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Developing intelligent learning mobile apps and web solutions of the future. And catering these services to revolutionize both the academic and corporate worlds.

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Pioneering the New Age of Learning

Making education exciting with e-Learning mobile apps, virtual classes, MOOCs, and LMS powered by Machine Learning (AI) and AR/VR technologies.

How to make education more accessible, engaging, and exciting? Education is a multi-billion dollars market and it is swarming with e-learning companies. The winner is the one who answers this question in the best way possible. As a result, our e-learning mobile app development service is nothing but a direct answer to this question, plus the innovation.

We introduced machine learning (AI) to e-learning platforms to make education personalized for the students. Now everyone can learn at their own pace. Our smart LMSs (Learning Management System) are helping schools, universities, and corporates to manage education records, achievements, and student behavioral patterns efficiently and comprehensively.

We help you to develop your own MOOC (Massive Open Online Courses) platform just like Coursera, Udemy, Byju’s, and Unacademy. We understand the modern education market, thus we provide solutions that exceed the market expectation.

And this is why we lead and others follow.

By 2027, the e-learning market share would swell up to 1 trillion USD.

e-Learning Solutions – Straight from the Future

We do develop digital education solutions for the modern world. However, we always strive to understand the market patterns to foresee what the world’s going to need next. We’re glad to say that we’ve got everything covered for you.

Scalable education platforms
AI-Powered data analytics
Engaging User Experience
Excellent Mobility Solutions
Education Gamification
Corporate Compliant Solutions
Maintenance & Support

e-Learning Compatibility Standards & Compliances

Developing advanced solutions to establish flawless coordination between your LMS & courseware.


We make it easy for you to host courseware directly onto your LMS. This perfect integration will bring ease of access to the learners and excellent monitoring capabilities for institutions.

SCORM (Sharable Content Object Reference Model) Compliance

We develop next-gen SCORM compliant e-learning mobile app & software. SCORM promotes interoperability with other SCORMS and offers data of both course & learners.

AICC (Aviation Industry Computer-based Training Committee) Compliance

For some legacy e-learning platforms that are using AICC compliant platforms, we offer comprehensive upgrade, plug-in integration, platform migration, and support services.

Tin Can API Integration

With our Tin Can API integration, we can allow your SCORM platform to collect m-learning, gamification, collaborative learning, experiential learning, simulation data from mobile platforms.

e-Learning Mobile App Development

The combination of learning and mobility has done wonders for the students. And we take this to the next level. Our smart e-learning mobile apps help students to involve in education at a deeper level. This is all made possible by our AI-powered e-learning mobile app development.

Virtual Classrooms
e-Learning Mobile App
Language Learning App
E-Book Reading App
Note-Taking App

Got a sizzling mobile app idea cooking in your brain?

e-Learning Software for Web

Even with the rising popularity of mobile platforms, the web still sits at almost half of the market share. For the web, we provide powerful and scalable e-learning and education management solutions. These solutions help you to always stay one step ahead of the market.

E-Learning websites
Library management solutions
School management solutions
AI-Powered Analytics
Online exam portals

Learning Management System (LMS) Development

We develop smart LMS for making record gathering, managing, and evaluating easier for corporates and universities. The custom solutions help institutions to get deeper and accurate data insights for making robust organizational decisions. Explore our range of solutions.

LMS software integration
LMS migration services
LMS mobile app development
LMS custom plugins & extensions
LMS AR/VR solutions

On average it takes 3 months to develop a mobile app.

Corporate Training Solutions

At Arka Softwares, our e-learning software developers help you to develop next-gen corporate training solutions. We help corporates to offer accessible education to their employees with an engaging user experience. With our solutions data, analytics and management become far easier than you can imagine.

Corporate learning platforms
E-Learning mobile apps
LMS software integration
AI-powered data management

Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) Development

With our user-friendly and engaging MOOC mobile apps and web solutions, we offer a higher student engagement. We help organizations to broadcast their courses to a wider audience for maximum exposure. Our developers help you get your own MOOC platforms like Coursera, Udacity, Udemy, Khan Academy, Byju’s, and many more.

MOOC Mobile App for Android & iOS
MOOC Website
Attractive UX/UI
Feature-rich platforms
Flawless performance
Maintenance & support

Our Happiness lies in the Journey

Arka Softwares owes this to every team member of our company who tirelessly ventured into uncharted planes of their imagination to bring revolutionary ideas and turned them into reality.

Engagement Models

Arka Softwares offers various engagement models that impeccably blend innovation, performance, cost, agility, and performance. You can choose from a wide array of flexible and customized models, each of which assures high quality, technical expertise, and timely delivery.


Product Engineering Team

Get one or more Scrum teams comprising of Business Analysts, developers, designers, Scrum masters, and Testers. Our dedicated team will not only transform your idea into a turnkey product but also takes complete responsibility of maintaining and supporting your product.


Offshore Development Center

Get seasoned resources to manage services, platforms, products, and core value competencies. We offer dedicated and contractual resources to address your business requirements. This not only increases your agility but also reduces unnecessary efforts and costs for setting up an offshore team.


Center of Excellence

If you want to capitalize a specific area, be it AI, DevOps, Data Science, or Digital Commerce, then COE is the best approach to follow. We offer specialized expertise and act as a Technology Partner to offer dedicated resources, who can provide leadership, research, best practices for a focus area.

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