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Project Overview

Aner is a phenomenal educational website that allows students to register to the website and get access to the list of unlimited courses to learn from. Aner is also a fantastic place for tutors who want to earn some extra income by selling their courses on this platform. The ease of education offered by this website is helping students to learn and gain extra marks.
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Goals & Objectives

The objective of this app is to facilitate NASSCOM to ensure that service quality and enforcement of Intellectual Property

Ease of Access

We understand education is for everyone and it should be accessible to everyone. We wanted to design a website that doesn’t seem a foreign concept to the users.

Distinct Persona

While the website maintains its ease of access, it must have a distinct persona so that it leaves a mark on people’s minds and creates a unique image for itself.


It was a quintessential part for us to make website comprehensive, its every section, text, image, and language should be easy to understand and easy going.

Simple Navigation

It was one of the major goals to make sure the website offers its every service right in front of a user’s eyes. The website shouldn’t play hide & seek with a user.

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Challenges & Solutions

There were some hard to crack challenges, but thanks to our teamwork and numerous cups of coffee, we found creative solutions as well.


Complicated Simplicity

Too many types of courses & services to maintain our simplicity goals.

Unfamiliarity with Platform

The users may feel unfamiliar with the platform and find it complicated.


The majority of the userbase may not understand the English Language.


Complicated Simplicity

Intelligent sorting methods and simple navigation simplified the complexity.


Unfamiliarity with platform

Attractive design and easy accessibility was the answer to this challenge.



The website not only supports English but it also supports Arabic.

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Every wireframe was designed after several alterations in order to achieve the perfection we were anticipating.
Aner Wireframes
Aner Wireframes
Aner Wireframes
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Visual Design

Here is the final visual design that is ready to engage users in the ultimate user experience.
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Tech Stack

The following technologies were leveraged in order to deliver unmatched performance and tons of scalability options.

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