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Project Overview

Spitar is a unique medical and cosmetic service platform that provides services in UAE. This platform is encouraging medical tourism to UAE by allowing patients to look for the best medical and cosmetic facility, best discount offer, book appointments, and move within departments of the medical facility with just a few taps on the phone’s screen.
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Goals & Objectives

Since Spitar is one-of-a-kind and probably the first platform in UAE, this project came with a lot of ambitions that we achieved later.

Intuitive Experience

The platform may contain hundreds of services and millions of users; therefore, the platforms must have a user-friendly UX/UI and attractive design aesthetics.

Patient & Hospital Profiles

This platform must allow both patients and hospitals to create profiles that allow hospitals to maintain their hospital details and patients to store their records.

Smart Sorting Options

Hundreds of services in the medical atmosphere could be overwhelming for patients in need. Therefore, smart sorting options help them to find their service instantly.

Patient Data Sync

Patient data is essential for the treatment; therefore, a seamless data sync allows patients to move within hospitals and different departments with ease.

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Challenges & Solutions

High ambitions come at a cost of unknown challenges. Overcoming those challenges is something we are pretty good at.


Medical Compliances

The platform deals with a lot of confidential data and information. I must be compliant with UAE laws.

Platform Familiarity

Spitar is a whole new platform with new services. It should have a familiarity for optimum ease of access.

Scalability Opportunities

Spitar may require frequent scalability services due to its increase in demand. There should be flexibility.


Certifications & APIs

We applied and received all the necessary compliances certifications for this platform to work flawlessly.


Creative Design Adaptation

With our designs wizards, we achieved an optimum level of simplicity that makes Spitar as friendly as social media platforms.


Powerful Tech Stack

For the development of Spitar, we used only those technologies that allow us infinite flexibility in the scalability department.

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To achieve the next level of simplicity and familiarity, we tried and tested multiple runs of wireframes until we found the perfect ones to work with.
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Visual Design

The entire visual design of Spitar is all about simplicity. Patients require immediate services, and they should be able to find them right at their fingertips. Hence, the design must complement their experience, not come between them and their services.
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Tech Stack

The tech stack that we used is super flexible, powerful, and customizable as much as a requirement for the refinements over time.

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