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Abdullah Nawaf
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Architect Overview
01 / 08

Project Overview

Archithrones an amazing social media and business platform for architects. It is a versatile website that provides a comprehensive platform where architects can connect with others and showcase their works to receive projects and works as well. In addition, a dedicated section allows universities to offer their architect courses and programs for students.

02 / 08

Goals & Objectives

Archithrones is indeed a diverse platform of great potential for the architects. Therefore, for obvious reasons we were really ambitious with this project.

Social Platform

Dedicated Social Platform for Architects

To design and develop a one of a kind dedicated social platform for Architects where they can share, promote, and sell their services and designs.

Integrate a Marketplace

Integrate a Marketplace

Even though Archithrones is a unique social platform for architects but we needed to make sure it possesses all capabilities of a marketplace.

Unique Experience

Unique Experience

Since Archithrones is a product of a unique idea. We needed to make sure it offers unique experience to the users without making them feel strange.

Customized Features & Functionalities

Customized Features & Functionalities

Features and functionalities of any platform give it a unique identity. We designed everything for Archithrones from scratch.

03 / 08

Challenges & Solutions

Like any other ambition, this project had some challenges and like always, we had solutions as well.


Yet another social media platform

The world is swarming with social media applications. Making a way up in this thick competition.


Unfamiliarity with the platform

Being one of a kind platform has its own afflictions, the target audience is quite unfamiliar with the platform.


Not just a social media platform

Archithrones is not just a social media platform but more than that, how does it justify with each and every segment?


Yet another social media platform

Created a platform that does more than just a social media platform – job portal, education hub, service marketplace, etc.

Yet another social media platform

Unfamiliarity with the platform

We retained the basic usability norms that make users feel like they have used this app before, even while offering new services.

Unfamiliarity with the platform

Not just a social media platform

We did not compromise with any of its segments, we intelligently weaved all full-fledged services into one platform.

Not just a social media platform
04 / 08


Archithrones required us to step out of our conventional thinking pattern and explore something new. And we loved this thing about this project. Therefore, after a series of modifications, we could design wireframes that lets users explore their diversified potential while keeping things as simple as possible.

05 / 08

Color & Typography

Our designers came up with the best perfect colors and typography that effectively communicate the themes of Archithrones with its users.

06 / 08

Visual Design

Archithrones is a meticulously designed web platform that not only visually engaging but also quite an experience to use.

07 / 08

Tech Stack

The finest and proven technologies were exploited during the development of Archithrones.

PayPal Payment Gateway
08 / 08

Client Review

Abdullah Nawaf

“While the development is ongoing, the client is pleased with the work thus far, which has met expectations. ARKA Softwares puts the needs of the client first, remaining open to feedback on their work. Their team is adaptable, responsive, and hard-working.”

Abdullah Nawaf
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