Taxi Booking App Development Solutions

Take your business a notch higher by generating a good amount of ROI through your on-demand Taxi mobile app that meet the demands of the users on various platforms such as Android and iOS.

Readymade Taxi App Development Solutions

We deploy a team of experienced taxi booking app developers on building customizable taxi apps that outshines the others and offers an enriching experience to your users. Our services can be availed either on Android devices, iOS, or the latest technology such as wearables.

Traveling and commuting from one place to the other has become an essential part of one’s life, therefore, the demand for taxi booking applications has been on a rise. Although several prominent on-demand taxi booking apps have already made a space for themselves among the users and in the market, we assure you of a higher scope for new applications and businesses. However, you have to make sure to be better than the rest, which is why we provide you with features that can help you bring a revolution in the transport industry and stand out from the crowd.

Our team is rich in experience and have the technical of assisting the clients right from the beginning to the day the app is finally launched on the platform chosen by the client. A native app will need developers who understand the programming languages that are required in the building of the Cab Booking App, whereas, the iOS applications will need the developers to understand the codes. In case you want to launch an Taxi Rental App across platforms, we will get the best of the best on board. We have an array of Readymade Taxi App designs with us for our clients to choose from, however, if they do not stand up to your expectations, we allow the clients to personalize and make changes according to their preferences.

Outstanding Taxi Booking App Development Services!

On-Demand Taxi Booking App Development Features



This is one of the most elementary features that is mostly required in all applications as it allows the users to make a distinct account for themselves by entering all the important information about themselves. To keep up with the interest of the users, the app should be able to provide a simple registration procedure that is quick and non-redundant.


Schedule Bookings

In any e-wallet mobile application, the ease of use is what makes this application the most frequently used app by the customers. Hence, offering comprehensive billing information is one of those features with which the customer convenience takes several leaps of improvement to engage more customers.



An app integrated with several payment gateways will always make it to the top of the list for the users. There are various kinds of users; therefore their choice of making payment might vary according to their resources. An app should have a plethora of payment gateways such as payment via debit or credit card, online payments, or through any e-Wallets that have registered themselves on.

GPS Tracking

GPS Tracking

For a taxi driver to reach the pick-up location of a user, he needs to have his geographical location which is trackable. This is why the GPS tracking feature is so essential in the case of a taxi booking app. Also, the app should have a real time tracking system for a better and an enhanced experience. This will also help them avoid routes that have heavy traffic for any reason.

Push Notifications

Push Notifications

Another essential feature that helps in spreading the word about anything new that’s happening on the app. Users can best be intimated about any offers, discounts or any other promotional activities is with the help of these notifications, which directly pop up on their mobile screens. Notifications are also sent when any booking is confirmed and also to share the invoice and final price of the ride to be paid by the rider.

In-app Calling and Messaging

In-app Calling and Messaging

These are two separate features that enable the users to get in touch with the taxi driver with the help of the application itself. This reduced the time of looking up for the driver’s number and calling him from your number.

Number Masking

Number Masking

This feature is essential for those who don’t want to reveal their personal mobile numbers to the drivers. They can directly place calls to the drivers without having to let their numbers flash on the receiver’s phone screens.

Selecting a Car Type

Selecting a Car Type

Different riders might have separate preferences, therefore, their choices regarding the car type they want to hire might vary. This feature is great for such people who do not like to travel without having their preferred car arrive for them to fetch them at their doorstep.

Want to Develop Outstanding Taxi Booking App?

Taxi Booking App like Uber and Ola Panel

  • Passenger
  • Driver
  • Admin
  • Registration
  • Automated e-receipts
  • Feedback
  • Scheduled Bookings
  • Edit Profile
  • SMS Alerts
  • Vehicle Tracking System (GPS)
  • Flexible Payment Options
  • Trip/Cab Tracking
  • Automatic Fare Calculation
  • Multi Currency Support
  • Multi Language Support
  • Notification to Drivers
  • Flexible Vehicle Options
  • Email Alerts
  • View Trip Routes Using GPS
  • SMS Alerts
  • Trip/Cab Tracking
  • Automatic Fare Calculation
  • Scheduled Bookings
  • Rate Passengers
  • Contact Customer
  • Wallet
  • Go Offline
  • Interactive Dashboard
  • Vehicle Management
  • Customers and drivers Info
  • Auto Dispatch
  • User Control
  • Dispatch Panel
  • Define Business Rules
  • Geo-restrictions
  • Real-time tracking
  • Reporting & Analytics
  • Send App Notifications
  • Set Tariff

Advanced Taxi Booking App Features

Cost calculator

A user can easily calculate the amount he would have to spend on a ride by entering the details of the place he wants to travel to and the time taken to reach the destination. This helps the user in getting an estimate of the amount the taxi would cost him and can compare and choose his ride accordingly.


Reviews should always be welcomed so as to know what the customers think of your services and see if there are any areas of improvement. Positive feedback and reviews will help your ratings grow overall on the app store and will thus fetch you more glances.

Customer Service

A taxi booking app should be able to provide 24*7 online assistance to their users, as the job goes on day and night and at odd hours as well. Therefore, it should allow the users to get in touch with the customer service staff in case there is an emergency or clarity is required on an issue.

Multiple Bookings

Gone are the days when only one app was used for a single booking. With the coming of age technology, it has been easy to give the users access to making more than one booking at a certain point in time.

Trip History

Whilst you go on making your bookings regularly, there might be a time when you’d want to look at the places you’ve travelled to and booked yourself a taxi. This is why it is important for you to install the feature of trip history, wherein the users can get access to all the bookings made by them in the past.

Generate Invoice

An invoice is generated on the app itself after the completion of each ride. This should be visible under the invoice section on the app itself and sent out as attachments to the users via e-mails as well.

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