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A Blazing Firebase Development Company

Firebase App Development That You Can Trust

Arka Softwares is home to expert Firebase app developers who have been developing backend for Android, iOS, and web applications since 2014. We intelligently utilize the ‘backend-as-a-service’ model of Firebase that helps us to put our client’s application leaps ahead of market competition. By offering modern features and capabilities in the applications we help businesses to capture the market and earn the loyalty of the masses. With accuracy and scalability, we help those businesses to expand and grow at any rate they desire. This all is made possible by our Firebase development services that help us build a robust and powerful back-end for the application that you can always trust.

At Arka Softwares, we allow our clients to hire our Google firebase developers who are committed to assisting them next-generation of back-end development. In addition, our Firebase development services also comprise a Firebase migration service that lets our clients enjoy the latest and greatest features and capabilities of Firebase back-end. Hence, if you ever wish to move from your old backend and want to experience how does a seamless performance feels like, then feel free to contact us. Talk to our Firebase experts directly and consult about your project for free!

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Our Fiery Firebase App Development Services


Our Firebase Experts are just the way you want them. They understand your business idea, they know what you want, and they are super-knowledgeable about Firebase. Simply put, they have everything you may need for your next Firebase project. They will help you to plan, construct, and estimate the scope of work while offering your reliable advice.

Integration & Migration

If you ever think that the back-end of your application is outdated then trust your gut feeling because it certainly is. Because no one notices an application’s backend getting rusty. This is where the Google Firebase developers from Arka Software come into action and take care of all your needs of Firebase integration into your system or migration to Firebase.

Mobile App Development

The world is driven by consumers and their loyalty is only stuck with those companies that answer to their question, ‘what’s more?’ With our modern Firebase mobile app development, we help you to build a solid ground for your mobile applications that will simply inspire you to do more with the app, and that app will perform like anything.

Web App Development

Quick, easy, and simple, such as nature so web applications. For maximum scalability, rapid response, and quick data saving and retrieval, you can always count on our remarkable Firebase web app development services. We are here for you to explore the possibilities in the market by unleashing the boundless capabilities of Firebase and its mighty products.

Cloud Solutions

One of the best qualities of Firebase is its unbelievable cloud synchronization capabilities. Our intelligent Google Firebase developers can build and implement APIs that help in synchronizing data across Firebase Cloud and client applications. The seamless real-time synchronization that Firebase offers is simply out of this world and makes everything faster.

Cloud Firestore

Developing a mobile or web application is not that a big deal. It is how we design the experience around it that makes the whole difference. Therefore, we implement Cloud Firestore into Android, iOS, and web apps to make sync and store data across devices and uses as smoothly as possible, that also on a global scale. We also help you to build truly serverless apps.

Building Amazing Firebase Apps


The very first product of Firebase allows you to let users stay logged in and also helps them to get identified. It is also helpful when it’s required to configure other products to the app.

Realtime Database

Realtime Database is an efficient and low-latency NoSQL database. It is usually used for mobile applications that demand to stay synced across clients in real-time.

Cloud Firestore

Take your business at a global scale with Cloud Firestore – a cloud-based NoSQL database that makes storing and syncing data between users and data secure and easy with offline support

Cloud Storage

Built for Google scale, Cloud Storage is a comprehensive, powerful, and cost-effective object storage Firebase product that helps you store and share user-generated files and content.

Cloud Functions

Cloud Function is a very powerful Firebase Product that offers remarkable capability. It lets you scale up your mobile or web apps with custom code without managing or upgrading your servers.

Firebase Hosting

The Firebase Hosting is a service that every modern application requires because of its out of the box features. Like, when web assets are uploaded, it simply gives them a free SSL certificate.

Firebase ML Kit

Cloud Function is a very powerful Firebase Product that offers remarkable capability. It lets you scale up your mobile or web apps with custom code without managing or upgrading your servers.

The skillset of our Google Firebase Developers

  • Well-versed experience with Google Firebase and its various products.
  • Strong work experience with object-oriented design, programming, and multithreaded programs.
  • Commendable skills in threading, offline storage, and performance tuning.
  • Remarkable knowledge of RESTful APIs, Firebase and its Analytics platforms, and SDK integration
  • Innovative approach towards Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.
  • Fantastic work experience with IoT devices and architecture designing
  • Up to date knowledge of social media platforms, and latest payment systems from different countries.

Got an Idea For Your Next App?

Improving Your Apps with Firebase


With powerful and reliable analytics, you can learn more about your user behavior, see how they use your application. This will help you to strategize new ways to engage more users.

Cloud Messaging

A company must communicate with its users by offering periodic relevant information. This is made possible by Firebase’s cloud messaging facility that helps you send messages and notifications.


Our Firebase development services allow users to integrate machine learning and AI to their app’s backend in order to leverage data derived from analytics and predict user behavior.

A/B Testing

The secret to the success of any business lies behind the successful experiments. With A/B Testing you can run usability and various marketing experiments and track the response.

Remote Configuration

The amount of customizability that Firebase offers is unsurpassable. With its remote config, you can effortlessly customize your app without launching a new version and monitor alterations.

App Indexing

Google Search is a powerful tool and if utilized correctly it can provide a massive amount of success. With app indexing, the re-engaging of users becomes super-easy and rewarding too.

In-App Messaging

Targeted messages are yet another feature that helps you to communicate with your users and grow in multitude. In-app messaging does that effortlessly for you and improve engagement.

Dynamic Links

Dynamic links are a great way to improve user engagement for your app. Dynamic links in Firebase allows you to enable marketing campaign, app conversions, and user sharing.

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