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By Digital Transformation Consulting, we mean helping you to harness the power of next-gen technologies to amplify your business outcome in the means of revenue, efficiency, management, and customer experience.

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As passionate tech enthusiasts, we’ve always wondered what should be the peak of the technological revolution. And we believe that while changing everything around you, technology shouldn’t change you, as a person. However, it should make things easy and fun for you.

Likewise, technology shouldn’t interfere with your core business values. It should only increase efficiency, productivity, and revenue while improving business reach and customer experience. And as a digital transformation consulting company with more than a 13+ years of experience in the industry, we assure you that you will get only the best mobile apps and web solutions.

Master Product Roadmap planning with our top-down approach

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Discover how Arka Software's team delivers personalised development experiences and creates unforgettable journey to ensure maximum satisfaction for all of our clients.

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Engagement Models

Arka Softwares offers various engagement models that impeccably blend innovation, performance, cost, agility, and performance. You can choose from a wide array of flexible and customized models, each of which assures high quality, technical expertise, and timely delivery.


Product Engineering Team

Get one or more Scrum teams comprising of Business Analysts, developers, designers, Scrum masters, and Testers. Our dedicated team will not only transform your idea into a turnkey product but also takes complete responsibility of maintaining and supporting your product.


Offshore Development Center

Get seasoned resources to manage services, platforms, products, and core value competencies. We offer dedicated and contractual resources to address your business requirements. This not only increases your agility but also reduces unnecessary efforts and costs for setting up an offshore team.


Center of Excellence

If you want to capitalize a specific area, be it AI, DevOps, Data Science, or Digital Commerce, then COE is the best approach to follow. We offer specialized expertise and act as a Technology Partner to offer dedicated resources, who can provide leadership, research, best practices for a focus area.

Frequently Asked Questions for Digital Transformation

We have the following key elements of Digital Transformation :

  • Consumer Touchpoints
  • Consumer Understanding
  • Process Automation
  • Improved Sales pitch
  • Virtualize individual work
  • Performance management
  • Digitizing the business
  • Introduction of Digital products

Digital Transformation can provide the following benefits to your business :

  • Adaptable and Innovative business culture
  • A competitive superiority in the marketplace
  • Cost-effective and Streamlined Business models
  • Improved technology capabilities and technical capacities

We are living in the Digital era and any business must embrace Digital Transformation to endure the modern challenges and market disruptions. Any business needs to adapt to the dynamically changing customer expectations quickly. It enables an organization to improve its customer engagement, sales, and revenue. According to Gartner’s research, 56% of CEOs surveyed have maintained that digital transformation is helping them to improve their process efficiency and market penetration.

Digital transformation offers numerous benefits to any organization, but at the same time we may experience the following challenges while implementing it :

  • Lack of Digital competencies
  • Organizational culture
  • Inadequate support system
  • Inadequate Adoption of Technology

The digital transformation roadmap is used as a reference document to drive the digital transformation for any organization. It initiates with a thorough assessment of an organization’s digital deployments and then it provides a step-by-step strategy to devise and achieve the digital vision of an organization

Following are the four pillars of Digital Transformation:

  • Empower your Employees – You must empower your resources with the best available tools to streamline intra-team collaboration and enhance productivity.
  • Increase engagement with your customers – You must measure, track, and report every single customer action so that you can offer an enhanced and personalized customer experience.
  • Transform your Services and Products – Use digital technology and tools to transform your services, business models, and products to exploit evolving business opportunities.
  • Optimize your Business Operations – You must reshape your service model and customer relationships by capturing and analyzing the data insights to improve your business operations on a real-time basis.

We consider the following factors while implementing a successful Digital Transformation :

  • Empower the people in innovative ways
  • Develop capabilities for the future workforce
  • Align digital-savvy leaders at the right place
  • Use effective tools to accomplish a digital upgrade

Digital transformation could look different for every organization. However, we follow the below fundamental principles to drive Digital Transformation and make strategic changes as per the organization’s requirements.

  • Acknowledge that Change is required
  • Improve Employee and Customer experience
  • Empower resources to work differently
  • Embrace innovation via new tools and methods
  • Lead from the front
  • Modernize an organization’s culture

An RPA (Robotic Process Automation) software imitates how a human may interact with a system or application and then automates that activity. Implementing RPA is usually the first and the most straightforward tactic to drive the Digital Transformation journey of an organization.