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Project Overview

Our client approached with an already built platform. The platform is an online marketplace for SDK and applications for various platforms and development environments. The platform has an already configured Salesforce CPQ in it. However, the performance and the speed of the platform are not impressive at all. The platform is a poorly optimized atmosphere that causes efficiency losses.

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Goals & Objectives

We did a detailed audit of the marketplace to identify the underlying problems to make this platform highly efficient and self-sustained. And we achieved what we promised.

At Least 40% Performance Increase

At Least 40% Performance Increase

A poorly optimized was causing performance drainage, we wanted to exploit Salesforce CPQ to the fullest.

Automated System

Automated System

System automation wasn’t the best part of the system. We wanted to take it to every part of the system.

Smart Quoting Experience

Smart Quoting Experience

The smart and efficient quoting experience takes sales to a whole new level for an exponential rise in sales.

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Challenges & Solutions

Improving an already crafted castle is trickier than building a castle from scratch. Turned out, we are good at both.


A Poorly Configured Salesforce CPQ

The already implemented Salesforce CPQ was poorly implemented, thus was performing in a faulty manner.

Slowed Down Processing

To manage dynamic prices, there were more than 150 price rules created, which are hard to manage and performance-hungry.

Data Hoarding on Line Editor

In the system, the line editor has too much data that the users have to scroll down more often.


Overhauling of Salesforce CPQ

We configured the entire Salesforce CPQ according to the needs of our client and customized it accordingly.


Lookup Table Implementation

We successfully implemented the Lookup Table to hold the pricing of SKUs, it is efficient and lightweight.


Standard Drawer Functionality

On the Line Editor page, we configure the Standard Drawer functionality to completely remove the scrolling.

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Tech Stack

The tech stack used in this project was carefully chosen while keeping customizability, performance, and scalability in mind.

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