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We are a highly reliable MEVN stack development company, we have gained unmatched experience in working with MEVN (MongoDB, Express.js, Vue.JS, Node.js) Stack Technology. We are delivering innovative MEVN stack-based web solutions to address the diverse demands of our clients. We have gained the confidence of our clientele by building highly secure, scalable, and highly interactive web solutions for small startup and large enterprises as well.

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MEVN Stack Development Company

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Over the years, ARKA Softwares has earned prestigious awards and recognition for keeping up the phenomenal work. This proves the dedication of our team towards attaining excellence in each service offering.

What is MEVN Stack?

It is an open-source JavaScript framework that has been evolving as one of the most sought-after technology stacks in recent times and has bright future in 2021 and clients should really look forward to clutch to its success. MEVN is known for its capabilities and features to develop dynamic and powerful web and mobile applications with strong acumen for security and flexibility. It offers a perfect blend of frontend and backend hence known as a fulll stack development tech stack (MEVN) MongoDB, ExpressJS, Vue JS, and NodeJS allows developers to create innovative full-stack projects for diverse business requirements with great adaptability and flexibility in long run.

We offer best in class software development services, that can empower your business. Our exceptional MEVN stack developers deliver a highly customized solution with an interactive and immersive user experience, that can satiate your quest of staying ahead of competition. We offer a unique combination of cutting-edge technology and modern frameworks coupled with our domain expertise to cater your business’s vision and objectives.

How does MEVN Stack functions?

The MEVN allows us to construct a 3-tier architecture (Frontend, Backend, and Database) using JavaScript and JSON. The Frontend tier of the MEVN stack is constituted by Vue JS. It is a client-side framework and that offers a two-way data binding that allows seamless front-end development along with highly interactive applications with MVC capability.

The next Backend tier (Server) is consists of Express.js which runs inside a Node.js server. Express.js is known as a minimalist and fast web framework for Node.js. It offers powerful models for URL routing and handling HTTP responses and requests with much easeThe next Backend tier (Server) is consists of Express.js which runs inside a Node.js server. Express.js is known as a minimalist and fast web framework for Node.js. It offers powerful models for URL routing and handling HTTP responses and requests with much ease.

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Why Choose MEVN Stack?

With the advent of mobile applications, customers are demanding applications that can offer them perfect functionality, utility along with highly immersive UI/UX as well. The MEVN Stack has an exceptional combination of technologies - MongoDB, ExpressJS, Vue JS, and NodeJS, that ensures that your application will deliver the best to your customers and easily stand out in the crowd.

Mongo DB

It is a highly popular open-source NoSQL database, which offers a flexible structure that supports huge number of data formats to fulfil the demands of any high fidelity mobile and web application. It houses a perfect blend of features and architecture that empowers any sort of Enterprise to be more scalable and agile, and our team of highly skilled and proficient MongoDB developers helps them with that professionally.


It is a minimal web application framework, which is known for its unmatched flexibility and agility. It comes with huge number of features to assist developers building highly dynamic APIs and portal. We have a team of ExpressJS who have extensive experience in utilizing the ExpressJS as a server-side framework.

Vue JS

It is a progressive JavaScript based User Interface development language which supports HTML. Due to its exceptionally compact size, it offers an extremely fast and highly flexible method for developers to deliver highly flexible, interactive, and robust applications. Vue JS is known for its capabilities to craft highly sophisticated single page applications via its supporting libraries and modern tools.


It is a cross-platform and an open-source application development platform, which is utilized to build highly scalable and rapid server-side applications. It has been developed with real time and push-based architectures in mind, which helps us develop exceptional web solutions and robust back-end API services.

Our MEVN Stack Developer's Expertise

At Arka, we strive hard to offer the widest possible range of MEVN Stack development services to assist our global clientele in leveraging the complete potential of MongoDB, Express.js, Vue JS, and Node.js to get best in class solutions, which can help them grow in the market. Our MEVN developers are known for delivering highly customized MEVN based web applications and mobile applications that can uplift the end-user experience for our customers. You can hire MEVN Stack developers from Arka to get highly innovative MEVN Stack-based mobile and web solutions.

