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Project Overview

Sunshine Beach Real Estate is a real estate business based in Noosa Head, Queensland, Australia. They take their true pride in offering their exceptional, personable and professional customer services to help people buy, sell, rent and get holiday accommodations. Their personalized services according to the special needs of customers make them stand out from the rest.
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Goals & Objectives

The following goals and objectives show that we were ready for a couple of extra miles.
  • Seamless Experience

    A real estate business heavily relies on the experience, we wanted to make sure the same immaculate is delivered by the website as well.

  • Lasting Impression

    The design and structure of the website are based on the optimum convenience and visual appeal for the visitor that leaves an impression.

  • Glimpse of Locality

    Sunshine Beach has its own unique scenic beauty and we wanted to show a glimpse of this majestic scene on our website as well.

  • Personal

    We wanted this website to establish a personal connection with the visitors so that it leaves an unforgettable impression on them.

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Challenges & Solutions

The challenges come and go, what remains is the solution and how we evolved to find those solutions.


Market Competition

The real estate market is suffering from a smothering amount of competition.

Next Level Simplicity

Simplicity is very hard to achieve when the whole user experience depends on it.

One of A Kind Experience

We strive for offering elements and experiences that make you stand out from the rest.


Market Competition

We designed and developed based on according to modern user behavior.


Next Level Simplicity

Designed UX/UI is such a way that every important thing lies at arm’s length.


One of A Kind Experience

Restructured everything from scratch, invented and employed new strategies.

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Our seasoned experts designed these wireframes after several alterations and ended up achieving our goals.
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Visual Design

The final visual design depicts the message of the owner and establishes a unique relationship with the users.
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Tech Stack

It is the right choice of technologies and their smart utilization defines the overall performance of a website.

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