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Redis Database Development Company

The Redis Database Development - Simply Superb!

Arka Softwares is an expert Redis database development organization, that brings you the class leading Redis database, which is an open-source database with optimum performance and rapid pace. Our Redis Database developers always forge ahead of their competition due to their best in class skillset and experience. We leverage the qualities of Redis and offer Software and Cloud-based Database Development Services, that can revolutionize your business.

Redis is certainly one of the best key-value databases available in the market, with a capability of storing a huge amount of data. It is known for offering astounding performance to resolve the most complex issues that other databases cannot solve. It is an open source data store, and our Redis experts can utilize its ability to implement it on the server end and minimize the clients’ end operations. We have a team of Redis developers and Architects who Redis to successfully offer complex development solutions for every kind of business. We have a capable team which know how to utilize the plethora of frameworks and languages to improve the performance, scalability, and agility of your existing system. We help our clients to leverage the innovative caching technology of Redis, that ensures extremely high performance with unbelievably lower latency ratios.

What do we do then? Arka is a multifaceted Database design and development organization. When it comes to Redis, we offer services right from migration to development applications, devising architecture from the scratch, our developers are known for developing challenging Redis projects.

But wait, that does not answer the question, what do we exactly do? We understand the intricacies of Redis, that help us to scale up the database system and application at infinite scale as per client’s requirements. We can create a well-structured, highly customized, and data-oriented Database Management system. Since this is an open-source platform, we can use any language, library, and framework to develop the desired solutions for our clients. We offer the most commonly use cases for Redis like large scale applications, Machine learning, Internet of Things, real-time analytics, applications with super-fast transactions.

Why Redis is A Big Deal?

Redis is a revelation for the Tech industry. In traditional RDBMS, the data is stored in disk or SSDs, whereas in Redis the data resides in-memory. In this was Redis eliminates the necessity of storing the data on access disks, which helps it to avoid seek time delates and offer data in microseconds, it also offers high availability, scalability, on-disk persistence, Lua scription, geospatial capabilities and cluster support, and superb performance due to its versatile data structure. which makes Redis a popular option amongst the organizations indulged in large data set transaction.

Redis was launched in 2009, it is an open-source solution which has evolved beyond a usual caching technology to a fast and in-memory data store, that offers versatile data structures and extremely low response time. With its recent releases Redis 5 and Redis 5.0.3, it has achieved a major milestone, which includes a variety of enhancements and improvements. This version includes Streams, a non-conventional data structure along with additional capabilities for API’s and easy to use commands for Sorting data sets.

  • Open source and cost effective
  • High availability and scalability
  • High Extensibility
  • Replication and persistence
  • Provides flexible data structures
  • Offers In-memory data store

Business driven IT solutions that make a difference

Our Redis Database Development Services

Redis Consultancy Services

We use the Industry’s best practices to offer the best in class Redis consultancy services to our clients. Our Redis consulting team is known for following the agile development methodology and work with both back-end and front-end aspects of the project to deliver dynamic solutions to our clients. We assess their business requirements and deliver an astute and reliable database development solution.

Redis Development Services

Our Redis experts can help you acquire a secure and highly reliable Redis developed databases and applications as per your preferences and business requirements. We can help you in development of a highly scalable Software and Cloud based database services powered by Redis in cost effective manner.

e-Commerce Development Services

We offer provide versatile and dynamic e-Commerce Application development services to our clients. We believe in utilizing the complete potential of Redis to offer versatile, simple, and blazing fast e-commerce solutions to our client, which can make then way ahead of their competition.

Redis Database Migration

Migration from conventional databases to Redis is an important as well as complex job, and that is where our Redis migration experts and developers come into the picture. They offer flexible and advanced database migration services that makes the entire process is a breeze. It allows the migration of your existing information to the Redis data store, and it also saves the data in the Cloud as well. We offer these services along with best in class information security, integrity, and stability of your vital data during migration process.

