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A company that offers you peace of mind by building you a versatile custom Apache Cassandra Database that is trusted by 40% of Fortune 100 Companies, like Apple, Microsoft, Instagram, Netflix, etc.

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Apache Cassandra Database Development company

Best Cassandra Database Development Company

Arka Softwares is a world-leading Apache Cassandra Database development company that has been offering a powerful and highly customizable database tool that literally comes with 0% downtime. For any scale of business with any size of the database, Cassandra Database offers three advantages that make it an unrivaled database tool in the world. These three advantages are Scalability, Availability, and Unmatched Performance. But that’s not enough, for mission-critical data Cassandra provides linear scalability and reliable fault-tolerance on all cloud infrastructure or commodity hardware. The surprising thing is, Apache Cassandra is a platform that still has a lot to offer that makes it the best choice among the rest platforms. For example, Cassandra offers the phenomenal ability to replicate data across various datacenters, which means it has a relatively lower latency than the rest platforms. This ability makes it immune to any potential regional outage.

What do we do then? Well, we understand Apache Cassandra from inside out, since it’s an open-source platform, our own best Apache Cassandra Database developers have been contributing to its development for years. Therefore, when we say we understand Cassandra, we meant it.

But wait, that doesn’t answer the question, what do we exactly do? To begin with, we help our clients, ranging from small businesses to large multinational enterprises, to integrate, migrate, design, and develop the best database platform for their business. Our innovative team of developers and designers ensures you to have the best Cassandra database development services. We understand Cassandra better, that is why we deliver the best.

Why Apache Cassandra is so popular?

Well, the story of Cassandra is slightly older than a decade. Cassandra was originally developed by the engineers at Facebook as an internal search feature for the users. It helped users to easily find the content of the conversation.

Later, it borrowed two essential capabilities from two other tech giants, Amazon, and Google. From Amazon’s Dynamo, it adopted the distribution model that made it capable of horizontal scaling across multiple nodes. And this was later combined with a log-structured storage engine proposed in a paper from Google called, Bigtable. Finally, in 2008, it was released as an open-source project by Facebook.

But wait, Cassandra has a lot more than just a rich history. It is the most highly scalable database platform that is utilized in performance-intensive and data-rich use cases. Since it is a distributed NoSQL platform, it provides linear scalability that most modern applications require. Furthermore, it is also known for its operational simplicity and ability to replicate data across multiple geographies and data centers. Cassandra can also handle thousands of parallel operations per second and can handle Petabytes of information without compromising with the performance.

  • Highly Fault Tolerant
  • Flexible Scalability
  • Linear Scale Performance
  • No Single Point of Failure
  • Durable and Flexible Data Storage
  • Zero Percent Downtime

Business driven IT solutions that make a difference

Cassandra Development Services

Application Development

Application development is one of the core necessities of any organization right now. Whether it is an inter-organizational application or for customers, a NoSQL database like Cassandra helps the developers with higher coding velocity and agility that produces mobile apps that surpass all expectations.

Cassandra Consultancy Services

Before starting any project, our Cassandra Development experts run thorough audits of the project scope, database size, customizations, specific needs, company’s growth vision, and a lot more to evaluate a perfect and efficient development plan that works the best for their company.

Product Development

Any organization that is looking forward to developing its own proprietary needs a reliable and always-available database platform that enhances the accessibility of the system and drastically improves efficiency. Our Cassandra Database development services are customized according to the customer needs.

Architecture Designing

A powerful database is powered by an intelligent architecture. This where our expert Cassandra craftsmen come into play. With the help of a detailed and rigorous audit of the organization and by closely understanding the needs of the organization we design mighty architecture on which your company’s growth can stand.

Migration Services

Your company is using a different Database platform right now but you want to migrate to Apache Cassandra. Indeed, it is a fantastic choice and we will make sure our Cassandra Migration services do it as smoothly as possible for you. This transition will retain your system’s stability and performance while giving you the amazing capabilities of Cassandra.

Integration Services

If your organization is convinced with the potential of Apache Cassandra’s database then all you need is the help of our expert Cassandra developers who will seamlessly integrate the database right into your existing system while offering it all new data management prowess without compromising with the performance.

Custom Cassandra Development

The best part of working directly with visionary clients is that we get to envision their own vision for their company and the sheer diversity of ideas and goals make our work more interesting. Hence, we closely understand every company’s weaknesses, strengths, goals, growth trajectory, future plans, to offer a fully customized and personalized Database.

Enterprise Solutions

We have been working with Enterprises from all over the globe for more than a decade now. Therefore, we understand the demands of enterprises that are essential for them to boost productivity and efficiency while keeping new systems as familiar as possible. And this is exactly what we offer in our Cassandra Enterprise solutions.

Support & Maintenance

Our service does not end at the project delivery, it stays way longer to enrich your experience. Therefore, we offer multi-versed Cassandra maintenance and support services that cover, performance tuning, system upgrade, scalability assistance, module integration, API integration, and a lot more that enhance your experience over the time.

Planning to Migrate any database to Apache Cassandra

At Arka Softwares, we understand that every business has different goals and trajectories. To carry out all the necessary operations, businesses require robust and flexible tools. Since data is a huge part of every business running in the world right now. To manage and leverage its full potential Cassandra helps businesses with their modern features and capabilities. Chances are, your organization may have been using a different database platform right now but it might not be as efficient as you want it to be. Whereas Cassandra must be standing out with the feature you would like to have.

Arka Softwares is an unmatched Cassandra database development company that flawlessly takes care of your entire Cassandra migration from another database platform. Our Cassandra developers make sure the transition is smooth and does not compromise the performance and the stability of your system. And finally, you can explore the limitless possibilities with the Cassandra database.

Got an Idea For Your Next App?

Cassandra Database Use-Cases

Even though Cassandra can be utilized in any demanding environment where there is a huge amount of complex data available. Yet, there are several use-cases where Cassandra shows its full potential while offering remarkable agility and availability. Following use-cases are some of the examples where Cassandra is proven to be a highly recommended database platform.

  • Email envelopes
  • Weather service history
  • Storing health tracker data
  • Storing time-series data
  • Pretty much all sensor data
  • Modern messaging systems
  • E-Commerce websites
  • Entertainment websites
  • Fraud detection for banks
  • Telematics: IoT for cars and trucks
  • Internet of Things (IoT) status and event history
  • Tracking almost every data like packages, order status, etc.
  • Transaction Logging: Test scores,purchases, movies watched/yet to watch, and movie latest location

Skillset of our Apache Cassandra Developers

  • Strong hands-on experience with Cassandra, data modeling, data replication, clustering, indexing for handling for large data sets
  • The apt understanding of CQL, data Modeling
  • Strong experience in data modeling in Cassandra to design efficient storage model
  • Ability to troubleshoot and investigate stability, performance issues.
  • Work experience in programming with Java, Python, Scala, etc
  • Experience building data pipelines for structured/unstructured, real-time/batch, events/synchronous/asynchronous using MQ, Kafka, Steam processing
  • Experience with SQL, NoSQL, relational database design
  • Inside out understanding of Cassandra architecture, configuration
  • Work experience with Elasticsearch clusters, cluster performance optimization, capacity planning, enhancing monitoring

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