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Accelerate business transformation and gain advantages of innovative IT solutions using our best-in-class IT consulting services. We assist our clients with strategic, operational and implementation planning close to our client's business goals.

From Assessments to Implementation!

Grow Your Business with Strategic IT Consulting

The business landscape is dynamically changing. So, businesses need innovative solutions to handle the challenges. strategy that can help in meeting business, stakeholders, and customers' expectations effectively. The best solution is strategic IT consulting services that can lead you to the best results. It'll help you thrive in the current market scenario. As a leading IT consulting company, we provide a wide range of IT and software consulting services. It works like your goals- our strategy. Arka Softwares helps in replacing complex enterprise IT challenges with simple solutions.

IT Consulting is a game of expertise, and we play it on forefront.

So are you ready to experience it for your business.

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IT & Software consulting Services Arka Softwares Offer

Maximize your business potential with our IT consulting services. Via assessing your needs, making a fail-proof strategy, and implementing customization we'll help you in ultimate business transformation.

IT Strategy Consulting

Crafting a high-performing and working strategy is our expertise, and you can leverage it to take your business in the front row.

IT Operational Consulting

Leverage our IT operational consulting services to optimize IT infrastructure, improve overall efficiency, and improve business performance.

Digital Transformation

Adopt digital transformation for your business to accelerate the workflow, create innovative solutions, and streamline processes.

Cloud Strategy

Migrate strategically to Cloud technology and utilize its power for better business, scalability and cost-effectiveness in a real sense.

Software Product Engineering

Whether it is desktop apps, web apps, mobile apps, or Network systems, we can provide you with access to our expertise from ideation to launch.

App Development Consulting

We provide app development consulting services to SMEs, startups, enterprises and agencies that help them to attain scalability in business.

Business Solution Consulting

Get the right solutions selected or developed, such as CRM, CMS, ERP, DMS or whatever you need for your business using our consulting.

IT Assessment

Evaluate your IT infrastructure, applications, and processes with the help of industry experts and get the best experience of IT assessment.

Migration Discovery

Legacy apps or software can limit your business, so it is best to utilize migration discovery services. It'll help you find the perfect option.

Harness the power of IT consulting services for your enterprise and get multiple competitive advantages.

IT Consulting Services at Your Pace!

It Is What Our IT Strategy Consulting Services Promises

Our dedication and expertise in providing IT strategy consulting services allow us to set the bar high. It can help boost ROI and adopt the technologies IoT, AI, Cloud Computing, Blockchain, and others that bring change.

Cost Effective

Providing cost-effective solutions is always our top priority so the business owners can find it easy to adopt the new software solution for critical missions.


We provide the best resources and a team of expert IT consultants who can help you leverage the latest tech customization and obtain the best results.


We believe in providing ultimate flexibility to our clients so they can choose a suitable option from a wide range of IT consulting services that meet their needs.

Accurate Analysis

Our IT consultants have comprehensive experience in assessing IT infrastructure and systems to find out the potential gaps and suggest the best solutions.


Innovation helps in following the trends and beat the business challenges. We are always ready to implement innovative solutions for our clients.


Our IT consultants help in identifying security issues and provide their consultancy to deal with potential security threats against your IT infra and systems.

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Important FAQs Related to IT Consulting Services

Arka Softwares is a leading IT consulting firm. We have ample experience in providing consulting services to diverse businesses for their specific business needs. We have a presence in the IT industry of more than 13+ years and have delivered 650+ projects to date, where other projects are in the pipeline and yet to be launched. Our clients have noticed our results, which makes us the top choice for strategy IT consulting services.

We provide an extensive range of IT consulting and solutions services for businesses. Our services include IT strategy consultation, IT assessment, IT operational consulting, IT Roadmap, digital transformation, cloud strategy, software product engineering, cloud strategy, and more.

There are multiple benefits of IT consulting services, such as:

  • Reduced IT overhead
  • Faster problem resolution
  • Streamlined workflows
  • Improved productivity
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction
  • Strategic advantages
  • Adapting to changing needs and more.

We serve almost all types of industries:

  • Healthcare
  • Education & E-Learning
  • Banking & Finance
  • Logistics & Transportation
  • Events & Ticketing
  • Real Estate & Housing
  • Entertainment & Media
  • eCommerce

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