Internet of Things Application development

IoT is the future, and there is no doubt about that. Considering the importance of Internet of Things for our client’s business and future, we strive hard to deliver highly functional Internet of Things applications for our clients, that have a strong foundation of Database for exceptional user experience. Our Redis developers can integrate IoT and Cloud computing together to create innovative and extremely valuable features for our clients.

Data Replication services

Data replication plays an important role to ensure high availability of applications. We offer data replication services, which helps you store large chunks of information in multiple small shards. This is performed by replicating the data and information to a slave shard and later make it sync with the master shard, it also encrypts the information to ensure enough data security.

Multi Layered Security

We understand the importance of Security for your business, as it is a make or break proposition for any business. We ensure only authorized and privileged users can gain access to the Redis ports, so that unauthorized users cannot access it from outside. We offer a protected mode to enhance the security, that enables Redis to respond to queries using loopback interfaces and to other clients, who connect via other interfaces and addresses.

Enterprise Solutions

Developing Enterprise solution is Arka’s forte, we offer highly customized enterprise-level solutions, which helps our clients to manage the enterprise-level issues with related functions and features. We support incorporation of multiple data types in a common database platform, which helps our clients to handle big data-based enterprise applications with ease.

Redis Support and Maintenance

Our dedicated team offers 24X7 Redis support to our clients, and it specializes in providing better support for back-end aspects of your applications and website. Our primary focus always remain on overall performance of Database solution, our experts helps our clients to obtain the best performance from their products, our support team ensures we have minimum turnaround times for any critical performance issues.

Planning to Migrate to Redis Database solutions?

We understand that it is extremely important to choose the correct type of database to support our applications and websites and store the crucial business data. At the same time, it is also important to migrate the existing RDBMS database to an advanced and flexible alternative, whenever business demands, which can address the scalability, security, availability, and other performance concerns. Since data acts as a foundation of any online business, it is important to utilize its full potential, and this is where Redis scores big and helps enterprises with its seamless flexibility and enhanced capabilities. We understand that your current database platform may have been fulfilling your current requirements, but it might not be as efficient as you want it to be. Whereas Redis stands out with its exceptional and high-tech feature you would like to have.

Migrating the database to the cloud is not an easy task. For any successful business it is extremely important to define your data layer strategy, as cloud migration may pose unheard challenges unknown risks. Redis Enterprise Cloud is a renowned solution as it is a Cloud-native Database-as-a-Service (DaaS), which is future proof as it integrates the multi-cloud data layer and hybrid data later. It offers industry best high availability rate (99.999% uptime) and instant failover capability, which ensures the reliability and security of your enterprise data from on-premises environments to the cloud.

Arka Softwares is a renowned Redis database development company that manages the Redis migration from your existing Database platform with an ease. Our Redis developers make sure the transition is extremely smooth without any risk, along with no compromise the performance and the stability of your system. We are sure, that you will be excited to explore the unbelievable possibilities with the Redis database.

Got an Idea For Your Next App?

Redis Use-Cases

Redis can be used at numerous places any real-life and demanding environment where there is an involvement of large and complex data. Yet, there are several use-cases full potential of Redis can be used to utilize its exceptional agility, flexibility, and availability. Following use-cases are some of the examples where Redis is proven to be a highly recommended database platform.

  • Data Warehouse
  • Machine Learning
  • Geospatial applications
  • Digital Communications
  • Rich Media streaming
  • Realtime Analytics
  • Gaming Leaderboards
  • e-Commerce portals
  • Chat, messaging, and queues
  • Entertainment Industry and OTT
  • Internet of Things applications
  • Real-Time Big Data applications

Skillset of our Redis Developers

  • In-depth knowledge of Data stores like Redis and SQL Databases
  • Experience in Integration with third-party systems like WMS, ERP systems, Payments gateways and OMS.
  • Enough experience in development of back-end technologies.
  • Good knowledge of high-volume server side and multi-threading development.
  • In-depth knowledge of Web development concepts, 12-factor applications, and RESTful API patterns.
  • Experience of Upgrade and Maintenance and upgrade of Redis.
  • Hands on experience of User access management in Redis.
  • Understanding of Industry standard of datastore technology and data model strategy.

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