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Our experience-driven e-Wallet mobile app development allows us to deliver your customers a faster, secure, and convenient way to perform online transactions on Android, iOS, and Wearables.

No! The world is not being digitalized now. Because the digitalization had begun a long time ago. If you are reading this, you must be doing the online monitory transaction for quite some years by now. Hence, when we talk about our ewallet mobile app development process, it does not mean we are talking about developing the e-Wallet and integration that you have been experiencing so far. Our app development answers the very important question in the world of the digital revolution, i.e. “What’s next?”

In order to answer this question, our experts and research team is constantly working to observe and monitor the real-world experience of e-wallet users in B2B, B2C, and B2B2C environment and derive essential data that help us to further improve the experience of online sending and receiving payments via individual (stand-alone) or integrated e-wallet apps. As a result, our e-wallet mobile apps always have the best and user-friendly designs and industry-leading features for that your customers will always thank you.

Excellent and Essential eWallet Development Services!

Digital Ewallet App Development Features


One of the most basic and yet important services of any e-wallet application is Onboarding. Whether it is a customer’s app or a service provider’s app, onboarding is essential among them all. Therefore, we offer an intuitive and simple onboarding feature that matches the spirit of the app.

  • Introduction
  • Authentication
  • Personal Info
  • Verification

Multiple Bank Accounts

Freedom is everything. This might seem a bold statement but when it comes to customer relations, it goes a long way. Therefore, a simple feature that allows users to add their multiple bank accounts to the eWallet mobile app can offer seamless convenience and flexibility to them.

  • Authentication
  • Save card details
  • Save other eWallets
  • Manage accounts

Budgeting and Planning

If an eWallet app offers services that go beyond utility then the experience starts that further cultivates customer loyalty. The smart budgeting and planning tools within an eWallet mobile app, help users to manage expenses and taxes that eventually save time and money for them.

  • Record expenses
  • Calculate tax
  • Manage mortgages
  • Manage and save information


An eWallet app deals with customer’s money and money is a quite sensitive matter. Therefore, all the saved information about the customer’s transaction must be saved and safely backed up in secure and encrypted cloud storage. These backups are can be conveniently restored whenever needed.

  • Schedule backup
  • Restore backup
  • Password-protected backup file
  • Delete previous backup files

App Security

Even though a mobile application is protected by the user in their smartphones, it is quite essential things to offer an additional layer of protection for the eWallet app in order to protect the app from any unsolicited access. These small features are essential and broadly appreciated by the customers.

  • PIN Lock
  • Fingerprint authentication
  • Facial recognition
  • Pattern or password lock


In any e-wallet mobile application, the ease of use is what makes this application the most frequently used app by the customers. Hence, offering comprehensive billing information is one of those features with which the customer convenience takes several leaps of improvement to engage more customers.

  • Generate Detailed Bill
  • Send Bill via Email
  • Tax details
  • Pay phone and restaurant bills


Communication takes any relations to a whole new level. Here, notifications are the ways with which your e-wallet mobile app communicates your customers. It shows alerts, messages, request generation, payment confirmation, special offers, discounts, and many more updates.

  • Payment alerts
  • Special offer alerts
  • Marketing and promotion
  • Security alerts

Split Bills

A simple and useful feature that any customer would appreciate if added into an eWallet app. Because people like to go out with their friends and do shopping, dine-out, or do a lot of things, therefore, splitting bills between them gives them a faster and accurate way to divide payable amount.

  • Add person
  • Add the total amount
  • Pay within the app
  • Generate payment request

Interested In Launching Your Ewallet App?

Dynamic panel for E-Wallet Mobile App

  • Admin
  • User
  • Merchant
  • Roll-Based Dashboards
  • Interactive Dashboards
  • Manage Users
  • Manager Merchants
  • Real-Time Analytics
  • Content Management System (CMS)
  • Set and Edit New Offers and Commission Rates
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Revenue Management
  • Promotional Offers
  • Security Compliances
  • Audit Management
  • User Sign Up/Sign Up
  • Bank Account Authorization
  • Add Balance
  • Check Balance
  • Transfer Funds
  • Bill Payments
  • Transactions History
  • Pop Up Notifications
  • Splitting Bills
  • Budgeting Tools
  • Tax Calculator
  • Referrals and Promotional Offers
  • Interactive Dashboard
  • Generate QR Code
  • Add Products
  • EMI Options
  • Manage Customers
  • Manage Staff
  • Withdraw Money
  • Create Events
  • Loyalty Rewards
  • Promotional Offer
  • Pop-Up Notifications
  • Detailed Statement

Advanced Mobile Wallet Application Features

Near Field Communication (NFC)

The NFC support within the e-Wallet mobile app offers a seamless and secure payment between your mobile device and the POS at the store. All it takes is a simple touch to the POS system with the smartphone to authenticate and process the payment and it is done with the fractions of a second. This brings so much convenience and also saves a lot of time for the customers.

iBeacon and Bluetooth

iBeacon is a Bluetooth-based piece of technology that makes it faster and easy to perform an online transaction without the need for swiping your cards. Just as better as NFC it also helps the customer to make online payments faster. However, it does not require a physical touch of contact from the smartphone. The sensors at the store automatically send the request to the customer’s app and it’s done when approved.

QR Codes

It utilizes the smartphone’s camera to scan the QR code at the merchant’s store and to make faster and secure payments without any hassle. In many parts of the world, QR codes are a general norm for processing online payments. Every store has its own unique QR code. Once scanned by the built-in camera of the app recognizes the QR code immediately and proceeds further to make payment.

Cloud Back-Up

All your transaction history will be automatically backed up in our safe and secure cloud storage and monthly statement will be sent to you via email. How cool is that to have a feature that automatically saves your payment info right into encrypted cloud storage? The customers love such a feature that reduces one less thing to worry about in their daily life.


We focus on the e-Wallet app experience, therefore, we custom design special reward points systems that engage users and make them stay around. Because rewards make the whole difference. The modern world does not like anything that just gets the job done. Everything should come with something more to offer. And this is how rewards make customers come back to the app more and more.


We design and develop custom e-Wallet mobile apps that flawlessly perform all your cryptocurrency transaction within a safe and secure medium. Sooner or later the world is also getting accustomed to the idea of cryptocurrency. There is a lot of online platforms that accept cryptocurrency as one of their payment mediums. Having a feature to perform these transactions will capture a wider audience.

3rd Party Integration

Our developers are expert in integrating ewallet app with third-party wallets.

Google Pay

Apple Pay

Samsung Pay



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