Dedicated MEVN Stack Developers

You can hire dedicated MEVN Stack developers from us, who can build and deliver highly robust, feature-rich web and extremely customized mobile applications for your business needs.

Enterprise Vue JS apps

Our experienced Vue.js developers develop web applications for big enterprises which are suitable for large-scale and highly reliable, scalable, and secure at the same time.

Tailor made Vue Js Web Applications

We have a dedicated team of Vue.js programmers, who possesses strong experience in developing highly flexible, secured, much valued, robust, and high performance Vue.js web applications.

Maintenance & Support

We have an in-house support and maintenance team, which has an expertise in maintaining web and mobile applications for global businesses and startups. Our team offers round the clock support to all our clientele and offer support services.

Cross Functional and Native App Development

We develop cross-platform and native mobile application by utilizing the Vue’s exceptional native Command Line Interface. Such application works nearly as good as an native app to naked eyes, as our designers and developers strive to make sure its as close as possible from UI/UX perspective

e-Commerce Development

We are also known for offering a comprehensive range of MEVN Stack ecommerce development services to enhance the business acumen and productivity of our customers. We always ensure our solutions provide our customers a much-needed edge solutions.

Migration and Integration Services

Our Developers have comprehensive expertise and extensive hands-on experience and in migration and integration of business applications to MEVN Stack-based platforms. Our experts perform due diligence before carrying out these activities to prevent any sort of issues at later stage.

Customized Development

We offer our clients a dedicated team to perform final deployment of MEAN Stack products, which follows by regular updates. We do understand that requirements do change or evolve over the period, that is why we offer you a seamless maintenance and support for all your current and future requirements.

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Our robust MEVN Stack Development Process

Our MEVN Stack developers are highly skilled and seasoned professionals who command expertise in different platforms. Our experienced MEVN developers help us building and delivering unparalleled Mean Stack based solutions for large organizations and medium level and small startups.

Project Gathering

Our MEVN developers and Project Managers engage with Clients to initiate the project gathering process to understand the vision and requirements of clients. This is an important phase, as it defines the basic idea of the project, upon which we lay down the foundation of the entire project.

Requirement Analysis and Engagement

Here we engage with the client to understand their requirements, and on that basis, we formulate the Requirement analysis document, which acts as an input for Software development process.

UI/UX Design

This is a parallel phase where UI/UX and ergonomics are designed. It includes the designing and creation of a client friendly interface, where they can input their requirements.

Software Development Process

This is the phase where we implement our programming expertise to develop the code for the software.

Software Testing

We follow strict software testing regime to ensure we catch all the software bugs and errors well before the live release of our solution. This step helps us to take the feedback from the end-users as well, to make any sort of modification in the code.

Maintenance and Support

This is a long going activity past solution delivery. Arka is known for its impeccable record of Maintenance and Support. We always ensure our clients get prompt support and updates, so that their solution remain updates and secure.

Why should you choose Arka as your MEVN Stack development partner?

As we have aforesaid, we provide cutting-edge MEVN stack-based software solutions to our clients, which gives them much needed edge to strive in this competitive IT world. We always believe in offering superior development services with the help of enriching and experienced software professionals we have, who are known for developing the solutions keeping in mind the requirements of our clients within the given project timelines.
However, we do have certain reasons, which will help you to decide choosing Arka as your MEVN Stack development partner.

Client data Integrity

Arka Softwares always ensure that our Client’s data integrity remains safe with, as that is the prime obligation for us. Our Software development team and Project Managers work in highly transparent fashion and follow strict policies to ensure integrity of Client’s crucial information project ideas & trade secrets.

Experienced MEVN Stack developers

Arka Softwares have a team of highly skilled and certified MEVN developers, who can leverage the necessary technical knowledge and tools to develop a cutting-edge solution for our clients. Due to our past experience we are aware of the bottle necks and hence takes steps to avoid the same.

