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Customer Profile

Our client was a well-known retail and e-commerce company looking to improve its customer insights. The team needed solutions to help them segment customers, identify trends and make decisions quickly.

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The Power BI team at Arka Softwares developed a customized dashboard that provided real-time insights into customer segmentation, trends, and other key metrics. This allowed the client to analyze data quickly, look at customer behavior, and make informed decisions.

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The client saw an immediate performance improvement with the Power BI implementation. We used Power BI to develop a comprehensive dashboard that gave the client real-time insights into project performance, supply chain management & logistics, resource optimization, and cost tracking.

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Arka Softwares Power BI Consulting & Development solution enabled the top leadership to:

  • Identify customer segments quickly and accurately
  • Understand customer preferences and uncover emerging trends
  • Analyze data quickly and make informed decisions
  • Make more informed decisions quickly and stay ahead in their market.
  • Improve customer service and ultimately increase sales.
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At Arka Softwares, we provide extraordinary Power BI Consulting and Development Services. Our team of Microsoft Certified Power BI authorities provides our clients with fast insights for savvy decisions to stay on top in the current aggressive market. From consulting services to report building, dashboard development, and integration with other applications - our services have helped customers extract maximum value from their data!

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