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Project Overview

TixFair is a web portal for those who love to go out to concerts, live events, or who like to host events. When we first heard about this project, we knew exactly what and how to do it. We had done such a project in the past but this one had a different touch to it. We were asked to make an all-inclusive website while keeping everything easy and clean. And we delivered
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Goals & Objectives

TixFair is a unique project in its true spirits, therefore, we set some ambitious goals with it to introduce something different to the world of enthusiasts.

Informative, yet Clean

The website should be informative to offer all the details of the events without making any compromises with its aesthetics.

Quick and Simple

We wanted to reduce the time to book an event as much as possible. Also, while making the website simple and easy to navigate through.

Powerful and Reliable

Considering the nature of the website, this website must be able to handle thousands of users and their operations without any snag.

Cool Features

To make the website exciting and unique, this should have some extra cool features that make its users appreciate it enough to make frequent visits.

03 / 07

Challenges & Solutions

Every project has its own challenges, this one was no exception. Like always, we have solutions up our sleeves.


Too Much Information

As per the nature of the website, this TixFair has a lot of information to fit into one place.

Minimal Website Design

Have to fit all these events and their information in a MINIMAL website for a clean look.

Easy Navigation

Even after too many things to interact with, everything should be easy to navigate.


Too Much Information

Systematic category division and powerful, yet easy navigation did the trick for us.


Minimal Website Design

A couple of re-runs of wireframes and we were able to create what we desired.


Easy Navigation

TRedesigned a custom navigation panel to make everything clean and easy to access.

04 / 07


It took us a couple of re-runs of the wireframes to achieve what we wanted but eventually, we came up with something that users cannot help but appreciate.
05 / 07

Visual Design

The final visual design is the combination of creative thinking, exceptional problem-solving abilities, and years of experience.
06 / 07

Tech Stack

We chose only the best technologies and tools to develop this website to ensure flawless performance.
07 / 07

Client Review

Jay Lehmann

Web Development for Tixfair

The team has always been super responsive, understanding, and committed to delivering the best service.

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