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The legal consultation

01 / 06

Project Overview

The Link Legal Consultation was a project of website development for, as the name suggests, a legal firm. From the look of it, the project doesn’t seem challenging from the aspect of technology. However, this website is more than what meets the eye. The Link is a website of attention to fine detail. And the effect of it can only be experienced, not seen.

02 / 06

Goals & Objectives

To achieve this level of standards in website development, we set some higher goals for ourselves. Evidently, we accomplished them as well.

Ease of Access

Anything that has to do with law takes a lawyer to properly understand. But didn’t want to do this with the website. All we wanted was simplicity.


We wanted The Link website to offer detailed information about the company, their services, and other interactive aspects of the website.


It is our firm belief that a website should talk for itself. Therefore, we wanted this website to communicate every aspect of the company.


There could be tons of legal services that a common person may not understand. The categories section can make it easy to navigate through such a website.

03 / 06

Challenges & Solutions

Our higher standards for the website came up with some challenges. Like always, we came up with their solutions.


Bewildering Information

Too much information on the website could create confusion among visitors.

Easy Navigation

There could be countless legal services offered by the company, visitors can get lost.

Dual Language Support

Design a website that works in both English and Arabic scripts without compromises.


Bewildering Information

Simply dividing information into different sections and categories made it easy.


Easy Navigation

Separating the services into categories and making a dedicated page did the trick.


Dual Language Support

Creatively designed a website that is consistent in both languages.

04 / 06


Such an ambitious project required very fine attention to detail, thus, we created wireframes that do justice to our standards.
05 / 06

Visual Design

The final visual design of The Link is mastery of fine details and our ability to push beyond our limits. It’s a work that visitors may not observe at first glance but enjoy in an overall experience.

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