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Versatile Sitecore Development

Transforming Businesses of Future

Apart from being most versatile content management system (CMS), Sitecore is a complete customer experience management system that offers comprehensive multichannel marketing automation that encompasses social, web, e-commerce, email, and mobile landscapes. In other words, Sitecore enables businesses to excel in the fields of content management and customer relations management which help businesses to grow more while saving time and so much effort.

Arka Softwares offers enterprises and emerging businesses most productive Sitecore development solutions that help them to increase their revenue and boost customer retention. Not just Sitecore CMS development, our expert Sitecore developers help you with marketing automation, intranet portal, e-commerce solutions, and social media campaign management to give your business a complete and cohesive Sitecore customer experience management system.

Sitecore Integration Solutions

Sitecore Commerce Connect

To give your business uncompromised flexibility, we help you integrate front-end Sitecore Experience Platform with your preferred 3rd-party back-end E-commerce or ERP solutions, which further boosts the engagement automation.

Sitecore Connect for SalesForce

Our versatile Sitecore Development Solutions join the forces of Sitecore and Salesforce to put your business on the fast-lane with seamless personalization capabilities of Sitecore with the power of Salesforce Marketing Cloud and Salesforce CRM integration.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Retail

Arka Softwares lets you expand the potential of Sitecore XP by integrating Microsoft Dynamic 365 for retail with it. Retailers can effortlessly manage and personalize loyalty programs, call center management, and order management, etc.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales

We make integration of Microsoft Dynamics 365 for sales with Sitecore Experience Platform easy for you to deliver your business a personalized and easy to manage CRM solution that streamlines your customer retention and boosts sales.

Sitecore Experience Cloud

Arka Softwares offers you complete custom Sitecore Experience Cloud development solutions that comprise complete content, e-commerce, and marketing automation platforms.

Sitecore Experience Platform

Sitecore Experience Platform (XP) helps your business to deliver your customer most personalized content in real-time with the help of its powerful content management system with customer management, analytics, and marketing capabilities.

  • Boosts User Engagement
  • Control & Collect Customer Data
  • Powerful Machine Learning
  • Automate Cross-Channel Marketing
  • Omnichannel Experience Delivery

Sitecore Experience Commerce

If you are looking for a perfect combination of content management, e-commerce, and data collection for an enterprise-level then Sitecore Experience Commerce here to give you an unprecedented growth and streamline the revenue generation.

  • Intuitive Inventory Management
  • Seamless Customer Data Management
  • Flexible Promotion & Pricing Management
  • Remarkable Marketing Options
  • User Friend Interface

Sitecore Experience Manager

Arka Softwares offer full-fledged Sitecore Experience Manager development, a powerful web content management system (WCM or CMS) for the challenges of demanding enterprises.

  • Support for Multisite & Multilingual Content
  • Reusable Content for Multiple Channels
  • Simple and Easy User Experience
  • Uncompromised Security & Reliability
  • Easy Integration with Other Platforms

Sitecore Content Hub

Sitecore Content Hub put the complete control of content creation, publication, and marketing in your hands. Arka Softwares lets you leverage the all aspect of Sitecore Content Hub by integrating it in your business.

  • Powerful Digital Asset Management
  • Get the Best out of Content Marketing
  • Redefines the Workflow Synchronization
  • Consistent E-Commerce Management
  • Easy Integration with Sitecore CMS & Commerce

Why Sitecore

  • Offers accurate tracking and analytics.
  • Sitecore Experience Accelerator reduces app-to-market time
  • Delivers a perfect amalgam of Content and e-Commerce.
  • Sitecore offers full-fledged multi-channel marketing.
  • Allows the business to harness its automation capabilities.
  • Remarkable content management and optimization.
  • A complete package for boosting engagement & sales.

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