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Project Overview

We love to work on projects that actually solve a problem for society. RentedIQ was one of them. This project required us to develop a platform right from the scratch for both tenants and landlords. It offers tenants to find the best properties to move in around their preferred area at the best prices. This platform is a comprehensive marketplace of properties for both tenants and landlords.
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Goals & Objectives

We understand that a memorable customer experience is the best business policy, we tried to do the same with RentedIQ.

High Performance

With its attractive business style, RentedIQ would attract a lot of users. It should be able to handle all the load without stumbling upon a snag.


The business model of RentedIQ is quite straightforward, the website must communicate the spirit of the business to highlight what’s important.

Simplicity at its Finest

A simple and easy-to-use website can crank up the customer experience to a couple of notches. We want RentedIQ to be accessible to customers of all ages.

Zero Mess

If a customer comes on RentedIQ to find and book a property, there shouldn’t be any distractions between the customer and their experience.

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Challenges & Solutions

High hopes come with inevitable challenges, but more than a decade long of experience had enabled us to find the most revolutionary solutions to those challenges.


Simplicity is not as simple as it seems

Simplicity may seem attractive, but sometimes to achieve simplicity we tend to compromise something essential.

A New Design Language

For a unique persona of RentedIQ, we needed to build a whole new design language that can set it apart.

Quick but not Shallow Services

The overall services of the platform should be quick but lack of information could bewilder the customers.


Design. Test. Repeat.

We took our time to design multiple sets of wireframes to achieve what we wanted and what worked the best.


Communicating the Spirit of the Business

The business itself was our inspiration for the new design language. Hence it stands out from the crowd.


Keeping Nothing but Essentials

We kept nothing but the essentials to make the services at RentedIQ as quick and as informative as possible.

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The wireframes and the flow of the platform were carefully designed to achieve specific goals. These goals later became the foundation of the best customer experience of RentedIQ.
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Visual Design

The entire visual design of the RentedIQ is not just about a pleasing experience, it is also about functionality and practicality.
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Tech Stack

For the development of RentedIQ, we incorporated only those technologies that could help it in its business trajectory. The platform is the perfect combination of performance, scalability, security, and also customizability.

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