Strategy driven company

Arka Softwares is a strategy-driven development organization, which maps it work along with our client and deliver result-oriented solutions to help our clients to tackle challenges and open new avenues for them. We have always taken product launches and due dates as seriously as our clients.

Lean and Agile Development

We understand the market trends & utilize Lean and Agile development methodology to offer a well-structured and rapid software development process for our customers. We work closely with our customers to understand their requirements and collaborating with all stakeholders create a perfect solution.

Highly effective Project Management

This is the area where Arka has made its name. We keep our non tech clients relieved of complex project management processes when required, as our Project Managers takes care of the planing, & practice the same, keeping the project cost in mind, while not compromising on Project quality.

Compliant with NDA Terms

Every Enterprise has a unique business idea and policies, which cannot be disclosed to everyone and we duly understand that. We follow a strict NDA policy and always ready to sign a non-disclosure agreement with our clients, to ensure the confidentiality and integrity at every possible level.


We are a strong believer of using innovations to fuel the aspirations of our Clients. We never shy away from offering innovative ideas, that can help us delivering unconventional and ground-breaking solutions to our clients, that helps our customers to stay at the top of their game and disrupt the market.

Compliant with Project Deadline

Arka Softwares is known for its highly efficient software development approach, where we use Agile methodology and Scrum, which helps us developing the projects at rapid pace. We leverage the best features and practices of MEVN Stack technology and tools to offer rapid development services.

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Software Products we Build using MEVN Stack

We have experience in developing different kind of application using the MEVN stack. We have delivered all sort of web and mobile applications for our clients from diverse industry domains.

Cloud based applications

We understand the significance of Cloud technology, and that is why we have developed several SaaS applications for our clients, which has revolutionized their business processes.

Ecommerce Portals

We have helped several clients by developing ecommerce portals and applications and have helped them migrating their business from a small environment to a highly scalable environment.

B2B/B2C Marketplaces

We have developed multiple B2B/B2C marketplaces for our clients using MEVN stack and other supported technologies.

Scaled Enterprise Portals

We possess the ability to develop scaled Enterprise portals, which could be implemented and used by any Industry, be it Education, Real Estate, Education, Fashion, Food, Telecom or Healthcare.

Social Media Applications

Though Social Media space is already overcrowded, but we do have provided some innovative solutions and propositions to our clients, so that they can utilize the power of social media to enhance their core business.

Cross Platform and Native Mobile Apps

Our developers specialized in developing and delivering cross platform and native web and mobile apps. We have delivered exceptional solutions for our clients in their respective Industry domain.

Arka Softwares is Serving All Major Industries

We offer our MEVN stack development services for almost all the major industries across the corporate spectrum. Here are some of the top corporate domains, where we have already delivered MEVN based solutions.

Travel & Tourism

We also offer MEVN stack development services for Travel and Tourism industry. We integrate latest technologies right from booking like virtual tours, AR navigation, payments gateways, and e-ticketing system in our Travel and Tourism solutions.

Banking & Finance

BFSI is a challenging industry due to transactions they process in real-time. We offer our top-notch MEVN development solutions to the finance sector, to ensure highly secure transactions and integrity of important data.

Entertainment and Media

We have delivered customized MEVN stack solutions for Entertainment and Media industry as well. We have integrated high-end solutions like AI chatbots, video streaming, brand management and CRM, that can be availed by our Clientele.

Social Networking Platform

This is one of the most popular platforms currently. Social networking platforms require high performance and speed to handle ever-growing connections and messaging services. We leverage innovative features of JavaScript to achieve these targets efficiently.


Healthcare is a High Reliability Organization domain, and we offer highly reliable and robust solutions for Healthcare industry. We also integrate features like PACS/HIE APIs and Claim Adjustment which ensure a high level of data security.

E-Commerce portals

E-commerce portals are certainly the website with traffic and real-time transaction, that requires a complex level of solutions. Our MEVN experts understand challenges of e-commerce space and they blend impeccable scalability and flexibility of technologies.

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