that works seamlessly across all operations and offers multiple panel-based features such as user, admin, vendor, and delivery staff. It aims to make grocery ordering and delivery effortless and create the best user experience.

Yes, there will be no issue with that as it is designed and developed by keeping all types of grocery business requirements. The admin panel can be customized based on your specific needs and the touchpoints you want to consider.

Yes, effortlessly, you can migrate your data to the Grocyeats. Although it is easy, if you need any help, our experts will help you do it appropriately.

Yes, including the online grocery delivery software, we can develop a cross-platform grocery delivery app by keeping all your business requirements top-priority.

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