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Project Overview

The arrival of this project came with a spark of joy for us. Bleek is a service provider marketplace mobile app that allows different service providers (plumbers, barbers, movers, and packers, etc.) to showcase their services on this app where customers can check their details and book their services. This project has everything we had worked on before within one app. This was an amazingly wild ride building this app and we’re so happy with the way it turned out.
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Goals & Objectives

For such a creative endeavor we had some ambitious goals and objectives to create an app that could surpass our expectations. Gladly we achieved them all.

Intuitive UX/UI

A huge marketplace with hundreds of services and thousands of service providers requires an innovative UX/UI that simplifies everything for the customers.

Smart Navigation

We took the navigation part very seriously because it was important for us to help customers search, compare, and book desired services ASAP.

Marketing Tools

With such an ambitious app we explored and incorporated various marketing tools and features to help the app earn healthy revenue from operations.

Customer Experience

We knew we have to do something unique to offer a phenomenal customer experience in order to not only attract customers but also earn their loyalty.

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Challenges & Solutions

Soon enough we realized that we had set some really high standards for this project as we started facing some challenges. The final product is proof that we solved those challenges pretty efficiently.


Vast Scope of Services

The app has a huge number of services; it could be confusing to navigate through.

Robust Backend

It could be a troublesome task for a generic backend to handle all the operations on this app.

Scalability Options

Bleek app has a huge potential to grow in the market, this app may soon need to scale up.


Vast Scope of Services

Designing smart navigation and sorting features with simplified UX/UI solved everything.


Robust Backend

Our developers intelligently designed a custom backend for specifically Bleek App.


Scalability Options

The technologies used in this app allow this app to scale up to infinite levels without any snag.

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Turning such a crowded idea into a simplified mobile application is indeed modern artistry. And we do not forget to give credit for this visual mastery to our expert designers for taking the level of customer experience up to a hundred notches.
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Visual Design

After creating satisfying wireframes and combining them with the best of the best colors and typography, we created a blend of visual design that could easily be classified as a modern masterpiece. We’re s glad that our clients were more than happy with the final product.
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Tech Stack

Every technology, module, API, or tool used in building Bleek App was chosen while keeping its not only current objectives but also the long-term goals. This app is the epitome of performance, reliability, and scalability.
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