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Health Care

Health care

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Project Overview

CareDart was some of those projects for us that could have an enormous impact on the society we live in. Because CareDart is a website with mobile apps for Android and iOS, it allows users to talk to a real doctor and request a prescription for their health issues via either voice call or video calls. CareDart helps patients to save time and money while offering almost immediate medical advice by a professional.
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Goals & Objectives

From the very beginning, we knew that CareDart was going to be a widely used service for many users. Therefore, we formed some goals and objectives for this project to get the maximum out of this platform.

Familiar UX/UI

Getting professional medical service online could be a foreign concept to many users, hence, it’s important to keep the app UX/UI as familiar as possible.

Simple Process

From registration to scheduling a call with a doctor, everything should be as easy as browsing through a social media platform for enhanced ease of access.

Special Features

To make the app reliable and effective, it should have special features like HIPAA compliant and offer 24/7 services, e-prescription, and many more.


Offering 100% service satisfaction is highly important for us to ensure the customer can trust the platform and visit again if needed and recommend others as well.

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Challenges & Solutions

Of course, with the standards set so high, there were going to be some challenges. Thankfully with the technical and creative prowess of our experts, we solved them all into great additions to the platform.
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Familiarity & Simplicity

A tough to understand app could bother patients who need immediate medical attention.



There could be a lot of suspicion among users for a new on-demand doctor app.


Essential Features

To enhance the user experience, simplicity isn’t enough, there must be smart features.


Familiarity & Simplicity

Our designers efficiently designed the entire UX/UI to be as simple as social media platforms.



The app is compliant with a couple of mandatory health and medical regulations including HIPAA.


Essential Features

Our developers developed custom features from scratch like e-prescription, patient health records, etc.

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We are so proud of our designers for creating such marvelous wireframes for CareDart that they could be classified as the fine art of UX/UI.
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Visual Design

The final visual design is a blend of inspiration, observation, and careful selection. The visual appeal of CareDart makes it friendly and easily recognizable.
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Tech Stack

Considering the future goals and trajectory of CareDart we incorporated only the best of the best technologies in building this platform to offer revolutionary performance and scalability options.
React Native

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