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Being a globally renowned MERN stack development company, we have accumulated unparalleled experience in working with MERN (MongoDB, Express.js, React, Node.js) Stack Technology. We are delivering exceptional MERN based web solutions for our clients, we are building highly secure, interactive, and scalable web solutions for large enterprises, small startups, and entrepreneurs.

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MERN Stack Development Company

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Over the years, ARKA Softwares has earned prestigious awards and recognition for keeping up the phenomenal work. This proves the dedication of our team towards attaining excellence in each service offering.

What is MERN Stack?

The MERN stack is a JavaScript stack, which includes four open-source components: MongoDB, Express, React, and Node.js. These components provide an end-to-end framework for developers to work in. The MERN Stack is one the most popular and utilized stacks to develop robust and powerful, full-stack applications.

We can offer our top-notch assistance to empower your business with MERN stack development services. Our maverick MERN stack developers ensure an interactive and immersive user experience with minimal effort. We can help you in your quest of staying ahead of competition with our highly professional and customized MERN Stack development services. We offer a perfect blend of modern frameworks and technologies with our Domain expertise to cater your business’s vision and objectives.

How does MERN Stack functions?

The MERN allows us to construct a 3-tier architecture (Frontend, Backend, and Database) using JavaScript and JSON. The Frontend tier of the MERN stack is React.js, it lets you develop complex interfaces through simple Components, connect them to data on your backend server, and render them as HTML seamlessly. The Frontend tier of the MERN stack is React.js, it lets you develop complex interfaces through simple Components, connect them to data on your backend server, and render them as HTML seamlessly.

The next Backend tier (Server) is consists of Express.js which runs inside a Node.js server. Express.js is known as a minimalist and fast web framework for Node.js. It offers powerful models for URL routing and handling HTTP responses and requests with much ease. The third tier, Database is handled by MongoDB, which is a non-relational and schema-less database. It allows the Data to be stored in flexible documents with a JSON based query language, which works flawlessly with all the modern technologies.

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Why Choose MERN Stack?

With the advent of mobile applications, customers are demanding applications that can offer them perfect functionality, utility along with highly immersive UI/UX as well. The MERN Stack has an exceptional combination of technologies - MongoDB, ExpressJS, ReactJS, and NodeJS, that ensures that your application will deliver the best to your customers and easily stand out in the crowd.

Mongo DB

It is a highly popular open-source NoSQL database, which offers a flexible structure that supports huge number of data formats to fulfil the demands of any high fidelity mobile and web application. It houses a perfect blend of features and architecture that empowers any sort of Enterprise to be more scalable and agile, and our team of highly skilled and proficient MongoDB developers helps them with that professionally.


It is a minimal web application framework, which is known for its unmatched flexibility and agility. It comes with huge number of features to assist developers building highly dynamic APIs and portal. We have a team of ExpressJS who have extensive experience in utilizing the ExpressJS as a server-side framework.


It is an open source and widely used JavaScript framework developed and sponsored by Facebook. It inherits the comprehensive features of JavaScript that helps developers to build highly agile isomorphic web apps based on JavaScript. Our ReactJS developers are known for their proven track record in React development services and delivering high-octane web and mobile applications.


It is a cross-platform and an open-source application development platform, which is utilized to build highly scalable and rapid server-side applications. It has been developed with real time and push-based architectures in mind, which helps us develop exceptional web solutions and robust back-end API services.

Our Thorough MERN Stack Development Process

Our Mern Stack developers are highly skilled and seasoned professionals who command expertise in different platforms. Our experienced MERN developers help us building and delivering unparalleled Mern Stack based solutions for large organizations and medium level and small startups.

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Our MERN Stack Developer's Expertise

At Arka Softwares, we strive hard to offer the widest possible range of MERN Stack development services to assist our global clientele in leveraging the complete potential of MongoDB, Express.js, React, and Node.js to get unparalleled solutions, which can help them grow in the market. Our MERN developers are known for delivering highly customized MERN based web applications and mobile applications that can uplift the end-user experience for our customers. You can hire MERN Stack developers from Arka to get highly innovative MERN Stack-based mobile and web solutions.

Dedicated team of MERN Stack Pioneers

You can hire dedicated MERN Stack developers from us, who can build and deliver highly robust, feature-rich web and extremely customized mobile applications for your business needs.

