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Mobile apps are getting popular with every passing day. With the proliferation of numerous mobile devices, highly competent mobile computing, enormous speed and bandwidth, internet usage of smartphones have clearly surpassed that on laptops and PCs, and evidently, mobile apps are redefining business.

As we are an excellent Xamarin mobile app development company we help our clients reach out to a global audience using our efficient business-critical mobile apps, we keep them ahead of the curve.

The Xamarin BenefitsBenefits of Xamarin over another platform


Code Reusability

Xamarin permits application development for some popular mobile platforms by using a common codebase. By developing apps on Xamarin, we use the same code, data structures and APIs to share almost 80% of C# code across the board.


Portable Class Libraries Or PCL

Using a proper application architecture and Portable Class libraries (PCL), make it quite easy for developers to share the same code across different platforms. They just have to write the code once that can be shared across Xamarin.Android, Xamarin.iOS and Windows platforms.

Cloud Testing

Xamarin test cloud allows us to evaluate the performance and user interface and debug the code of a cross-platform mobile app, directly in the cloud.

The Native Feel

The Interface of a mobile application developed on Xamarin feels native because it is! To make them look and behave the way an end user expects, Xamarin applications are developed with regular, native UI controls.

Xamarin Component Store

With Xamarin Component Store we can incorporate some high-class components into our app directly from Xamarin Studio (IDE), including web service APIs, controls etc. We can also integrate backends such as SAP, Azure, Salesforce and Parse, as well as incorporate robust security features such as encryption and authentication.

Xamarin Forms

XamarinForms is an API that helps us build UI code that can be shared across the board for iOS, Windows and Android Phone apps using 100% shared C# codebase. XamarinForms comprises of more than 40 layouts and controls that are mapped to native controls during runtime.

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The Arka AdvantageOur Achievements

  • 8+
    Years of experience

    Hire our highly experienced and skilled Xamarin application developers from ARKA Softwares, Jaipur or make use of our Mobileapp Development services in USA, UK & Australia.

  • 50+
    Xamarin App Developers

    Create your native application for multiple platforms by sharing and reusing code fordeveloping Android & iOS applications with native UI and UX.

  • Fearless Experts

    Arka technology experts work fearlessly to deliver the finest quality product within time durations.

  • Security matters

    Wedeliver full secure standard products which ensure they are safe and secure from the unwanted malicious cyber threat.

  • Consolidated Strategy

    We develop solid and customized business strategies so that our efforts and your investment don’t go in vain.

  • Client-Centric Approach

    We make every possible effort to follow anintegrated approach in achieving desired targets.

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