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Responsive Web Design There used to be a time in history of telegram and posts, the rarest telephone calls and one television in the entire building. But, the present day modern world has transformed into a digitally connected population of humans living thousands of miles apart. The advent of the age of electronics coupled with the invention of the internet has had an extremely deep and profound effect on the lifestyle of people throughout the world. A huge proportion of people around the world have a number of gadgets in their possession which they use to connect to the internet.

Consequently there are a number of gadgets used to access e-commerce websites, applications, search engines as well as other internet applications. There is a lot of shopping, buying of services, accessing information etc that is going on every day. It has therefore become essential for a large number of internet companies to be available on all the commonly used gadgets.

The unfortunate thing is that there are many number of websites and online portals which are not optimized to be available on gadgets such as the mobile phone or tablet etc. The rapidly growing use of the mobile phones has made it essential for websites to be available on them. There are a number of reasons why separate optimization is required in order for the site to be available on mobile phones.

Mobile phones have a constraint of display size on their screens. Moreover there are a number of popular phone brands being used around the world, all of which have different screen sizes. The screen sizes also keep changing from model to model within the same brand. It therefore becomes highly critical and essential that your website should be responsive to these changes of circumstances and it should be able to adapt according to different screen sizes. And this is where the concept of responsive web designing comes into picture.

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Responsive website design

Responsive website design is the solution to cater to this requirement. Responsive web design allows the website to alter its layout in accordance with the device that is being used. The layouts of the pages of the website change according to the capabilities and the specifications of the gadget. An example is a single column and double column. If a mobile phone is being used, the page and its content may be displayed in the form of a single column. On the other hand, if a tablet is being used, the same content will most probably be displayed in double column.

The choice of the layout to be used to present the page and its content will be decided by something called breakpoints and the width of a web browser determines these breakpoints.

The responsive web design allows the same HTML to serve all the devices which are used to access the website. It is obviously expensive, inconvenient and therefore undesirable to have separate websites for all the different gadgets that are being used today e.g. big screens, laptops, desktops, phones and tablets. Responsive websites lets a single code base to be used for supporting all kinds of users with different devices in their hands.

It is important to remember that an effective responsive web design is necessary to ensure that the users and visitors do not have any difficulty in accessing your website. This can only be done by very few experts from the field of web development. ARKA Softwares is proud to have one of the most experienced and talented teams in the market in this regard. We are one of the proudest teams of wonderful responsive website designers with us who design responsive websites of the best quality in the market.

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The ARKA family is committed to excellence at the most reasonable costs and within a time frame which is set by our valued clients. We maintain strict standards of procedure and service. If you require responsive web design services at their best in the market, then you are at the right place. The first most important thing for us is to keep our customers satisfied and we do not consider the project complete unless our customer is completely pleased. Hire our designers to avail the below mentioned services:

  • To design an effective quality layouts in responsive websites
  • To create those web applications which are database driven
  • To design personalized website features
  • To design artworks and graphics uniquely
  • To build mobile friendly systems with advanced location integration
  • To develop exclusive presentations or slide shows and social networking integration

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