Customized CMS Development

Our Developers are highly adept at developing exceptional, user-friendly, and highly interactive CMS for small to large scale businesses, which can fulfil their business goals and vision.

Web Application Development

Arka Softwares is known for build industry leading, dynamic, fast, and secure web applications and APIs, which deliver rich web user experience and offer unparalleled lively features to boost your business efficiency.

Maintenance & Support

We have an in-house MERN support and maintenance team, which has an expertise in maintaining MERN web applications and mobile applications for global businesses and startups. This team offers round the clock support to all our clientele and offer then highly professional support services.

Integration & Migration Services

Our Developers have comprehensive expertise and extensive hands-on experience and in migration and integration of business applications to MERN Stack-based platforms. Our experts perform due diligence before carrying out these activities to prevent any sort of issues at later stage.

ERP Development

We also offer MERN stack-based ERP development services. Our MERN ERP development service experts are seasoned professionals who have proven track record of delivering amazing solutions that are highly scalable and flexible and in sync with the project requisites.

Enterprise Application Development

We have a dedicated team of MERN, who have extensive exposure of working with large Enterprises, which helps us understanding their requirements and offer them highly scaled and stable Enterprise application solutions, that are highly cost effective, scalable, and run seamlessly across all kind of devices.

e-Commerce Development

We are also known for offering a comprehensive range of MERN Stack ecommerce development services to enhance the business acumen and productivity of our customers. We always ensure our solutions provide our customers a much-needed edge to outperform their competitors.

Why should you choose Arka as your MERN Stack development partner?

As we have aforesaid, we provide cutting-edge MERN stack-based software solutions to our clients, which gives them much needed edge to strive in this competitive IT world. We always believe in offering superior development services with the help of enriching and experienced software professionals we have, who are known for developing the solutions keeping in mind the requirements of our clients within the given project timelines.

Client data Integrity

We always ensure that our Client’s data integrity remains safe as our prime obligation. Our development team and Project Managers work in highly transparent fashion and follow strict policies to ensure integrity of Client’s crucial information.

Highly experienced MERN Stack developers

Arka Softwares known for its top MERN stack Development services. We have a team of highly skilled and certified MERN developers, who can leverage necessary technology and tools to develop cutting-edge solution for our clients.

Project Transparency Is Guaranteed

We always strive hard to ensure our clients remain aware of project progression. We regularly report complete project status details via emails, Skype, regular call to keep our clients fully aware of all the project milestones.

Flexible Engagement Models

We offer highly flexible engagement models and variety of engagement approaches to ensure that our clients which helps them hire a developer online on a monthly, part-time, hourly or fixed cost basis as per their project requirement.

Highly effective Project Management

We keep our clients relieved of complex project management processes and issues, as our experienced Project Managers works on your project, and ensure the completion within the given timelines, while not compromising on Project quality.

Free No Obligation Quote

We understand that a client needs to wage his options, hence we provide this no strings attached quote to our clients during his initial discussion. Once client share their project idea and requirements, we provide them with a no-cost estimate, usually within 24 working hours or as soon as possible.

Strict NDA Terms

Every Enterprise has a unique business idea and policies, which cannot be disclosed to everyone and we duly understand that. We follow a strict NDA policy and always ready to sign a non-disclosure agreement with our clients, to ensure the confidentiality and integrity at every possible level.

On-time delivery

This is our forte. We implement a highly efficient software development approach using agile methodology, which helps us developing the projects within the given timelines. We leverage the best planing & features of MERN Stack technology and tools to offer rapid development services.


Though we develop the client’s idea, and offer our development services to shape those idea, we do not own the IPR for the same, as our patrons use us and pay for our professional development services the IPR (Intellectual property rights) of the project is always retained with the client.

Time zones availability

Though we work in IST time zone, the working hours are such that every day any client from any part of the world has easy access to our developers and project manager which over lap with their working time zone, to ensure smooth communication essential for project success.

60% cost saving to end client

As an offshore development centre our aim is to ensure that our client gets best rates which ensure that at end of the day, he saves at least 50% to 60% on cost, if he would have hired same skilled resource onshore. We clutch to this thought to make no compromise on quality while been cost-effective.

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