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Partner with us to get the best application development services from the experts that have a successful experience in delivering the best On-demand beauty salon app development solutions for Android and iOS, to help you get to generate a good deal of revenue.

Beauty Salon Apps –Timely Deliverables and Incomparable Services

Our team has evolved and excelled in developing on-demand beauty salon apps with the latest features and design that is easily comprehendible and user friendly. We assure the clients of a high quality end product that will help them outshine the rest.

With the evolution of technology, we have taken stern steps to follow certain procedures in making an app that is not only competent in these times when applications have become the lifelines of any business. We cater to our clients according to their needs and made sure to offer them the deliverables on time. We have been serving our clients for over 11 years now and have grown with them. We accept new changes and trends with open arms and try to implement in our apps, to give the best service to our clients and offer them services that do not burn a hole in their pockets.

The clients also receive the benefit of leaving the research work on our experts, while they invest that time in other important business work. We try to improvise the real world experience for the users through the on-demand beauty salon applications our team develops. The experience is not only tremendous, but the beauty salon apps developed by us also provide the users with a seamless experience, enabling them to select and add the services they want to avail from the list of services offered to their cart. Apart from this, we offer our clients several designs to choose from and put a great deal of enthusiasm and effort into making the application a success. We believe in understanding the client and his needs before handing over the finished product to them.

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Advanced Salon App Features

Real-time GPS

One of the most useful features, this is offered to the clients on the basis of their needs. It helps the users to locate the salon they have booked services from and helps them reach their location with the help of the maps that are integrated into the app. Secondly, if a beauty expert is out to deliver his at-home services, he can also make use of this feature to locate the user’s address.

Loyalty programs

Why not offer your loyal customers something special and reward them with something useful for their loyalty. Redeemable points, gift vouchers, special discounts, and loyalty points can help you keep bringing your esteemed customers back to availing your services over and over again. Make them feel special by integrating this feature into your app.

In-app calling and chatting

This feature does not only allow the customers to get in touch with the beauty experts in no time with just a single tap on the screen but also helps them mask their numbers in case they are not comfortable sharing it with the beauty experts. Integrating this feature in your app will only take your beauty salon application a notch higher and help you rate above your competitors.

Reviews and feedback

Any salon or an independent beauty expert who is offering their services to the clients would love to hear about what their clients feel about their service. Therefore, we believe in integrating this feature in all beauty salon apps, as one can rely on the feedback and ratings of the customers and can rank above others because of these ratings.


By integrating this feature in you can offer your customers a unique experience as they can turn to the support staff in case of any issues. Vindicate your communication with your clients and see what they are looking for, also, you can get assistance on the behavior of each client and offer them services accordingly.


Offer nothing but the best to your clients by allowing them to book any number of services in advance. For example, if a bride wants to book a beauty expert or a salon service for their big day, they should be able to make the reservation months or days in advance to ensure that the slot is not given out to someone else.

Dynamic Panel for Salon App Features

  • User Panel
  • Beauty Salon Owner
  • Individual Beauty Expert
  • Super Panel
  • Social Sign Up/Login
  • Nearby salon & services
  • Book/Schedule Appointments
  • Multiple Payment Options
  • Rate and Review Services
  • Order history & Repeat Order
  • View subscription packages
  • Chat/Call with the stylist
  • Track stylist Root
  • Create a User Profile
  • Post Appointment Requests
  • Multiple Payment Modes
  • Register via email id
  • View user requests
  • Catalog Management
  • Manage services offered
  • Schedule the stylist for users
  • View ratings and reviews
  • Check Earning
  • Accept/decline user’s request
  • Manage pricing of services offered
  • Chat module integration
  • Push notification
  • Live Video Call
  • Social Signup/Login
  • Accept/Reject/Re-schedule user request
  • Manage calendar
  • List services and Prices
  • Make offers & discount
  • Track Payments
  • Chat/Call Users
  • In app Navigation
  • User Location Tracking
  • Communication channels
  • Marketing Tools
  • Generating Report
  • Manage Stylist
  • Approve or reject stylist registration request
  • Real time Reports & Analytics
  • Create offers & discounts
  • Manage Payment & Earnings
  • Marketing Activities
  • App monetization
  • Manage CMS
  • Manage Beauty Salons
  • Manage Beauticians

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Essential Features in Salon App



We make sure to have an onboarding procedure that is simple and easy for the users. We ensure to have minimal inputs by the users so that the users don’t lose out on the interest mid-way. Also, we integrate social media sign up in the entire procedure, so that the application can pick all details from social media without any requirement of new information. Registrations and onboarding include these four steps:

Push notifications

Push notifications

All beauty salon applications essentially need this feature as the salons can do all their promotional activities via this feature. A notification can be sent to a user when a booking is made and similar reminders can be sent out later when nearing the slot booking day or time. If any new offer or discount is launched at the salon, it can also be shared with the customers via push notifications.

Schedule services

Schedule services

This is a must have feature for all beauty salon apps, irrespective of the kind of services they offer. A user should be able to schedule a booking for a particular time slot depending upon the availability of the professionals who are going to deliver those services to them. This also enables the salon staff to have a clear picture of the time distributed amongst the clients so that no slot is booked more than once.

 Beauty packages

Beauty packages

Another important feature that needs to be a part of the beauty salon app. It helps the users in getting a better and closer look at the services offered by a salon app, out of which they can select the ones they want and book it for themselves. Each salon offers several beauty packages, and those need to be demonstrated on the app for a better reach and user’s understanding.

In-app payment

In-app payment

This feature should be the primary component of your beauty salon app, and we assist you in adding the most used and easy payment gateways. This enables the users to make all payments online, rather than paying the service provider in cash. It is a convenient way of making payments and helps maintain transparency. There are several payment gateways that one can choose from when it comes to getting these integrated with their apps:

Booking history

Booking history

Our staff gives utmost importance to customer satisfaction by integrating this feature, which enables them to take a quick look at the services availed by them through the app in the past. This can help them view the date when the service was availed and the price paid for each service separately on that particular day. Apart from this, our expertise has helped the users to repeat their booking or get in touch with the same beauty experts who gave them their services earlier.

 Manage Calendar

Manage Calendar

Not all people who try to book a slot with the beauty experts get access to their services, until, the latter has a time slot available on his/her calendar. We integrate the calendar in the application so that the beauty experts are not left in the dilemma of making a booking. The time slot that has already been booked will automatically get removed from the app and will not appear in the next user’s calendar.

 Service list and prices

Service list and prices

After a detailed conversation with the clients, we ensure that each service of the beauty providers is listed along with the price for the same. This removes any scope of bargaining by the customer and the beauty experts get what they deserve. It is also beneficial for the users as they can select only those services that they need and can pay for before calling an expert over to their house.

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