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Get your hands on the best app development services by our experts who will develop a comprehensive doctor appointment app for all platforms such as Android, iOS and be available round the clock to help you generate a lucrative return on investment.

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Our services are incomparable and trustworthy when it comes to developing doctor on-demand apps, as our experienced technicians and development staff deliver a full fledged app with features that cannot be matched and designs that are comparatively easy to comprehend and quicker to use. We ensure the clients of high-quality content and error-free apps.

There have been several trends in the digital world that we have been witnessing, but we assure our clients to follow only those trends that are required in building a doctor's on-demand app. One of the most utilized applications in today’s time, we understand what a client wants and what the users expect, therefore, deliver nothing but the best after comprehending the requirements of the two parties. Why not take the experience of the users a notch higher than what they are already getting from the other apps? Therefore, our experts with sufficient years of experience in the same line, put their best foot forward in developing an app with the most unique and useful features.

All this comes with a team that is research-oriented and helps you know your target audience and keep a check on their likes and dislikes. We make sure to offer an exquisite experience to the users, in order to help our clients, get loyal users. It is essential to offer the users a design and theme that suits your application, and we excel at doing that. Along with this, we have some of the most unique and useful features to offer to our clients without whose presence a doctor on demand cannot be successful. Our tactics and proficiency in programming languages and coding are outstanding. We have a team of quality assurance testers who test the application, before launching the app on the App Store and implement the changes that are required.

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Essential Features in Doctor On-Demand App


We aim to ask the users for minimum information so that they don’t lose out interest via going through a monotonous registration process. Therefore, we integrate the social media sigh up process during the registration phase, wherein, the users can directly use one of their social media accounts to sign up and save all the time and effort of entering all their details again. An onboarding procedure includes the following aspects:


We have made this feature mandators in the doctor on demand applications, as this enables the users to directly book an appointment with the doctor via the app itself. This is again a time saving feature, as the users do not have to make calls to the doctor or at the reception to book a time slot for themselves.

Video call

We understand what the users might look forward to in a doctor on demand. Since the patients cannot meet the doctors physically, the lack of physical approach might lead to the basic hurdle of the former not being able to explain their problem properly. Therefore, we have the feature of video calls, which enable the patients in getting in touch with the doctors through video calls and being able to describe their problems in a better way to the doctor.

In-app chat

This is another important feature that enables the doctors to get in touch with the patients and get proper information about their issues over chat. With the help of in-app chat, the patients can avoid visiting a doctor’s clinic as they can share their documents and prescribed medicines virtually. Doctors can also review the results or tests of the patients through this feature.

Availability check

Online doctor timings do not vary from the in-person appointments. Therefore, we have included this feature wherein, the patient can check the time slots for which the doctor is available at the clinic and virtually to confirm an appointment with him. This saves each user the time they spend waiting for the doctor in the lobby.

Reminders and push notifications

This is an essential feature in the case of a doctor on-demand app as patients need to be intimated about their appointment so that they can apply for cancellation or postpone their appointment if they are unable to visit the doctor at the time slot they booked their appointment for. Push notifications also help the doctors intimate their patients in case there is any change in their timings.

Payment gateways

Not all patients might carry cash with themselves to the doctor’s clinic and the online appointments promote a cashless economy. Therefore, the apps should have a safe and encrypted payment gateway for the patients to make easy and secure payments via the various payment options that are available in these times. These payment gateways can include the likes of:


This function offers convenience to the patients, as it enables them to look up for the doctor that is suitable for their needs. A doctor can be looked up by typing a keyword in the search bar and by filtering out their specialties. This helps the patients get quick access to the list of doctors that can cater to their needs and requirements.

Vigorous Panel for Doctor On-Demand App

  • Patient
  • Doctor
  • Admin
  • Social Sign Up/Login
  • Upload Documents
  • Feedback
  • Doctor identification
  • Tracking Doctor’s Location
  • In-App, Chat, Calling, Video
  • Setup Profile
  • Email, SMS & push notification Alerts
  • Provide Review & Rating
  • Create a User Profile
  • Post Appointment Requests
  • Multiple Payment Modes
  • Web/Mobile Panel
  • Doctor’s Profile
  • Appointments Status
  • Accept & Reject Request
  • Give Online Prescriptions
  • Patient Progression Chart
  • Check Earning
  • Manage Appointments
  • Track User location
  • Refill Medication
  • Access Patient history & documents
  • Live Video Call
  • Patient Management
  • Dashboard Management
  • Notification Module
  • Report generation & Weekly Statement
  • Doctor Management
  • Manage Earnings & Commissions
  • Service Module
  • Real-time Analytics
  • CMS for News & Articles
  • Communication channels
  • Marketing Tools
  • Profile Approval

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Advanced Doctor Appointment App Features

GPS Tracking

This feature comes into play when a patient books a physical appointment with the doctor and has to look up for his live location. The real time tracking can help them locate their doctor’s clinic or hospital on the app and reach the destination without any hassle.

Cost calculator

The treatment of each patient might vary on the type of hospital or doctor he is visiting. Each doctor charges a certain amount as his consultation fee, apart from the cost of treatment and the medicinal costs. The in-app cost calculator feature allows them to get the overall estimate of the amount they would have to spend on the entire treatment.

In-app calling and chatting

One of the most important features, this one enables the patients to get in touch with their doctors without having to connect with them over regular phone calls. They can directly make a call at the hospital or clinic with the help of the app and explain their issue over any one of these mediums. This helps them explain their issues better to the medical staff without having to visit them physically.

Reviews and ratings

For any healthcare center or official, the users need to give their feedback on their services. This helps in improving the overall ratings of the doctors and fetch more patients. This feature is also useful to the new users who want to take a piece of advice from a particular doctor, as they can check their reviews and then book an appointment with them.


The integration of this feature allows a seamless experience for the users. It is important to get in touch with the support staff in case any advice is needed as they can assist you to get through any issue if you are finding it difficult to use the app at any stage.

Document sharing and scanning

This is an advanced feature and it allows the users to share any documents such as the medical test reports, prescriptions, or anything that you need to show to the doctor so that he can understand your medical history and reports. The in-app scanner allows you to click a picture of your reports, scan it via the app, and share it directly with the medical staff.

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