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01 / 07

Project Overview

Jeeto11 is exceptionally addictive fantasy cricket mobile app for the cricket fans. It offers loads of features and functionality to make sure the fun never runs out. Players can play in public and private leagues, play with strangers or friends and win jaw-dropping prizes. The UI of the application is so simple that anyone can just download the app and start playing.
02 / 07

Goals & Objectives

The game is exciting so it is justified how exhilarating and ambitious our goals and objectives were.

Unique Design

We wanted a unique design to build a great impression on a player’s mind.

Amazing Features

Amazing features and functionalities make any app or game exciting and engaging.

Easy to Play

While a game can have a lot to offer but it should be easy to use as well to keep the fun intact.

03 / 07

Challenges & Solutions

The following challenges made us think a lot and the solutions took the game to a whole new level.


Market Competition

There are several fantasy sports applications in the market right now.

User Engagement

It is hard to retain customer loyalty in the world of the internet.

Promotion Scope

The right promotion goes a long way in the massive success of the app.


Market Competition

We added new features & functionalities to give this app the status of “unique”.


User Engagement

We introduced tons of creative and fun rewards programs and engaging gameplay.


Promotion Scope

Apart from internal marketing, we offered referral programs as well to boost the app reach.

04 / 07


We designed multiple wireframes to achieve the following level of UX/UI for the users.
05 / 07

Visual Design

The final visual design is appealing, engaging, and motivating at the same time.
Jeeto11 Visual Design
Jeeto11 Visual Design
Jeeto11 Visual Design
Jeeto11 Visual Design
Jeeto11 Visual Design
Jeeto11 Visual Design
Jeeto11 Visual Design
Jeeto11 Visual Design
06 / 07

Tech Stack

The best gaming experience comes from the technologies used under the hood, we made sure a phenomenal experience with the help of these technologies.
07 / 07

Client Review

Sardar Desai

Web Development for Jeeto 11

The app quickly earned over 1,000 downloads within two months of launch, and users have responded positively. ARKA Softwares boasted experienced resources who were happy to share their knowledge with the internal team.

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