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Travel & Transport


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Project Overview

Pearl Cab takes cab booking convenience to the new level. The application comprises all the latest features like, live tracking, ETA calculation, in-app map and navigation, comprehensive pop up notifications, multiple payment options, etc. Even after so many advanced features, this application manages to be most easy-to-use, thanks to its meticulously designed UX/UI.
02 / 06

Goals & Objectives

With Pearl Cab, we wanted to combine utility and convenience to make offer a service that is always ready for the customers.


Services like cab bookings are used by all customers of all age groups. Therefore, we wanted to make an app that is extremely user-friendly.


An app that just does what it supposed to is not our goal. It is the experience that retains customers and makes them loyal over the time.


Simplicity and experience are great but when a customer can trust a mobile app at any time, it increases the customer’s faith in multiple folds.

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Challenges & Solutions

There were some hard to crack challenges, but thanks to our teamwork and numerous cups of coffee, we found creative solutions as well.


Real-Time Service

The cab service should be available on or the customer whenever needed.

Customer Safety

Customer safety is one of the major concerns in the business of cab booking.

Ease of Access

A customer must be able to book a taxi in as few steps as possible without any fuss.


Real-Time Service

Constructed dedicated algorithm to serve real-time service to millions of users.


Customer Safety

Introduced live-ride sharing feature and SOS or emergency button within the app.


Ease of Access

Managed to make cab booking in fewer steps & gave support for the local language.

04 / 06


A series of wireframes were designed in order to achieve the anticipated level of convenience and user-friendliness to provide users a seamless cab booking experience.
05 / 06

Visual Design

After meticulously crafting every segment according to the client’s vision, we gave the shape and colors to the final version of visual design that is ready to serve users while keeping them engaged in its visual aesthetics.
Google Places API
Google Map API
06 / 06

Tech Stack

We curated the best technologies and tools this world has to offer to ensure Pearl Cab is ready to compete with world-leading cab booking applications.

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