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Our developers offer remarkable event and ticketing app and software development solutions that make ticket selling a fun experience while offering groundbreaking event management capabilities.

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Next-gen Software Solutions For Seamless Event Management

That’s a million-dollar question. And our ticket booking and management app and software solutions are a befitting answer to this question.

It all starts with their attention. First, you grab their attention then lure into an interactive experience and keep them on their toes to seal the deal. That’s the principle we use while designing and developing advanced ticketing mobile app and software development solutions.

We develop custom ticket management systems, ticket booking mobile apps for Android, iOS, and wearables, ticketing solutions for POS, venue mapping solutions, and many more software and app development solutions for more ticket selling and efficient management.

Similarly, we develop next-gen event management mobile apps and software to make complex operations like event management as easy as cake. Arka Softwares has been offering revolutionary app and software development for more than 11 years. The next big thing could be yours.

Simplify event management with cutting-edge software solutions by experts and offer a streamlined experience of events to your audience.

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Whatever You Want, Just Name It!

When it comes to event and ticketing solutions, Arka Softwares has got covered with everything you need or might need in the future. From marketing to customer loyalty, offer bespoke development solutions for Enterprises, Event Management Agencies, and Organizers, NGOs, and many more.

These event and ticketing apps easily exceed your expectations as they come with powerful features and invincible capabilities. We design an inescapable experience that motivates your customers to buy tickets and join your events.

Ticketing management system
Event management system
Ticket booking mobile apps for Android, iOS, and Wearables
Ticket booking for Web
Mobile solutions for Events
POS software development
Ticket broker software
Venue mapping integration
AI-Powered advanced data analytics for Events and Ticketing
Resources and Team Management
Payment Gateway Integration
Custom eTicketing Solutions

Events and Ticketing Development Solutions

Attractive design, interactive user experience, advanced features, scalability, and efficient management, and more. We offer a complete software development experience at Arka Softwares.

Custom Event and eTicketing Solutions

At Arka Softwares, we develop custom even and eTicketing solutions for various platforms like web, mobile, and IoT infrastructure to offer you and your customer a complete experience. Our advanced data analytics and data management offer greater transparency.

Event and Ticketing Mobile App Development

We design and develop the bespoke event and ticketing mobile apps for Android, iOS, and Wearable platforms like AR/VR. These apps come with advanced features like ticketing booking, payment gateway, gamification, social media integration, and many more fun features.

Event and Ticketing Web Development

For even and ticketing on the web, we offer powerful ticket booking and event management web portals. Along with the interactive design and flawless performance, these portals offer seamless data management and analytics capabilities for detailed and reliable business insights.

Event and Ticketing CRM and CMS Development

For event and eTicketing web and mobile solutions, we offer tailor-made CRM and CMS that suit your specific business requirements. These sophisticated systems are designed to offer complete control over your online activities including content management and marketing.

Interactive POS Software Development

Our interactive POS software development offer event and e-ticketing business a remarkable advantage of customer and finance management. These custom-designed softwares come with features like customer management, finance management, collaborated workflow, etc.

Venue/Coupon/Resource Management Solutions

When we said we have a complete event and ticketing solutions for you, trust us, we weren’t kidding. With our venue, coupon, and resource management solutions we offer you tailored management software that simplifies every possible aspect of your business.

Real-Time Reporting and Data Analytics

Growth relies on data. And businesses like events and eTicket could use this data for exceptional business growth. Hence, we offer clients AI-powered real-time reporting and data analytics solutions that not only offer efficient data management but also plausible business insights.

Maintenance and Support

To ensure your event and ticketing software or mobile app performs smoothly and upgrades with time, we offer comprehensive maintenance and support services. We make sure your customers always have a remarkable experience when it comes to their relationship with your business.

A crowd needs easy ticket booking and check-in at the venue to enjoy the event. Let's make the audience's journey more joyous and easy.

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Features that Make the Whole Difference

Our event and eTicketing software are not just pretty faces. They offer exceptional advantages to businesses with their powerful features that give your business an unprecedented edge over their competitors.

Essential Event and Ticketing App Features

  • Customer Registration
  • Event Information
  • Ticket Booking
  • Push Notifications
  • Event Reminder
  • Payment Gateways
  • Event Search and Sorting Options
  • Up-coming Event Updates

Advanced Event and Ticketing App Features

  • Customer Profiles
  • e-Wallets
  • Dynamic Pricing
  • Promo Codes
  • Custom Ticketing Packages
  • Advanced Event Information
  • Event Location and Navigation
  • Refunds and Exchange
  • Customer Experience Optimization
  • Social Media Integrations

Transform the way of your event planning & management with an intelligent software solution and get one step ahead in business.

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New Tech for Event and eTicketing Solutions

Audience engagement is fueled by new things. This new tech integration in your event and eTicketing solutions changes everything when it comes to customer experience.

AR and VR

Augmented, Virtual and Mixed Reality are the future of the event and eTicketing business. We help you to tap into the future with these tech integrations and make your business more exciting.


Internet of Things (IoT) is revolutionizing every industry it’s touching. With our next-gen IoT solutions in event and eTicketing, you can experience a new level of connectivity and business automation.


Relatively new technology, Blockchain is offering the next level of security and transparency to the businesses of the future. Our experts will help you with every step of Blockchain integration into your business.

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